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Last time on Dreams, Engagements, and Gilbert…

"G'night." She called, heading into her room and gently closing the door. Undoubtedly her mother was giving Luke a naughty look and turning on her stereo she smiled at the thud she could still hear even over her music.

No sooner had he turned back to face her was she in his arms, literally. Hurriedly he moved his hands to cup her rear, afraid to drop her. There was no chance of that however, seeing as her long legs were wrapped around his waist and her arms secured around his neck. Without giving him time to protest her mouth covered his in a demanding kiss. One he was both hesitant and dying to participate in. Moving her hands to roam through his hair his hat was knocked somewhere to the floor as their tongues incessantly met. Luke moaned slightly at the feeling and could only groan in frustration as she rotated her hips against his growing erection. Realizing where they were he hesitantly broke the kiss. "Lorelai…" He rasped.

"Hmmmm?" She replied, moving her mouth to his neck where she sucked greedily.

"We…..we shouldn't be doing this."

"And why the hell not?"

"Rory could come out of her room at any minute."

"She could." Lorelai agreed, pulling back to run her finger across his swollen lips. "But she won't…" She smiled, returning to her task and feeling Luke's knees give slightly.

"'Don't tell me you have a rule for that…" He sighed, running his hands down to rest on her thighs.

"No." Lorelai giggled. "But she did suggest that if it made you more comfortable here she would turn on some music in her room or something…"


"Luke…don't tell me you're not wanting this."

"You know I do, but Rory…" He trailed off when he felt Lorelai's mouth move to his Adam's apple where she licked him, swirling her tongue along and biting down sweetly.

"Luke, you already know that everything is fine as far as Rory goes, I know you do…" She whispered, continuing her task.

"And how is that?" He asked, watching as she pulled back to take his face in her hands and kiss him softly.

"Because you haven't put me down…" He smiled at her seriousness and began to move towards the stairs. "See, I was right." As Luke stepped onto the first stair however he was startled by the sound of music starting up in Rory's room and before he knew it he had dropped Lorelai to the floor with a loud thud.

"Hey!" She giggled, rubbing her rear as she stood. "Maybe I should change my diet, I'm getting too fat for you to carry."

"I'm sorry." He whispered, pulling her close and kissing her forehead gently. "I thought that Rory was…"

"I know." She hushed him, placing an index finger to his lips. Grabbing his hand she led him upstairs, closing the door quietly behind her and locking it slowly. Making her way over to him she stopped his hands from drawing her to him, instead choosing to undress him and then herself. Pushing him back to lay in the middle of the bed she slowly straddled him, rotating her hips slightly to tease him before leaning down to capture his lips with hers. Kissing furiously for a few long moments she began making her way down his chest, running her hands down his washboard stomach and finally arriving to his throbbing erection. Smiling deviously she ran her hand down his shaft, enjoying the feel of his sharp intake of breath before leaning in to run her tongue down the head of his penis.

"Lorelai…" He sighed, watching as she took him into her mouth, sucking hard and then running her tongue down the length of him. Coming back to his head she pulled him fully into her mouth, loving the feel of Luke's hands in her hair and his grunts of approval. "Fuck…ah…fuck…." Watching as his eyes began to roll she was surprised when he pulled himself out of her mouth, then practically slinging her onto the bed. Bringing himself over her he stopped her protests with one intense look, working his way down to her chest, where he covered every visible portion in wet, slow kisses, taking a nipple in his mouth and sucking while his hand worked with the other, then switching.

"Luke…" She gasped, watching as he moved down to her abdomen where he opened her legs wide, moving his head down to gently lap at her, wasting no time in seeking out her clit and swirling his tongue around and then inside of her. Her legs came to cling around his back, attempting to pull him towards her as he brought her closer to the edge. "Ah, Luke…now." He looked up from his task to see her hands fisted in the sheets, pure lust shining through in her eyes. Moving back up to her he wrapped her legs around his upper back, opening her legs wide before diving into her. "Luuuuuukke…." She gasped, bringing her fingers to his head and slightly digging into his scalp. Smiling he pulled completely out, enjoying her whimper and surprised at her next request. "Harder." Moving his hands to rest under her thighs he pulled her to him as he plunged into her. "Ah….yeah….hard…" Eager to comply he felt her legs rise on his back and began to plunge into her, grunting from the effort but enjoying her moans of pleasure immensely. Deepening his thrusts he began to pick up the pace, finding it hard to enter her as she clenched down around him but enjoying the feel of each penetration. Just as he thought he could go no deeper she opened her legs and he filled her completely, knowing that they weren't too far away. As her fingers dug sweetly into his back he increased the speed.

"Let…go…" He grunted. "Lorelai…."

"Luke….Luke…oh…" Feeling her release he entered her once more before coming into her, gasping and then pounding unrelentlessly into her, milking himself inside of her before collapsing onto her chest. They stayed connected, enjoying the heat from one another and trying to regain normal breathing. "I love you." She smiled, running her fingers down his sweaty back.

"I love you." He said, Lorelai feeling his smile against her skin. Feeling him grow hard again she swiftly flipped them over, somehow their position unchanging.

"Your turn." She smiled, bringing a start to round two.

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