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The Shock Lasted For… 5 Minutes.

Paulina found herself in her bedroom, in front of her TV. In her hands was a video tape with a note attached to it. Paulina picked up the note and read it silently.

Dear Paulina,

I have one more interesting tape for you, hopefully you will show everyone you know because I think this one person deserves it. Well, have fun watching it, watch it BEFORE everyone arrives at your house, so you can tell Dannie that you know her secret, her deep dark secret that she hasn't told you.

From Vlad Plasmius.

Paulina looked at the tape and her hands started to shake. SHE DIDN'T TELL ME SOMETHING? Paulina rushed over to her VCR and put the tape inside. She turned the TV on and pressed the play button. She took a seat and watched what was on the tape.

Danny Fenton walked into the lounge room and was greeted by his girlfriend, Kelly. He gave her a kiss on the lips and pulled a beaker that rest in his hands closer to his face. He drank all of it up and it disappeared. Suddenly, two purple rings appeared around his waist. They went up and down, revealing Dannie Anglon!

Paulina paused the tape and gasped. Danny Fenton is… my BEST FRIEND? She pressed play and watched Dannie disappear.


Dannie arrived at Paulina's house, half an hour early, just as Paulina had told her the day before. She knocked on the door and a large man answered.

"Dannie Anglon?" he asked Dannie.

"Yes, that's my name." Danny told him.

"Paulina is in her room, she wishes that you meet her in there." The man told her.

"Alright then." Dannie said.

The man stepped aside as Dannie entered the house and went upstairs and into Paulina's room.

"Hey Paulina." Dannie greeted.

"Why?" Paulina asked.

"Why what?" Dannie asked, completely confused.

"WHY DID YOU LIE TO ME?" Paulina asked, raising her voice a bit too loud.

"When did I… wait, you didn't see that video tape, did you?" Dannie asked, suddenly becoming a bit scared of what was about to happen.

"Indeed I did, sicko!" Paulina insulted him.

"Listen, I didn't plan this, I WASN'T THE ONE WHO GOT INTO THIS!" Dannie told her.

"Then who planned it? Who got into it?" Paulina asked.

Dannie wasn't sure if she should tell Paulina the truth but she did anyway.

"Listen, Kirstyn tricked me into it, once it was done, I couldn't go back!" Dannie told her.'

"Wow, I never knew you would go as low as blaming it on your little sister." Paulina said to her.

" I am NOT lying… for once." Dannie told her.

"Whatever, how long until you are back to normal?" Paulina asked, trying to sound interested.

Two blue rings appeared around Dannie's waist which changed her from Dannie Anglon to Danny Fenton.

"I can control it sometimes." Danny told her.

"Well, change back, everyone will be arriving soon." Paulina told him.

"Wait, you aren't going to tell or show anyone?" Danny asked, very confused.

"nah." Paulina lied and tried her hardest to hide an evil, she succeeded in the end.

Purple rings appeared around Danny's waist as he heard a knock on the door. Soon Danny was turned into Dannie and she was following Paulina downstairs.

"Hey star!" Paulina greeted her best girl friend.

"Hey Paulina, hey Dannie!" Star greeted them.

"Hey star." Dannie faked cheeriness.

About ten minutes later, everyone that was invited to sleepover Paulina's house were here. In Paulina's room sat dash, Kwan, star, Dannie and Paulina.

"We are going to watch a movie now." Paulina told them.

"What movie?" Kwan asked.

"You'll see, it is really interesting." Paulina ensured them.

Dannie didn't think that it would be the tape of her once. Paulina put the disk (wink wink ha ha!) into the DVD player and pressed the play button. On it was Danny Fenton walking up to Kelly. Then it switched to Danny Fenton, Kelly stager and Kirstyn Fenton transforming. Everyone gasped. It then switched to Danny Fenton kissing Kelly and taking the potion. Dannie wanted to become invisible as Danny Fenton turned into Dannie Anglon.

Everyone turned to Dannie in shock and before Dannie could respond a sound of clapping was heard. Everyone looked behind Dannie and saw a ghostly face.

"Plasmius." Dannie said.

"What a show? Even I couldn't put two tapes together to make it look more interesting." Plasmius said.

Suddenly a beep noise was heard and everyone looked behind them. Floating in the air was Ryan, Gregg, Kelly and Kirstyn.

"Sorry Plasmius, we have plans so we have to get this over and done with… Dan, come join us." Kirstyn said.

The two blue rings appeared around Dannie's waist and she soon became Danny Phantom.

"I am glad you are back." Kelly said as she hugged her boyfriend.

"Well, I told you I wouldn't be gone forever." Danny said as he returned her hug.

"So you lied to us all this time?" Star asked.

"Well, yeah." Danny answered simply.

Plasmius was getting very tired (sleepy tired) and floated on the spot, yawning.

"Well, now we need to fix this up. First, Danny could you get us a cage?" Kelly asked.

"sure." Danny said.

His eyes turned navy blue and a cage landed on Vlad. The door locked and Vlad was left shaking the door but failing to break free.

"Okay, now I need Kelly to change into Paulina's mother." Kirstyn instructed.

Two pink rings appeared around Kelly's waist and one travelled up, the other travelled down. Soon, Kelly was no longer a ghost, she was an adult who was pretty, tall and looked A LOT like Paulina.

"That's your MOM?" Dash asked.

"Shut up, I don't want to talk about it." Paulina warned him.

"Alright, when Ryan and Gregg have erased everyone's minds, I need you to yell at Paulina and take the tape out of her hand." Kirstyn instructed.

"Wait, you are erasing our minds?" Paulina asked.

"yes." Ryan said.

Danny smiled, he hadn't expected this but it would do. At least they wouldn't remember. Wait, does that mean I wont remember? Danny decided to speak what he thought.

"Wait, does that mean I wont remember?" Danny asked.

"Nah, we will let you keep your memory, it will be soo funny, and I hope we can get a video from clockwork!" Gregg started to laugh.

"If you ever remind me of this, I will kill you." Danny threatened Gregg who shut up instantly.

See, EVERYONE thinks Danny is powerful! Oh, yeah, there is a story here, I'M ALMOST DONE!

"Alright, we are waiting… oh, don't erase mom, dad, Jazz, Vlad, Kelly, Valerie, Tucker, Sam, mine or your minds, ok?" Kirstyn instructed.

"Alright, we will do that." Ryan said and gave Kirstyn a kiss on the cheek.

"Um, are you guys together now?" Danny asked, the only one who DIDN'T know that information.

Kirstyn blushed and nodded, making everyone else laugh.

"You are NOT erasing MY mind!" Paulina yelled at the creatures that were floating in the air.

"Sorry, we have a tight schedule." Gregg told them.

Suddenly Ryan and Gregg floated higher than the others and shut their eyes. Black and navy blue sparkled around Gregg and black and green sparkled around Ryan. Suddenly a cloud of dust appeared and rushed through Paulina, star, Kwan and dash's noses. Some also went to every person in town, except for the Fenton's and Danny's friends.

Suddenly Danny, Kirstyn, Ryan and Gregg turned invisible and watched what happened next.

"What happened?" Star asked the question all the teens wanted to know.

Danny noticed the cage that was behind the girls and he quickly turned visible. His eyes changed from green to navy blue and the cage disappeared. Danny turned invisible before anyone noticed him.

"children, go home, paulina I want you to hand me those video tapes or you will not be allowed to go to the… dance that is… uh, in a few weeks." Paulina's mom threatened.

"Yes mom." Paulina sighed as she handed over two disks and one tape.

Paulina's mom (Kelly) walked out of the room and shut the door. As soon as she got out, two pink rings appeared around her waist and she was soon her ghost self, Kelly-Go-Boom. A second later Danny, Kirstyn, Gregg and Ryan appeared next to her.

"Good job, now to destroy the tape." Danny said.

He grabbed the tapes out of Kelly's hands and teleported away. Kelly guessed that he was going home and going to destroy them so Kirstyn, Kelly, Ryan and Gregg all teleported back to the Fenton house.

Sure enough, Danny was floating there, in the basement. The only thing different about him was that he didn't hold the tapes in his hands anymore.

"Did you destroy them, ALREADY?" Kelly asked.

"Yes but don't worry, they weren't that good anyway." Danny ensured her.

"Well, where is Vlad?" Kelly asked.

Danny's smile only grew bigger at the question. Suddenly, the five found themselves in Vlad's guest room. But, to their surprise, Sam, Tucker, Valerie, Damon, Jennifer, Maddie, Jack, Jazz and Vlad were in the room too.

"Oh butter biscuits." Vlad said to himself.

Danny's eyes turned navy blue and the cage disappeared. It looked like a group of hungry animals, fighting over the food. Except, they were fighting the food… Valerie clicked her heels together and her suit appeared around her body and she zoomed up to Vlad, still wanting revenge.

Danny sent ice blasts at Vlad to stop him from getting away. Whenever the ice melted Danny would send another ice blast.

Sam fired at Vlad using the Fenton's ecto blasters and Tucker, Maddie, Jack, Damon and Jennifer did the same; they were ordinary humans. Well, Jennifer and Damon were the two who fought with the most anger and rage.

Gregg, Ryan and Kirstyn all used their powers to lift things to hit Vlad with random objects that were around the room. They also communicated with the things that once couldn't be communicated with and brought them to life just for a few minutes, to help fight Vlad.

Kelly did whatever she could to beat up Vlad, it was his fault that they had gone through what they went through the past week.

Jazz was in the Fenton peeler and was punching Vlad and continuously peeling him so that it changed from ghost to human and getting younger each time.

Soon Vlad was a little kid and had a million bruises.

"Well, I'm getting bored of this, it isn't fun when he doesn't fight back, lets go." Danny yawned out of boredom.

"yeah." Kelly agreed.

They found themselves in the Fenton basement again.

"Come on Val, lets go home." Jennifer said to her only daughter.

"Alright mom, bye everyone!" Valerie waved to them as she, Jennifer and Damon left the room.

"Wow, this has been a tiring week." Danny said.

"Yeah, for you, we get to relax and watch the video tapes." Kirstyn said.

Danny glared at her and she started to laugh.

"I'm just joking!" she told him.

"I'll be resting in my room." Danny told them.

Jazz, Jack, Maddie, Kirstyn, Kelly, Sam, Tucker, Gregg and Ryan were sitting on the couch, eating popcorn and staring at the television screen. Danny walked in the room but no one noticed him and he glanced at the TV.

"HEY!" he yelled.

"Sorry, it was irresistible." Kelly apologised.

"Give me that!" Danny raced for the DVD player but was cut off by Kirstyn.


Danny backed away slowly and everyone started laughing. They quickly glanced at the TV.

"That's sweet! We should throw a party for you, tonight!" Paulina chirped.

"Uh, Paulina? You already ARE having a party tonight." Dannie reminded her.

"Oh, right! Do you want to get some lunch?" Paulina asked Dannie as they walked out of the shop.

"Sure." Dannie answered.

Everyone started to laugh again, Paulina was so dumb sometimes.

"Wow, she will always be the same dumb girl." Tucker sighed as he wiped a tear from his eye.

"I wonder how long it will take Vlad to get back to normal." Sam said to no one in particular.

"Not long enough." Danny said.

Vlad was running through his house in some overalls and two dark rings appeared around his waist. He soared into the air. He looked so cute but ugly as five year old Vlad Plasmius.

"I'M SUPERMAN!" Vlad squealed.

So out of character as well.

The End.

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