Title: Slaying 101

Author: Jinni FR15

Pairing: Connor,Chloe

Disclaimer: All things BtVS belong to Joss Whedon, et al. All things Smallville belong to the WB, DC Comics, et al.

Distribution: The normal places.

Summary: Sequel to "City of Weird".

x x x

She was out on the streets after dark.


Hadn't he made it clear just two nights ago that this was not safe? This whole... walking around outside after dark thing that she obviously insisted on doing?

"Guess not clear enough," Connor muttered, rolling eyes. He leaned back against the wall of the building, hooking one ankle over the other as he continued to follow her progress down the street with his gaze. He could be at home, studying for that pop test he just knew his history professor was going to give this week. Instead he was out here, indulging the more destructive side of his dual nature...

... and getting irritated with Her. Chloe, she'd said her name was. He hadn't been in a very good mood when he met her. Problems at home. With his "second parents", as he liked to call them. Apparently not everything could stay perfect, even in a perfect created existence.

And he didn't even want to go into the awkwardness that was his current relationship with his blood father.

The closer Chloe got, the more irritated Connor became. Did she really think that the ridiculously large cross hanging from her neck was going to do anything other than give her a muscle cramp from trying to hold her head up straight? Oh, it would repel vampires, alright - unless they snuck up behind her and grabbed hold before she could get it in their face. Something she had not thought of, most likely.

Trouble. that was it exactly. She was trouble personified. As if he needed anymore trouble in his life.

With a sigh, Connor pushed off the wall and leaned over the railing to look down as she approached. She still hadn't noticed he was even standing there. Not that he was trying to be noticeable, mind you, but someone that had just been attacked by a creature of the night the night before should at least be paying better attention to their surroundings. Looking from side to side and sometimes over your shoulder did not a vigilant defense make when things could quite easily get you from above.

Or below, he thought with a smirk.

Placing one hand on the railing, Connor sprang. He landed in front of her, knees bending to absorb the impact as she shrieked. Eyes down, he knew without even looking up that she had the cross out in front of her.

"Stay back?"

"Or what?" he laughed darkly, raising his head to look at her face. She was terrified, that much was clear by her wide eyes. But she wasn't shaking. Not her body nor the hand that held the cross out.

She seemed to recognize him as her shock cleared and slowly the cross was lowered. Then her eyes went up, up, to the fire escape he had jumped from, and a frown crossed her lips.

"How --"

"Didn't I tell you it wasn't safe to be out here at night?" He scowled, more so because it was fun than because he was really that peeved with her.

"You did," she nodded.

"And --"

Chloe shrugged. "I wanted to see more of everything for myself."

People like her almost deserved for bad things to happen to them. Like cats that stuck their noses where they didn't belong. He growled under his breath.

"So you decided that the best way to see everything for yourself was to come out here half-cocked and get yourself killed, right?"

"I'll have you know I did research," she snapped, face flushing and hand flexing around the base of the cross.

"Is that what that thing is? The product of research?" This was laughable - in a really, really sad way. "Why do you even care?"

"I'm a reporter --"

"This isn't a news story. Go home - where it's safe." True, home wasn't always safe. But it had to be safer than out here on the street after dark. LA wasn't a safe place. Not for someone like her who was too nosy to have a shred of common sense or even some self preservation.

"You think I'd write a story about this?" she snorted, running a hand through her hair impatiently. The short gold strands caught in the streetlight, glittering for a moment. "Sorry to burst your bubble, oh savior mine. Maybe one day, when I'm sure this whole thing blows wide open. But not now. I've had enough of writing stories no one believes."

The sadness in her voice came as a surprise to Connor. More so because it made his heart twinge in a way that was altogether unexpected and not at all pleasant.

"What kind of stuff do you write."

"Wrote," she corrected. "And you wouldn't... well, maybe you would believe me, I guess."

And that was how Connor learned about a little Kansas town called Smallville and some meteors that seriously screwed people up.

Sounded like a fun place, in his opinion. All sorts of psychotic freaks.

Perfect place for someone like him, sort of like LA.

He made a mental note to visit someday.

"So - what about you? Why are you out here on the streets... saving innocent girls?"

There was nothing innocent about this girl, Connor was damn sure of at least that much. She was sly, cunning, all that he could tell just by the way she acted, even if she was also impulsive and somewhat rash - but innocent? Hell no.

Not her.

He shrugged in answer to her question. "It's a hobby."

"Saving innocent girls or prowling the streets?"

"Both. You really are nosy, aren't you?"

"Call it one of my better qualities."

If that was one of her better qualities, he wasn't sure he wanted to see any of her worst ones, to be quite honest.

"You really should go home," he offered, voice softening.

"Not until I see another one... you know.. one of them."

So that was it. She wanted to see another vamp up close and personal. Great. Just... perfect.

"I'm not getting you back inside until you get your way, am I?"

Eyes gleaming with excitement, she shook her head. "Although, you're welcome to walk me home and take me inside afterwards, if you want."

She was flirting with him. Great. Just when he thought the night couldn't get any weirder.

x x x

He was wrong, of course. The night definitely got weirder and then even weirder still. Not only did Chloe keep flirting with him... but he sort of liked it.

All of that was incidental, however, to the true weirdness of the night. He wasn't sure how it happened, to be honest. Wasn't sure how they had gone from just finding her a vamp to get up close and annoy with her questions to... him teaching her to slay them.

Or agreeing to meet her the night after next to do it all over again.

Sure, it was funny to watch her try to stab them in the heart and miss, repeatedly, even when he was holding the vamp still.

But that didn't account for his actions.

No, this was something different and... Well, he'd just leave it at 'different' for now and see what happened from there.

He liked being around her. Annoying questions aside, she was sort of fun. The stories she told about her hometown were great.

"This way, you can quit saving me," she offered with a flirty grin when they reached the door to her apartment.

The thing was, Connor admitted to himself as he set off towards home, he'd decided that he sort of liked saving her..

x x x End Ficlet x x x