By: SanguineFox

Rating: M

Warnings: Yaoi, very strong BL, oh, and Yusuke and Kuwabara are depicted as idiots. I usually try not to do that, but when they're together...

Disclaimer: Not mine, I own none of the characters relating to Yu Yu Hakusho

Pairings: Hiei/Kurama,


I was brought into this world under different circumstances than most; my mother was calm and cool while my father had been the hot blooded outgoing man, both of whom I have never known. My parents died before I can remember... our parents died before either one of us could remember. It is said that we come into this world alone and we leave alone. I am not one of these people.

My sister was in the womb with me as we grew and divided into two completely different people. I am strong and fierce with a strong disliking for most people while Yukina is a gentle girl, who cares for every living thing, even those who might wrong her. She is too innocent for her own good. Apparently her body doesn't even like her, she has always been very weak, she gets sick very easily, but her personality is so strong that I have to admire my twin sister.

As we grew, I could tell that many things were different between Yukina and myself; I am strong while she has been suffering from one illness to another through out our life. It saddens me to see her so tired all the time, though she does have her moments of amazing abilities. She can heal anyone around, but never herself.

I have never been a social person. The only people I allowed to touch me after I turned three were my sister and our aunt who had adopted us after my mother died during childbirth. I can't say what it was that had made me this way, some say that I was born with the devil's kiss, marking me as evil when I took my mother's life during my birth. I was fortunate that Ruri had not blamed me or Yukina for her sister's death.

I never felt that I was evil, I have no intention of going out and robbing or killing. Actually, I had felt that I was blessed by angels ever since I was young. Once I learned to walk and run, Ruri would take Yukina and me to the park where I would go off into the forest the second my adoptive mother turned her back on me. I had become lost deep in the startling oaks and evergreens with no idea of how to get back to my sister. I was short… well much shorter than I am now, and everything loomed over me, making the greenery darker and darker. The shadows whipped around me, leading me to a tiny clearing where three large trees towered with a menacing feel. I was frightened to say the least, but I was just as stubborn and refused to let a forest scare me off.

A small bundle of silver white fuzz attracted me to a very well shadowed corner. This part I barely remember, I don't even know if it was true any more, but I keep it as close to my heart as I do my sister. One of those memories that gives me hope for miracles. A small creature only a cub of a fox was curled into a small ball underneath a particularly large tree shivering violently, which was odd, because it hadn't been that cold, but I was young, and in love with this baby fox the instant I saw it. It was not in the romantic way, so you can put your sick thoughts of bestiality away for now. I'm still not sure what it was, but I was very drawn to the beautiful kit curled into a little ball. The urge to hold and touch and play with the fox over came all common sense that a five year old might have had.

I blinked at it with my odd crimson eyes, which was common in my family, but nowhere else in the world, before approaching it.

Golden eyes stared up at me warily, and I felt the need to feed the poor thing, luckily I hadn't eaten the lunch Ruri forced me to carry, so being the 'intelligent' boy that I was, I pulled out my bologna sandwich, and broke it into small pieces for the cute little jaw to fit around, and tried to feed the rather calm wild animal.

"Tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk," I clicked my tongue, getting a small rise out of the kit, perking large white ears before it raised its head to look over me, reading if I was friend or foe. He decided friend as he uncurled to approach me, I had already crawled to within a few feet of him, and he took the first small piece.

I remember those golden eyes more than anything, he was a very focused kit, deep in thought as he took up small pieces of my lunch. Eventually the fox crawled up into my lap, and snuggled closely as I ran my fingers through the fine, silky soft mane.

Now that I think back on that time and recall the small figure sitting on my thighs, I know that that had not been a normal fox. It was too beautiful, too clean to have been living out in the forest all of its short life.

After the kit had finished my lunch there was a nosy in the bushes behind me, the brushes jostled and an animalistic sound came from them. I stared at them slightly frightened, but the fox sat up in my lap and licked my lips before disappearing into the forest once again.

At five years old, I had lost my first kiss to a fox…

Chapter One: His Best Friend

It felt too good, even for a dream, there was no way that anyone could feel like this. The vines shifted under the covers, paying more and more homage to his erect member.

A low moan escaped Hiei's thin lips as a thick, slick vine rubbed against his entrance. The teen bit his lip in embarrassment, he had no idea why the dream turned him on so much or why he had it so often. It was always the same, he would be asleep in bed one moment and then the next, there were vines creeping through the window to engulf him in rather interesting ways.

Deep crimson eyes snapped open.

"Hiei! Shuuichi's here to take you to school," one of the two females of the household had called from downstairs.

"Not again," a deep voice grumbled from amongst the mounds of clothing that were piled atop the small bed with a short looking boy buried somewhere underneath, "Stupid alarm clock."

It had been the sixth time that month his clock had not gone off as scheduled.

"Argh," Hiei stretched as he sat up in bed to find that a tall, lithe redhead was already in his doorway. This new boy in his room was the most gorgeous creature that Hiei had ever laid eyes on. He knew that he was gay ever since he first met the redhead when they met in the park. Actually, he couldn't really say he was gay since he had never truly been attracted to anyone other than his long time friend, Shuuichi.

"I knew you'd wake up late again, so I came early," the beautiful boy spoke softly with a small smirk playing over his lips.

"Hn," was Hiei's only response as he tried to find remotely clean pants about his room.

"You know it's always a shock to go through your aunt's perfectly clean house, see Yukina doing the dishes, and then find you somewhere amidst this lovely heap of unkempt glory," Shuuichi smirked at his friend.

"You are just a strange neat freak and you know it," Hiei shook his head after he had pulled on a black sleeveless shirt and grabbed a dark gray over shirt.

The tall beauty just leaned in the doorway the entire time, "Hm, at least you keep your underwear clean, I see."

"Shut it," Hiei growled as he grabbed a few pairs of folded boxers off his bed and threw them into a drawer.

"You know, that offer to clean your room for you still stands."

"You would just make me lose everything I worked so hard to find."

"Or find everything you worked so hard to lose," he stuck his tongue out, which was a rare child like quality for the rather mature redhead.

"Be careful, I might try to bite that thing off."

Shuuichi just giggled a bit more before asking if his friend was ready to go.

"Yeah," he huffed, grabbing a bandana off the dresser before heading out, "See you later tonight, Yukina."

"Okay, have fun, Hiei, see you after practice. Have a nice day, Shuuichi."

"Thank you, you too," the redhead said cheerily as they left, "How is your sister doing?"

"Still sick, but she has been feeling strong enough to get up and make breakfast since a few days ago, and she's been walking around a lot more lately."

"I'm glad," Shuuichi smiled, knowing that Hiei was as well, though he would never admit it aloud.

The walk to school was always the same; comforting. It was Hiei's favorite time of the day even though he wasn't a morning person. This walk was his only time alone with Shuuichi as of recently. The redhead had been avoiding him more and more often. Other than in the morning and the occasional lunch, Shuuichi had been spending most of his time at home or studying in the library. They were best friends for the past ten years, but things seemed to be slowly falling apart.

About halfway to school, Hiei finally managed to sneak a look at the much taller teenager. The morning sun was pouring through the long, crimson locks while the large emerald eyes glittered with the beauty that they managed to hold every morning no matter how early the redhead had to pick him up.

Feeling the sharp gaze on him, Shuuichi spoke, "Hiei, do you want to go to the sandwich place a couple blocks away for lunch?"

"Hn," the wine tinted eyes darted forward in hopes of not getting caught.

"Great," he smiled, but it faltered slightly as a couple girls approached him with some large smiles of their own.

"Your stalkers are here," the shorter boy scoffed.

"They are not stalkers," he corrected just before the girls were within hearing distance, "They are just very enthusiastic…"

"About you and anything you might have touched or stepped upon."

"Shush," Shuuichi commanded just as they were before them.

"Good morning, Shuuichi, how are you doing this morning?" the taller one asked as she usually did to start the conversation.

"I am feeling fine, thank you. How are you two doing this morning?" he was just being his normal, polite self, but it always caused the girls to blush whenever he said anything remotely kind.

"Oh, Shuuichi, we were wondering if you a-and your friend would like to join us for lunch today," the shorter one asked nervously.

Hiei wanted to growl. He was being invited as the 'friend' to get Shuuichi to agree to their idea a bit more easily.

"I am very sorry, but Hiei and I already have plans," he gave his gentle smile of apology, which although rejected still made the girls feel like giggling.

"Hn," Hiei snarled at the two girls but they were too bubbly over Shuuichi to notice as they ran ahead to the school.

"Relax," the redhead whispered under his breath as he led his shorter friend up to the school gates, "There's no need to kill them."

"If they keep giggling like laughing hyenas I'm going to have to stifle that irritating noise myself, and if brute force is the only way, I believe it is my duty to help keep the sound pollution in this world down to a minimum."

Shuuichi chuckled, "You're just so silly sometimes."

Hiei finally gave a genuine smile, it had been one of Shuuichi's true laughs. One that only Hiei could ever get out of the popular teenager, but it came at a great cost of many syllables.

"I'll see you at lunch, okay?" he waves goodbye as they go their separate ways to classes. There was no chance of Hiei ever being in the same class as Shuuichi due to their differences in intelligence. Hiei was more for the sports while Shuuichi focused on the books.

The two had become nearly inseparable ever since they first met in the park where a panting dark haired boy ran through the forest with much larger bullies on his tail.

"You're very fast," a sweet voice called from above Hiei.

"What? Who said that?" crimson eyes darted about the foliage that was starting to decay into strangely bright yellows and oranges.

"I did," a giggle called his attention to a particularly large tree where a thin red haired beauty fell from the sky to land majestically on the leaf ridden ground, "My name is Shuuichi, what's yours?"

"Hiei," he said automatically, "You might want to run, there are three big guys trying to get my lunch money."

"Lunch money? It's already almost evening. Anyway, I don't think that you have to worry about them anymore. This forest can be rather… misleading. It can be hard to find your way out if you don't know every single turn by heart," he gave a gentle smile.

"I'm guessing that you know ever nook and cranny of this place?" he asked stubbornly.

"Quite well actually, and I'll lead you out if you'd like. It's getting rather dark, wouldn't you say?" Shuuichi sounded so mature that even though they were the same height, Hiei nodded and did as he was told, being led through the trees by the hand of what had to be an angel of the forest.

After they reached the outside, Shuuichi turned to Hiei with another smile, "Would you like to come by and play with me tomorrow?"

"Um, sure," the young kid was confused why such a mature boy would want to play with him when he was still having trouble just writing in cursive.

"Excellent, I will see you tomorrow then?" Shuuichi had leaned over to give Hiei a chaste kiss on the cheek.

"What was that for?" Hiei threw his hand up to his reddening face.

"Sorry," he obviously mistook Hiei's surprise for disgust, "Um, bye."

Hiei watched the young boy race back into the forest, not ever wondering until many years later as to where Shuuichi had been heading.

Of course, to Hiei's dismay, the redhead never offered such a lovely gift anymore.


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