No Matter what

Chapter 2: colds, legos, and kisses

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He shuffled into the bedroom and sniffed. "What?"

Rory threw a pillow at him. "I told you we would end up getting sick."

"I know you did. Now stop complaining, get out of bed, and come eat your soup. Lorelai is dropping Dustin off after dinner." He tossed the pillow back on to the bed.

"I hate being sick." Rory grumbled and followed Tristan out into the Kitchen. "Chicken noodle?"

Tristan smirked and sneezed. "That's the only kind we have. Do you have a problem with our selection here?"

"No…I just haven't had this stuff in a while."

He smirked and sat down across from her at the kitchen table.

"Where is the coffee?"

"Coffee and soup?"

Rory rolled her eyes, "How long have we been married and where did the Tristan I know go to?"

"Right, sorry." He stood up and shuffled in to the kitchen. "Have you ever considered trying some sort of coffee addict counseling?"

"My mom tried it a long time ago, it didn't work. She said it was completely hopeless and that we Gilmore women just need our coffee to survive in this world."

After a moment Tristan came back out of the kitchen, the coffee maker, also known as John the fourth, could be heard humming in its place on the counter beside the toaster oven whose name is Frederick. Don't even think about shortening his name. "When will my son decide coffee is holy?"

Rory shrugged. "I don't know…sometime before adolescence for sure though. I started drinking coffee by the cup the day kindergarten started. My mom used to feed it to me when I was born too." She laughed. "Mom said Luke used to yell at her for it."

"How did you end up so tall?"

"Pure Luck?" she finished off her soup and went into the kitchen to retrieve her coffee. "So what movie do you feel like watching?"

"Nothing chick flicky."

"So?" she flopped on to the couch next to him and rested her feet in his lap. "What do you want to watch?"


"What's Big?"

"The movie…with Tom Hanks."

"Ohhhh…" she giggled and wiggled her toes in his lap. "You know that's kind of a chick flick right?"

He rolled his eyes and moved her feet to get the movie. "Does it really matter?"

"Yes it does, because you said you didn't want to watch anything 'chick flicky.'"

He shot her a look over his shoulder.

"What?" she smiled at him. "Those were your exact words right? Because I could have sworn they were."

"Yes, they were."

"Then what was that look for?"


"It must have been for something."

"Just you and your bickering. The cold must be getting to your head."

"No, it must be getting to yours because I am always like this and you know it."

He clicked the play button on the remote and turned the volume up. "Shhh, the movie is on."

She pushed him in the shoulder before resting her feet in his lap again.

"Tristan will you let my mother in?"

"She has a key." He mumbled from behind her. They had lain down with him behind her under a blanket about fifteen minutes after the movie had started.

He pulled her closer by the waist and kissed the top of her head just as Dustin came running into the room with Lorelei close behind.

"Mommy! Daddy!" he jumped onto the couch next to their feet. "Gran took me to Lukes and made him give me coffee."

"Dustin! That was supposed to be our little secret." Lorelei weakly scolded.

"It was really good." He bounced up and down a little before hopping up and kneeling in front of Rory's head.

"I bet it was." She looked up at her mother. "You came early."

"Well, sorry…" she smiled. "What, were you guys planning on doing something before I dropped him off or something? Because that would be kind of gross, you guys being sick and all." She scrunched up her nose. "Tristan, you are good looking and all but seriously, I just got a very bad image in my mind." She shivered.

"There is a four year old on the premises mom."

"Sorry." She leaned up against the wall. "You guys need anything from the store? I don't have to stop by the inn until later."

"Some soup that isn't chicken noodle would be good. You know what we like. And thank you for taking him for another night."

"No problem." She smiled, "You guys needed the break." She pointed towards the front door "I'll go get you guys some soup. Be back in a bit."

"Thanks mom." She sat up as her mother left the house and got out of Tristans way. "Dustin!"

He came running down the stairs at a speed only a four year old on coffee would manage and stopped at the bottom. "Yes mommy?"

"Come here."

He did as told. "What's up mom?"

She smiled. "We got sick while you were gone and we really don't have the energy to make sure you aren't getting into trouble so we need you to be very well behaved for a few days okay?"

He nodded and smiled up at her, his hair was messy from all of his hyperactivity. Maybe it was too early for him to have Lukes famous brew. "You want something mommy?"

She shook her head. "No, but bring your toys down here in the living room so that we don't have to climb up the stairs and check on you okay?"

He ran back up the stairs and a moment later he was dumping an entire Lego bucket on the floor.

"Dustin, you better pick that up when you're done. I don't want to step on any of those pieces later on."

"Don't worry mommy, I'll clean it up when I'm done."

"Thank you." She smiled down at her son and then sneezed loudly into a tissue she quickly yanked from a box. As soon as she was sure there were no more sneezes left in her she leaned back into the couch with a groan.

When Tristan returned from the bathroom he had brought his robe along with him. It was tied loosely around his waist and another tissue box was in the crook of his arm.

He dropped the tissue box next to the now almost empty one, kissed Rory on the forehead, and then sat down next to his son. "What'cha makin'?

Dustin shrugged, "I want to use all the legos and make a wall."

"That's going to take awhile, you know that right?"

"Yeah, but you guys are sick, so I figured I had all day to work on it."

"What are you going to do with it when you're done?"

Dustin shrugged, "knock it over. Destroy it. That's always the best part."

Tristan nodded. "I always thought so too." He got up and walked over to the couch. He smirked as Rory sniffled and then groaned when he moved her feet off the couch to make room for himself. "Oh, quit your complaining." He started to chuckle but ended up sneezing loudly. "Give me some blankets Mare."

"I didn't hear a please." She smiled up at him teasingly.

"Come on Mare, I'm just as miserable as you are."

"Say please…."

"Fine. Please give me some of those blankets."

"I don't want to."

"You are just as bad as your son sometimes. You know that right?"

She nodded and pulled the blankets up to her chin.

"I have to pee." Dustin said and stood up. "Please don't touch my legos while I'm gone."

Rory giggled when she heard the bathroom door close. "He acts like a thirty year old sometimes."

Tristan smirked and tried to pull some blankets off of her but she only gripped them harder.

"I said I didn't want to give you any blankets Tris, so back off." She pretended to be mad but ruined it by giggling.

"But your husband is cold." He pouted, but the smile was still in his eyes.

"He can go get his own blanket."

"He doesn't feel like it."

"Well, too bad for him then."

"He wants to share a blanket with his beautiful wife." He laughed quietly as he crawled up on top of her and kissed her on the lips. "And if he has to tickle her for them he will."

"His wife isn't ticklish."

"He knows better than to believe that." He pinned her beneath him with his full weight and moved his hands to tickle her sides.

Just before he could even start she screeched, "Okay fine, she will let him have some blankets."

He went to grab them from her but she stopped him. "He has to kiss her first."

Tristan smiled at this and did as told, his lips meeting hers, soft as silk. It was meant to be a short kiss but it quickly grew into something more. Tongues dueled slowly, lovingly. When they did pull apart it was to swallow desperately needed air.

"He may have some blankets." She moved over a bit and turned on to her side as he slipped in next to her. Tristan pulled her closer by the waist and gently brushed her hair to the side before replacing the brush of his fingers on her neck with his lips, scattering kisses there and across her jaw line.

Rory somehow managed to flip over and just as they were about to make out next to their sons legos and numerous tissue boxes Lorelai appeared in the doorway and – so that they would know of her presence, coughed rather loudly, the word she was trying to cover cut short by the entrance of Dustin who, so used to his parents and their actions, merely sat down and continued building his Lego wall.

Lorelai smiled, "I'm back."

"Sorry mom."

"I'm just not as used to it as your son here is." She gestured towards him and then back at the kitchen. "I decided to just grab a little of everything so that you guys wouldn't have to go back to the store for a while."

Tristan somehow managed to sit up from behind Rory and get off the couch. "Thanks. I'll go get stuff out of the car."

"Rory, you might want to go help him."


Lorelai shrugged. "I got a lot of stuff."

Just then Tristan came through the door with about four bags on each hand. "Lorelai, we didn't need this much food."

"But there was some really good stuff there."

"We only asked for some soup."

"Sorry." Lorelai smiled innocently at him.

Tristan turned to Rory. "There are a few bags out there still. Do you want to get them, or do you want to start putting stuff away?"

"I'll go get stuff." She paused on her way out the door to kiss him quickly. "Be right back."


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