Chapter 6: Raising two

5 years later- Dustin is now 9 years old, and Nichole is 4

Tristan opened his eyes and peeked at the clock, it was only seven am. Whatever happened to sleeping in until eleven? Having two kids was what happened, he thought to himself. He rolled over and wrapped his arm around Rory and kissed her on the shoulder.

"Good morning my love." He whispered as she stretched.

"Hmm, what time is it?"


"And they aren't up yet?"

"Nope." He smiled as she rolled over to face him, her hair tangled all around her. "You are absolutely beautiful" he leaned over her for a kiss but she stopped him.

"They will be up any minute you know."

"This reminds me of a conversation we once had several years ago, we talk too much when we should be doing other things." He dove in before she could get a retort out. He pressed his lips against hers and as she groaned he pulled her underneath him, deepening the kiss. Rory pulled him closer still, gripping his shoulders as if her life depended on it. He moved lower, kissing her neck and soon enough, the swells of her breasts.

"I hope they don't barge in." she said breathlessly.

"hush." He entered her desperately and kissed her on the lips to keep her quiet. This was no time to be noisy. He grunted loudly as she dragged her nails up his back in ecstasy, perhaps a little too loudly.

They both stopped for a moment, waiting for little footsteps that could at any second, run down the hallway.

"I don't hear anything" she whispered.

He nodded, her fingers were tracing over his stomach and chest and he couldn't get a single word out, let alone think when she did that. They moved together again, quiet as ever, to not wake up the kids. Their lips seemed permanently locked together, better to keep the moans at bay; their tongues seemed to dance together in pleasure.

Suddenly, they were both seeing stars, gripping each other tightly to stay earthbound. They had no control anymore, moaning together before collapsing back into the bed.

Rory giggled softly. "Good morning to you too babe."

Tristan chuckled before quickly moving back to his side of the bed, panting. Nope, things had not changed a bit since Nichole was born, he thought. They were still as happy as ever. They were living life to the fullest, and even now were sneaking in the occasional morning quickie if they were lucky enough to wake up before the kids.

Rory sat up, gripping the sheet to herself, "it's Nichole's birthday today. We have to be at my mom's inn by 1 for the party."

Tristan smiled "I'm sure your mom is already there setting everything up. She was so excited when we talked about this last week. Did Sookie decide on how she was going to make the cake?"

"Knowing her, she was probably up all night trying new recipes." Rory grinned. "Nichole is going to be so surprised!"

Suddenly the doorknob turned and in came Nichole, her brown hair a tangled mess just like her mothers. "Did you say surprise?"

Rory smiled, "yes I did sweetie, we are going to go surprise grandma with a visit today."

Dustin peered around the corner. "We are? Can we get coffee from Luke's?"

Both Tristan and Rory laughed and spoke together, "Of course we can."

"Dustin, would you mind taking you sister back to her room to help her figure out what she wants to wear?"

"Sure daddy." He grabbed his sister's hand gently and led her back to her room.

Rory turned back to Tristan, "You know we are going to have to re-dress her right? Your son doesn't have an ounce of good taste in clothing."

"I know, he gets that from me by the way. I just figured it would make it easier for us to get some clothes on and go help." He smiled and watched as she stood from the bed. "God, you are gorgeous."

She peered over her shoulder at him as she stood from grabbing her robe off the floor. "After two kids?" she laughed. "I look nothing like I used to."

"You look as beautiful now as you did when I saw you at the bar in that little cocktail dress almost 12 years ago." He smiled and then pulled his pajama pants up before moving to the door. "Come on, we have a birthday girl to dress."

"I love you Tris." She smiled up at him sweetly and it pulled his heart strings.

"I love you too babe."

"Rory! Tristan!" Lorelai was running towards them, her smile so wide you had to wonder how she could even speak around it. "Where are those little munchkins?" she peered into the car and squealed. "Is that the birthday girl I see in there?" she ran to open the car door, unbuckled the car-seat and lifted her out. "Oh my goodness it is! Happy birthday Nichole! Are you excited to eat cake and open presents?"

Nichole nodded; "bring it on!" she shouted and gave Lorelai a high five.

Tristan opened the other door for Dustin, who once set free ran in for a hug from his favorite grandmother.

"Oof, when did you get so big?" she asked him.

"I have no clue" he laughed, and it was so similar to Tristan's that Rory couldn't help but smile.

Lorelai grinned at Rory and Tristan before grabbing their little hands. "Let's go have some fun!"

Tristan wrapped his arms around Rory from behind and together they watched the three of them run towards the grassy yard behind the inn. You could see a couple bouncy castles and play areas all set up behind tables of food and the familiar faces of friends and neighbors from Stars Hollow. He smiled into her hair, "Are you ready?"

Leaning into him she laughed and said "Bring it on."

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