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Tyson peered at his calendar above his desk, a red marker in his hand where he had just crossed off a day. A big red circle was around the date for tomorrow. His brow furrowed in worry, it was Kai's 18th birthday the next day and he still had no idea what to buy his older lover.

Kai had enough money to buy whatever he wanted when he wanted and the dual haired teen (though soon to be an adult) had never appreciated big, expensive gifts as much as others did.

Tyson sighed in frustration, "how can anyone be so hard to buy for?" He complained, setting his red marker back on his desk and became lost in thought, pondering over different options of what he could get Kai, all them seemingly pointless.

He was so lost in his musings that he started suddenly when a loud bang of the front door echoed through the dojo coupled with a frustrated yell of, "Tyson! I know you're in there! Answer the door!"

The bluenet winced when he recognised the voice to be Hilary's and he assumed he had missed the doorbell or polite knock she had tried earlier, hence her frustrated attempt just then. "Coming!" He hollered back and padded bare foot to the front door to slide it open. "Good morning to you too." He mumbled as he moved aside to allow his brunette friend inside.

"What kept you so long?" Hilary demanded, folding her arms over her chest.

"Uhh… was thinking." Tyson answered distractedly, trying to figure out why she looked different from normal. Sure she was wearing a simple white t-shirt and a matching skirt with sandals, but it was nothing he hadn't seen before during the hot summer. He too was wearing a pair of grey shorts and a pale green t-shirt. "You look different." He murmured thoughtfully, placing a hand under his chin.

Hilary shut her mouth before she could make a remark about Tyson's 'thinking' excuse earlier. "I do?" She asked, bemused, giving herself the once-over.

"I know!" Tyson suddenly beamed, snapping his fingers, "you've got your hair in pigtails!" He announced triumphantly, trying not to feel vaguely insulted when Hilary rolled her eyes in exasperation.

"Only you, Tyson…" she sighed, ignoring his demands of what she meant to grab him by the elbow and begin to drag him forcefully out of the door, "never mind, we have to talk, and the best place to talk on hot sunny day like this is the ice cream parlour!" She announced.

Tyson became momentarily lost in his daydream of ordering a huge ice cream complete with many different flavoured sauces and sprinkles before he realised he still had no shoes on. "Wait! Can I please put something on my feet first?"

Hilary sighed impatiently but waited until the bluenet was finished pulling on some appropriate footwear before dragging him off again.

"I can walk on my own, Hil." Tyson complained.

"So, why did you drag me here?" Tyson questioned after swallowing a large dollop of ice cream before sticking his spoon into the cold dessert he'd been dreaming about earlier.

"Because me and everyone else have no idea what to get or do for Kai's birthday. Normally I wouldn't care so much but he's becoming an adult, which is pretty special." Hilary explained, tapping the glass container of her much smaller sundae thoughtfully, "I couldn't think of anything he'd want."

"Same here." Tyson mumbled, stuffing his spoon with melting ice cream into his mouth in irritation. Even though they were sheltered from the hot sun by the overhead umbrella, he still felt hot and bothered. "How can anyone be so hard to buy for?" He repeated his earlier question.

"No idea. Which is why I'm asking you because you know him best." Hilary replied, taking a bite of her own ice cream. "He has enough money anything he wants so…"

"… we're stuck?" Tyson finished grumpily. His eyebrows shot up suddenly as he got an idea, "why don't we take him out, instead?" He suggested brightly. "Do something that'll make him happy instead of buying him something expensive?"

"Are sure your brain hasn't over heated yet?" Hilary teased, "That's a lot of thinking you've been doing today."

Tyson huffed, insulted.

"Anyway." The brunette continued, putting her spoon in her empty sundae bowl so her hands were free, "that's a good idea but where would we take him? I for one am not standing around in a beystadium in this heat; it gets really stuffy in there."

"It's not your birthday." Tyson pointed out with a light grin, "but I wasn't thinking of taking him to beystadium."

Hilary looked thoughtful before she raised her head off of her hands to blink in surprise. "Speak of the devil."

Tyson blinked in confusion. "What devil? Daichi?" He questioned, looking around.

"No, you idiot! Over there!" Hilary kicked him lightly in the ankle and pointed over in the direction of the street.

Tyson followed her pointing finger and brightened up instantly when he saw a familiar, dual haired teen walking down the street in the direction of the dojo. Standing up, he waved wildly and called to him. "Hey! Kai!" He shouted, ignoring Hilary's protests that he was making a scene and the insistent tug on his shirt.

Kai turned his head at the sound of his name and raised his eyebrows in light amusement when he saw his younger lover beckoning him over enthusiastically, Hilary covering her face in embarrassment. Sighing, he crossed the street and headed over to them, taking the seat beside Tyson wordlessly.

"Where've you been all day?" Tyson demanded, poking him in the shoulder, "I woke up and you weren't there! I was all lonely and you didn't even leave a note." He sulked, folding his arms and pouting up at the older teen.

"I… had some things to do." Kai replied quietly, reaching under the table to grab Tyson's smaller, tanned hand to hold it gently in apology.

Just Tyson's sulky face morphed into a forgiving, happy one, Hilary brightened as she got a brainwave. "I have it!"

"Have what?" Tyson asked, lost.

"Where we are going to take you," she pointed at Kai, "for your birthday."

Before Kai could speak or even question what she meant, the bluenet beside him questioned her first, "where?"

"The beach!" Hilary announced, "We can go to that nice little spot hardly anyone goes to, and we can take the others too! It'll be a fun day out."

"Can we leave Monkeyboy at home?" Tyson asked brightly.

"Uhh… no. That wouldn't be too fair."

Tyson frowned and grumbled.

"So, Kai, what will it feel like to be eighteen?" Tyson questioned happily, folding a towel and stuffing into a clear bag to take to the beach.

"No different that it feels like to be seventeen." Kai answered, sitting on Tyson's bed with his things all ready packed. "How can it take so long to get together a few things for the beach?" He muttered.

Tyson ignored that musing. "But, you'll be an adult! That's got to be a little awesome at least." He pointed out, stuffing a deflated beach ball in his bag before zipping it up and padding back over to Kai to sit beside him, grinning when the older teen wound his arms around his waist and him into his lap.

"Well. I officially inherit the money my family left for me, but that's about it." Kai replied in answer to his earlier question, resting his chin on the bluenet's head and tightening his arms around his waist, not wanting to leave for the beach just yet.

"What about that ridiculously large house?" Tyson questioned, burrowing further into Kai and fiddling with a cord on Kai's short sleeved black shirt absently.

"Not until the old fool finally kicks the bucket." The older teen told him, "but I'm not all that bothered about the house."

"Mmm…" Tyson mumbled, shutting his eyes as Kai's deep breathing and heartbeat helped to make him feel drowsy

The dual haired teen felt the bluenet in his arms fall quiet and slightly limp and lifted his head off his to pull back shake him gently. "Don't you go falling asleep on me Kinomiya."

Tyson opened one eye lazily, "Why? You're nice and warm and comfy." He complained, trying to nestle in deeper.

"We have to go to the beach, remember?"

"Oh yeah!" Tyson perked up and slid off Kai's lap to hold a hand and assist his boyfriend by pulling him. "Let's go, the others are probably waiting for us." He bent down to retrieve his beach bag.

Kai's tongue darted out to wet lips as Tyson's trunks (replacing his shorts) tightened over… areas. When the bluenet straightened, he reached out and grabbed him by the waist, pulling him back. Leaning down to nibble his earlobe, he whispered, "or we could just stay here for a few more minutes?"

"How can you be quiet one minute and horny the next?" Tyson wondered out loud, but turned to give Kai a quick kiss before squirming out of his grasp, "we can have fun later; we have a beach to get to!"

Daichi huffed. He had come to the beach to have fun, not sit around by himself, "what is wrong with you people? Why are you just lying around in the sun?" He demanded.

Hilary had her sunglasses on and was enjoying the hot early afternoon sunshine while lying on her back. Tyson and Kai had their towels closely together, lying down on their backs with their faces turned to each other (Daichi was firmly ignoring them, the sight was too gross, lovey dovey stuff always wanted to make him hurl). At least Kennywas sitting upright, tapping away on his laptop despite his friend's pleas to make him put it down for once and relax.

"It's relaxing." Hilary told, lifting her sunglasses to peer at him, "you should try it for yourself."

Daichi blinked but lay down on the sand abruptly to see what was so special about. After about two minutes of lying on scorching hot sand with the overhead sun beating down on him proved not to be enjoyable in the least. Jumping up and deciding that the activity was useless, he made various loud grumbling remarks about how stupid it was.

"Idiot." Tyson mumbled under breath after Kai had sneaked a quiet kiss, "doesn't he know that lying on a towel would have stopped him getting burnt from the sand?"

"Obviously not." Kai murmured back, inching his head closer to his lover's to kiss him softly again.

Daichi, on the other hand, was not amused and was now seriously bored. Green eyes falling on Tyson being distracted, he bounded over and jumped suddenly on his back, causing the older teen to jolt in surprise. "Come on Kinomiya! Play something with me!"

The bluenet was sincerely grateful that Daichi wasn't heavy at that pointed as he twisted around, glowering at him for ruining his moment with Kai. "Why can't you amuse yourself? None of us are bored."

"That's because I'm not boring." The red head retaliated, sticking out his tongue. "Come out into the sea with me!"

"I thought you couldn't swim?" Tyson teased.

A half embarrassed, half angry blush spread over Daichi's cheeks, "I can't! But there's nothing wrong with the shallows. Besides if the sea drags me, you can take me back to shore."

"How noble of me." Tyson muttered sarcastically. He glanced over to the blue waves, it did look inviting. "You don't mind do you?" He asked of Kai, turning his attention back to Kai.

The older teen was a little disappointed but shook his head to show he didn't mind, "go off and baby-sit, Kinomiya. I'm just fine here by myself."

"I'll be back later." Tyson promised as Daichi leapt off his back with a happy cry and he got up himself, racing the younger teen to the sea.

Hilary lifted her sunglasses as her male team mates dashed into the water. Sighing, she replaces her sunglasses and reached out to her left, grabbing a multi-coloured beach ball that had already been blown up. Throwing it in the direction of where Tyson and Daichi were, she vaguely heard their calls of thanks and rolled onto her stomach and settled down.

Grasping the beach ball so the sea wouldn't snatch it away, Tyson grinned in amusement. Daichi was standing ankle deep in the water, looking as though he was about to change his mind. "I thought this was your idea?" He called to him from where he was standing waist-deep in the sea, the waves smashing up against his chest. "Don't tell me you're backing out now!"

Daichi scowled darkly and took a deep breath. Tyson would save him should the sea try and drown him, right? Right. Closing his eyes, he charged recklessly into the water, the spray splashing up his legs.

Tyson side stepped him as the red head came to his current position.

"Hah! See, I'm not scared!" Daichi snickered triumphantly. Unfortunately, his good mood disappeared abruptly when he found out that, seeing as he was shorter than his bluenet friend, the water level came up to his neck instead. Panicking, he leapt up to cling to Tyson's shoulders. "Too deep! Too deep!" He shouted.

Tyson sighed in a long suffering way and waded back to a depth where Daichi wouldn't freak out. "Get off." He growled, voice muffled by Daichi's forearm pressed firmly against his mouth.

Daichi eyed the water warily but he let go of the older teen to jump down. He sighed in relief when the water only came to his knees. "Now we play!" He announced, pointing at the ball Tyson was holding with a confident grin on his face.

"Go a few steps back then." Tyson instructed, nudging Daichi with his foot.

The red head did what he was told and wandered back a few feet, "what now?" He called, impatiently.

"Now you have to catch the ball!" Tyson answered, throwing the ball to the shorter boy.

Daichi's bright green eyes followed its decent as he darted to grab it. But, as the water slowed his progress and he lost his balance, falling face first into the water.

From the beach where they were watching, Kenny and Hilary winced.

Coming up spluttering, Daichi wiped the stinging sea water from his eyes and face and scowled when he spotted Tyson laughing. "It's not funny! It's harder than it looks!"

Tyson wiped tears of laughter from his eyes. "I know, but that doesn't mean it wasn't funny." He snickered a little before calming down. "So, kid, how's your aim?"

Daichi frowned, this time in concentration, and lifted the beach ball from where it had been floating in the sea above his head. Pulling back his arms, he threw the ball at Tyson.

The blue haired teen caught the ball easily and grinned at Daichi's put-out expression. "It takes practice midget." He told him, throwing the ball up and down with one hand before tossing back at the red head.

Daichi puffed out his cheeks in annoyance when he missed the ball again. "This is boring." He complained. "Let's get the others to play."

"For once you've had a good idea." Tyson replied, heading back to shore. "Sure, why not? I'll get Kai, you can fetch the Chief and Hil."

Daichi folded his arms in a huff. "How come I have to get the old hag?"

Kai was half asleep by the time Tyson had come back, resting on his back with his eyes closed. Arms folded behind his head, he jolted in surprise when something itself on top of him, their lower half cold and wet. Opening a red eye, he frowned in displeasure when he was face-to-face with his boyfriend smiling cheekily at him. "Get off, Kinomiya, you're wet."

"What's the point? You're going to get wet too in minute." Tyson murmured back, reaching up to trace patterns on Kai's facial features.

"What do you mean I'm going to get wet?" Kai questioned, suspicion lining his voice. He grabbed Tyson's hand to still it and get his attention.

Tyson didn't answer straight away, leaning up to kiss the older teen softly, raising his other hand to cradle Kai's face gently. He pouted unhappily when Kai pulled away after a few seconds.

"You didn't answer my question." Kai pointed out sourly.

"I was trying to get you into a good mood." Tyson told him.

Kai raised an eyebrow. "Why?"

"Because, I want to you to play ball in the sea with me and the others." Tyson replied simply.

Kai blew out a sharp breath that ruffled his bangs. "Do I have to?"

"Of course. As much as you getting a tan pleases me, doing something else with you would be fun too." The bluenet told him. "Plus, you're the tallest one here so we'd win which is always an added bonus."

Kai was about to refuse again before he caught sight of his younger lover's big blue eyes pleading with him. He rolled his eyes, "fine then. Now get off."

Tyson grinned and rolled off of him. Standing up, he waited until eagerly for Kai to stand as well before grabbing his hand and tugging him towards the sea.

"Hey Chief, Old Hag." Daichi began, stopping in front of his brown haired friends and ignoring Hilary's murderous expression. "Wanna play ball? Tyson and Kai are playing and I'm not gonna let them win!" He declared after spotting the blue haired teen drag Kai to the sea.

"They are?" Kenny questioned.

Daichi wasn't able to answer straight away as he currently had Hilary's hands wrapped around his throat cutting off his oxygen supply.

Kenny sweatdropped and stood up, placing a calming hand on Hilary's arm until she let the red haired boy go. "I'm not too good at water spots." The short teen admitted, adjusting his round glasses meekly. "Maybe I should just referee."

Daichi grinned and turned to Hilary, "what about you?" His tone was rude but he left out an insult in fear that the brunette girl would reach out and resume strangling him again. "Are you gonna join in or laze about in the sun all day?"

Hilary flexed her upper arm muscles as a confident expression settled over her features. "I'm going to play." She announced. "I'm an ace at ball sports, I used to play volleyball."

"Before the coach kicked you off for starting fights with another player?" Daichi asked innocently.

Hilary scowled. "That wasn't my fault. She started those fights."

"And you ended them with punches." Daichi finished under his breath before scampering back to the sea when Hilary hovered threateningly over him.

"Hah!" Hilary cried in a triumphant tone as she scored a point when Tyson missed the ball. "Daichi you could at least put in more of an effort, we can't let them win!" She informed the shorter teen standing beside her.

"It's not my fault they're so tall!" The red haired boy replied hotly, jumping up and flailing around madly to catch the ball and missing, earning a cheer from Tyson.

"Tyson's not tall. Kai might be but that's not the point." Hilary said, bending over to retrieve the beach ball and throw it rather violently back at their opponents.

"We're not losing by that much." Daichi muttered, turning to where Kenny was watching and keeping score on the beach. "Yo, Chief! What's the score?"

"Uhh… 16-5 to Tyson and Kai." The small teen told him meekly, cringing at the losing pair's angry expressions.

"I'm fed up of this!" Daichi declared loudly, "I challenge you to a contest that I can win more easily!" He pointed at Tyson as he issued his challenge.

The bluenet placed his hands on his hips and raised an eyebrow, "and what might that be, squirt? Not blading I hope because you know you'll lose."

"A sand castle building contest!"

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