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As the smell of coffee seemed to drift upstairs Lorelai smiled as a familiar weight pressed down on the bed beside her. She held back a smile as she felt the weight as it drew closer. She felt his warm breath tickle her lips and finally smiled as his lips softly covered hers. "Wake up." He whispered softly. "Room service."

"Mmmmm…breakfast in bed?" She asked, opening her left eye to take in the tray full of pancakes, sausage, and bacon beside her.

"Yeah." He replied, leaning down to nuzzle her neck, causing her to gasp in reaction. He moved back upwards to her face, where he kissed her nose and then her eyelids, his stubble scratching her in an all too familiar gesture. Her eyes opened fully at the contact and Lorelai was face to face with him, him towering over her. Her hands slowly worked their way to his chest, where she played with his chest hair and outlined his perfectly chiseled abs. Her fingers slowly began to work on the waistband of his sweatpants and she slowly, tortuously cupped him. She smiled as he gasped above her, enjoying putting him through this small kind of torture.

"How'd you know what I was hungry for this morning?"

"I know you." He answered simply, bending to kiss her soundly.

"I love you Luke."

"And I love you Lorelai." He replied, much to Lorelai's delight.

Lorelai shot up in bed, sweat covering her pajama clad body. A figure beside her moaned slightly as her arm landed on what was apparently his head.

"You ok Lorelai?" The voice mumbled.

"Yeah Max…go back to sleep." His only reply was a muffled snore a moment later and Lorelai quietly got up and headed downstairs towards her daughter's room. She quietly opened the door to the room and slowly climbed into bed with Rory, feeling a little shaky.

"Mom?" Rory mumbled from beneath her blanket, turning to face her.

"Shhh…go back to sleep."

"What's wrong?"

"Sleep baby." Lorelai soothingly whispered, smoothing back her daughter's hair.



Sleep however would not find Lorelai again that night and this gave her time to think. As the night progressed she found herself questioning she and Max's engagement and found herself longing to talk to Luke. 'Bad Lorelai. You're engaged to Max…not Luke.'

"Yeah." She replied to herself aloud. "But you want to be engaged to Luke." Tears sprung to her eyes at her revelation and Lorelai struggled to keep her body from shaking in defeat to these tears. So silently she maneuvered her way through the dark house, making her way back upstairs where she silently climbed into bed with Max. Little did she know that a pair of ears had witnessed her little confession.

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