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"I'm 30 years old," Nick said. "I'm 5 years too old to lie to myself and call it honor."

Jordan smiled sadly as she looked at a man conflicted. Split with conflicting views of what was right, and what was wrong; a man in love with her and a dead man.

She wondered what he would do when he finally did stop lying to himself.


Nick packed the last of his belongings away and stood in the middle of his house, staring around at the blank walls. It was quiet as a grave and just as melancholy.

Through the window, he caught a glimpse of Gatsby's mansion illuminated in the moonlight and felt a stab.

"Poor fool," he murmured and turned away.


It was the winter of 1944, and Nick was again fighting for his country. He was stationed in Ardenne, waiting for the German attack. He looked around at the still, white and silent landscape, and then at his machine gun. His surroundings reminded him of Gatsby; of the parties, and the mansion, and the way he always seemed so cool. Except around Daisy, he was passionate around Daisy. Nick's grip on the gun tightened.

He blinked and tried to focus on his wife and children. They must be worried sick…but his thoughts kept wandering back to Gatsby. They always wandered back to Gatsby, and it made him question his sanity. No sane person heard a dead man's voice.

Then the first several Germans appeared, and Nick pulled the trigger. A spray of gunfire met the oncoming forces.

"Old sport," he heard Gatsby say.

"Old sport." And suddenly Nick was back in that bright cream elaborate car, going to lunch with Gatsby and listening to him talk about the Argonne forest and Montenegro. He felt like crying, it was so idyllic. Remembering the past, remembering Gatsby, and it hurt.

Nick was snapped out of his dream as a bullet pierced him in he chest. As he felt his heart collapse, he caught a glimpse of a cream colored car, the smell of freshly cut grass, and Gatsby's "Old sport."

As his vision blurred, he found himself in his old home on Long Island, waiting with Gatsby for Daisy to arrive. Four came and went, and Daisy did not appear this time. Nick smiled to himself at this and chuckled. It was futile for him to lie to himself any longer.