Title: Token Resistance
Pairing: Takeru/Daisuke
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 280

"Uh, Daisuke?" Takeru murmured awkwardly. "Why is Chibimon eating paper?"

Daisuke looked up irritably from his homework, scowling. "He likes coloured paper."

"Pink tastes best!" Chibimon piped up helpfully.

Takeru laughed. "You're just a happy little weirdo, aren't you?"

Chibimon beamed, but Daisuke growled and slammed his science text book shut. "Leave him alone! Don't pick on my Digimon!"

Takeru blinked in surprise and held up his hands. "I didn't mean it like that," he insisted.

But Daisuke wasn't listening. "It's bad enough I got stuck doing this stupid project with you, instead of Hikari," he ranted. "But now you come into my home, sit on my bed, eat my candy, and insult my Digimon? You're such a jerk!"

"He wasn't being mean, Daisuke," Chibimon cried, waving his arms. "He was smiling when he said it. I thought you said Takeru had a nice smile."

Daisuke turned rather pale.

Takeru's eyebrows hit his hairline.

Across the room, Patamon licked experimentally at a sheet of blue paper.

"W-what?!" Daisuke yelped when he'd regained his voice. "I never said that!"

"Yes, you did," Chibimon nodded emphatically. "Just last week. And you said you liked his laugh, and when he -"

"No I didn't!" Daisuke almost screeched.

And then his back hit the mattress as Takeru pounced.

Chibimon watched as Daisuke said something that was rendered inaudible by Takeru's tongue pressing into his mouth, and went back to eating paper.

When Takeru pulled back, grinning widely, Daisuke was beet-red and breathing quick and shallow.

"I like your smile, too," Takeru purred.

Daisuke made the effort to glower. "You're such a jerk," he hissed.

And then he pulled Takeru back down into another kiss.