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"Harry, tell me you didn't," was the first thing to come out of Draco's mouth when he saw Harry leave the meeting.

Harry seemed unfazed, which only made Draco angrier. The first thing that crossed Draco's mind when the Weasel had delivered him the news was to kill the messenger. He would have done just that hadn't there been so many witnesses around. His only consolation was that the Weasel had looked just as shaken as Draco and was not as pleased as he would have liked Draco to believe.

He wondered what was going on through Harry's mind and if he would have to use a spell to find out. He had suspected Harry's reticence that morning. Ever since Hogwarts, Draco had always been able to tell when Harry was up to something. Unfortunately, Harry never made it easy for him to find out what that something was. Another thing he knew very well was that Harry had the tendency to sacrifice himself when he could not see another way out. It was his stupid Gryffindor nature. Never in a million years, though, had Draco imagined that Harry would quit his job.

It worried him that he might be held responsible for it, as Weasley had also pointed out previously. It would be yet another stain in his life, another thing to feel guilty about. Draco already had plenty of remorse to last a lifetime. He certainly did not want to throw that into the mixture as well. Nor did he want to be blamed for destroying Harry's business career on top of everything else.

Draco's mood only got worse when Harry did not answer him promptly. He was about to threaten him with a curse when the Weasley twins appeared behind Harry and patted him on the back.

"Well, that was entertaining!" exclaimed Fred.

Both twins stared at Draco in a way that made the blond uncomfortable.

"He seems worth it," said George to Harry. Draco raised a brow.

"He also seems quite expensive. Are you sure you'll be able to make it without the company?" Fred joked.

Harry's smile made Draco's heart skip a beat or two. He was so weak to that smile that he even forgot to reply to the twins' stupid remarks with one of his Malfoy-ish comments. Harry noticed it too, because his smile got wider. 'He's such a bloody sexy bastard', Draco thought.

"Hey, Malfoy, you'd better behave from now on," said Fred.

Draco grimaced. "It seems I'm not the only one." He stared straight at Harry.

The raven-haired man pretended not to understand him while Draco fumed.

"Hey, Blondie, it's alright," continued Fred with a grin, "I'm just joking, you know? Harry has enough money to support you even without being the President of the company."

"Yeah, and it isn't as if he's quitting the company for good. He'll still be a Director."

At hearing that Draco got distracted for a moment. He even forgot to cast a nasty spell on the twins for their cheekiness. So Harry had not left the company, he had just resigned his position as President. He was not certain how he felt about that, and it was now imperative that they talked.

Finally losing his temper, Draco ignored the twins' whistles and provocations as he grabbed Harry by the hand and dragged him away. He only stopped when they were safely away from prying eyes in Harry's office – or what he believed was still Harry's office.

They stared, stormy grey eyes trying to read Harry's incredibly serene green ones.

Instead of talking, Harry did the unpredictable. He pulled Draco to his chest, cupped his face with one hand and gave him a breathtaking kiss. Draco tried as hard as he could to ignore the melting of his knees and the fuzziness that overtook his brain, but in the end decided to enjoy the ride for a little bit before finally pushing Harry away. He would never confess, not even under torture, that putting an end to that kiss had demanded a lot from his inner strength.

"You've got a lot of explaining to do, Mister, before you can even think about snogging me!" Draco said with a frown.

Harry had been expecting something like that. A part of him had actually been craving to see the fury in the cool grey-blue eyes. Draco never looked sexier than when he lost his temper. He loved to see his clear eyes darken and his slender body perk up. It made Harry come alive.

"Don't even think about it, Harry," said Draco crossing his arms and raising his chin. "I know that look. It won't happen. Not right now anyway."

Harry sighed as he sat on the leather couch. "It's exactly like they said. I've resigned. I'll still be a part of the board of directors, though. I'm not abandoning my company just like that. I'm just… redefining my priorities."

Draco sat next to him, but not near enough so their bodies could touch. Harry held back a smile at the blonde's obvious strategy. Harry decided to play the game, at least for the time being.

"You look awfully fine with everything," Draco observed with a hint of doubt, for his Harry was nothing like the man calmly sitting next to him.

"Does that put you off?" Harry asked.

Draco bit his lower lip. "I don't know. It's not like you, that's all. I'm confused."

"Afraid that I'll become a real sissy?" he insisted, this time defensively.

Draco made a face. That was the Harry he knew alright. He was being contradictory, but the truth was that he would rather handle the explosive Harry than the impassive one.

"Are you saying you've suddenly become soft and tamed?" Draco provoked him. "Well, it actually makes me full of myself."

Harry's hardened face softened a little bit.

"Don't play with me, Draco. Not now."

Draco also put down his defences and his eyes cleared.

"Just tell me I had nothing to do with this. Tell me what you're thinking, Harry. You left me in the dark and your decision took me by surprise. Can you imagine how I felt when I heard the news from Weasley? Weasley of all people! Let's not forget being turned into a joke by another pair of mischievous Weasels! And instead of defending me, you laughed!"

His rosy countenance became even rosier. Harry diminished the distance between them and took Draco's hand in his.

"I'm sorry?" he tried.

Draco raised a brow. "Elaborate it or I'll hex you."

"Didn't you say that being responsible for me turning into a mushy person would make you feel full of yourself?"

"Be serious, Harry!" exclaimed Draco moodily.

"So only you can be a smart-ass now?" Harry said with a frown.

Pretty soon they would start fighting for real. Draco bit his lower lip and Harry let go of his hand. The blonde missed its warmth, but he pretended not to care.

"How does this decision of yours help your company? You think just because you left the Presidency things will magically get better?" he made a face at his choice of words. "They won't, you know? Magic does not solve everything. Besides, the biggest problem is my broom. You should have just pulled the whole thing off; cancelled the plans to release Griffin. That'd have been a better idea."

"No. I stick to the broom no matter what, and the others will too. I know my resigning won't solve everything, Draco. However, it might help a bit. I'm too involved with you… If they see Ron as the President they will…"

"So it is my fault!" Draco cut him off.

"Yes and no!"

Too bothered to remain still, Draco began pacing around the room.

"What kind of answer is that?" Draco asked. "I never wanted any of this to happen! It flatters me, but I really don't want this!"

"What exactly is it that you don't want, Draco?" Harry asked coldly, also standing up. "Our relationship? You're freaking out now that things are turning way too serious for you?"

"No, you jerk! I'm freaking out because I was already responsible for many bad things in your life! I don't want to be the one to ruin your life again, Harry! Fuck the broom! I don't give a damn about it! All I want is you! I want us to be together without the guilt for Merlin's sake! I don't want you to turn on me tomorrow and tell me I'm to blame for this!"

"I won't! It's my decision, Draco! Besides, I'm doing this for James, too!" Harry vented. "I swear I won't blame this on you. We can perform a swearing spell on me if you want to."

Harry brought Draco closer and their eyes met. The strain in them was obvious. Draco wondered if they would ever find peace with one another or if they would forever fight over their past mistakes.

"Draco, try to deal with the fact that I love you once and for all."

Draco sighed. Perhaps that was it. Perhaps he was just waiting for the day that Harry walked out on him. He laid his head on Harry's shoulder and closed his eyes. Harry's scent made its way into his heart.

"Damn you, Potter," he clutched his fists on Harry's chest. "I love you too much to walk away now. Do you understand that?" he muttered tiredly.

Harry smiled softly. "I do. After all, I feel the same way."

"So this is really it? There's no turning back now?"

"You mean for us or…"

"For everything… You, me, your company…"

"Your broom…"

"Now, Harry, let's not get naughty so soon… I'm still upset."

Harry raised Draco's chin and was relieved to see that his blond was back to his old self.

"I love you, brat," Harry whispered.

"I'm way too old to be considered a brat," said Draco. His eyes were glistening.

"You'll always be a brat in my eyes."

Draco laughed. Tired of fighting his urges, he enlaced Harry's neck and pulled him to a kiss. The raven-haired man's surrender was immediate.

"So what now?" Draco asked after a while.

"I'll still be working backstage to release the broom. Hopefully Ron won't be too difficult…"

"Good luck with that," said Draco with a grimace.

Harry ignored him. "After the broom is finally out, and people realize how great it is, then I'll quietly fade into the background and buy myself a house in Hogsmeade."

Draco frowned. "What?"

"You've heard me. I do have a plan B, you know?"

"Why haven't you spoken to me about all this?"

"Because I knew you'd be upset, and I knew you'd try to dissuade me from leaving the company."

"I would not, Harry! Not if you had told me you had a plan B! Which, by the way, I still don't understand… Why have you chosen Hogsmeade? To stay near James?"

"Yeah. I figure that staying in Hogsmeade is better than staying in Hogwarts. That way I can give James some privacy."

"Harry, stop talking in riddles or I'll get angry again! Why did you even consider Hogwarts?"

"I wrote to McGonagall two days ago. I asked her if she had an open spot at school for the next semester. It so happens that she does. So I'll be moving to Hogwarts to teach Defence Against The Dark Arts. Well, I'll actually be living in Hogsmeade. I'll only be working in Hogwarts… I don't know. Somehow I think it's better to have a place in Hogsmeade. That way…" Harry's voice failed him.

"That way…?"

"That way I can ask you to live with me, and we'd have more privacy in Hogsmeade."

Draco's heart stopped beating for a second, and then started pumping in full speed. He had never expected Harry to make such a decision. He was scared and marvelled at the same time. He knew things were moving too fast, but then again, hadn't they waited long enough?

Harry had such an adorable look of worry and anxiety on his face that Draco could not hold back any longer. His answer came into the form of a passionate kiss. They leisurely undressed each other, kissing every bit of naked skin.

"Ok, I guess now we can get back to talking about my broom after all. Or…" Draco moaned as Harry took off his pants and knelt before him, "... I'll just let you do anything you want with it."

"You mean this broom?" Harry squeezed Draco's cock. The blond smiled naughtily, his blue eyes sparkling with intense desire. "Alright, enough with the broom metaphor. Let's get down to business, shall we?"

When Harry sucked him, his eyelids fluttered and his fingers immediately fiddled with the abundant raven hair. Suddenly nothing else mattered but the fact that they were finally one. If Harry was really fine with being away from his company, Draco would not say a word about it any longer. After all, Harry was a big boy. He truly hoped Harry would remember his promise to him though, to never accuse him of having to quit his job for him.

A squeeze on his balls made him forget about everything else. Harry was quickly becoming a pro in sucking him off. Practice really was the way to perfection. He bit his lower lip hard for he was on the verge of cumming.

"If you don't stop…" he moaned. It was too late for warnings. Harry's tongue twisted in such a way around his cock that he could not hold back any longer. He came and watched in amazement as Harry swallowed his sperm.

He sighed completely surrendered and tamed. When Harry cuddled him, Draco had to bite his tongue not to purr like a satisfied and happy cat. He wondered what sort of face Harry would make if he meowed with contentment. He almost gave in to temptation just to hear him laugh.

They kissed and Harry held him tight. For the first time Harry felt remarkably at ease with himself and the world. His decision seemed the right one for the time being and he was pleased with it. He was even more relieved to be able to make Draco understand. His heart filled with joy as he thought about their future together. No more fighting, no more drama. This time there would only be love in their lives.


As James read Max's heartbreaking letter about Mathias' departure from Hogwarts and started writing a reply, he failed to notice that Lucius seemed to be pacing the living room like a wild animal trapped in a cage. It was their fourth day of suspension and even though Lucius was happy to spend those days with James, he missed Hogwarts. Mostly, he missed flying. Being in London was maddening. Harry had forbidden them to leave the flat unattended, and since Draco was usually after Harry, he and James had nothing better to do but watch TV or study. He couldn't even do anything else with James other than kiss him because Harry had warned his house-elves to keep an eye on them. So he was not just frustrated, he was also horny as hell. He and James hadn't had sex ever since they had their falling out. For him it felt like ages ago.

Harry's eyes on him didn't really bother Lucius, but they bothered James. So to make a long story short, James was also playing hard to get.

He couldn't have his freedom, he couldn't fly and he couldn't have sex. He would soon go berserk.

"James," he called.

James didn't seem to listen. He was too into the letter to pay attention to Lucius. The blonde grunted and tried again, "James!"

James glanced at him distractedly. "What?"

"Let's go out."

James frowned. "You know we can't."

"Of course we can! We're not kids. Nothing's going to happen to us if we just go for a walk."

"Still," James finally put the letter down and stared at his boyfriend. "We've promised…"

Lucius gave a frustrated sigh. James had become quite well-behaved ever since leaving Hogwarts. He seemed determined to make his father proud and therefore avoid trouble. Lucius was very happy that their father-son relationship had improved remarkably, but at the same time he missed his daring boyfriend.

"Listen Luc, I know how you feel, but our dads have too much on their hands at the moment. What if we got ourselves into trouble? You know our relationship is not a secret anymore, and you know a lot of paparazzi are just waiting to get a shot of us together so they can once more write a very nice feature about the Potters and the Malfoys. We can't risk it."

Lucius knew James was right. The press had been all over their family lately. They had not published anything about Lucius and James because they were minors and Harry had threatened to sue them until he owned the place, but if they were seen together things could get complicated.

He watched silently as James put his letter into an envelope and gave it to his owl to deliver it to Max. When James came back and sat on the couch, Lucius sat next to him and was immediately cuddled. His silky blond hair was fiddled with and he felt himself relaxing for the first time that day. He didn't like to act the way he did. He just missed their carefree days in Hogwarts too much. There he could snuggle his James without having to worry about Harry's glares.

They talked about Max and Mathias and how James wished he was there with his best friend to comfort him properly. Then they talked about the twins and what they had been doing to try and cheer Max up. Lucius smiled at the thought. He bet Vivian and Vanessa were driving poor Max insane. Thinking about them and their school life only made him depressed again.

"I'm bored…" Lucius complained knowing very well he sounded like a spoiled brat.

James smiled sweetly. "I know."

"I miss flying."

"You actually miss the attention," James provoked him.

Lucius pretended to feel outraged. "How dare you say that? It calls for punishment, James."

"What kind of punishment do you have in mind?" James whispered seductively.

His daring boyfriend was back. Lucius smiled and started tickling James mercilessly. The giggling turned to moaning as Lucius captured James' parted lips on his in a sensual kiss. Things soon heated up. The blond lay down on top of James and began to caress the red-haired boy's belly from under his long-sleeved t-shirt making them both sigh with content. Their bodies moved of their own volition and Lucius felt ready to explode. But before he could find his sweet long-awaited release, he heard a loud "ahem" coming from Dobby. He groaned as he looked at the house-elf with a murderous look which did nothing to impress the small creature.

James was beet red, and he felt so embarrassed that he pushed Lucius away rather harshly, making the blond fall to the ground and hurt his back.

"Ouch!" Lucius protested.

James knelt down next to Lucius with a look of worry.

"I'm so, so sorry!" he apologized.

Lucius grimaced. "I'm alright…"

"Master Potter told me to keep an eye on Master Lucius so he wouldn't try anything funny with Master James," said Dobby haughtily.

The blond raised a brow. Two things crossed his mind at once: his father-in-law was a real bastard and he was really starting to resent Dobby. The house-elf seemed to dislike Lucius because according to him the younger Malfoy had dared to taint his precious James Potter with his wicked ways. At first Lucius had found the whole thing funny. Now it was getting on his nerves.

"I'd never hurt James, Dobby, not in a million years," Lucius tried to converse.

Dobby did not seem at all convinced, and he said, "I heard Master James moan as if he were in pain…"

James became redder if that was even possible. Lucius smiled at him and then winked.

"Well, let me explain something to you Dobby. What you thought was a moan of pain was actually a moan of pleasure…"

"AH!" James interrupted him fast otherwise he was certain he would die of shame. "What does it matter really?" Then he turned to Lucius and said almost in a hiss, "What're you doing? He's a house-elf! Let's keep him innocent, please!"

"I'm sure Dobby knows what sex is. House-elves have sex too, right?"

James shivered slightly as he did not want to think about house-elves having sex at all.

"It doesn't matter. What we do together is private!"

"Not exactly. You know the twins write stuff about us," Lucius teased. He loved seeing James embarrassed.

"Just… shut up, Lucius!"

Lucius laughed heartily. James pouted. Dobby was still eyeing Lucius with suspicion. When the house-elf was finally convinced by James that Lucius meant him no harm, he left the room. Seeing that they were alone again, Lucius pounced on James and kissed him.

"You look so adorable when you're blushing, Mr. Potter."

"And you're a real bastard for provoking me this way, Mr. Malfoy!"

Lucius smiled devilishly. James had no choice but surrender.

"Seriously, Luc, we can't do anything here…" James said when Lucius' hand began stroking him intimately.

Lucius sighed, frustrated. "I know. Dobby, the fierce knight might come in and hex me. And I know house-elves are quite powerful, so I really don't want to piss him off…"

"It's hard on me too, you know?"

"It doesn't look like it…"

James pinched him rather painfully. "Do you want me to hex you?"

Lucius made a face. "I'm just saying that you seem rather cold to me lately…"

The red-head pulled Lucius closer and muttered against his lips. "I didn't mean to… It's just that… Well, we're in my dad's place. And both our dads are here… It's just… strange."

"Don't you think they are doing it?"

James felt like covering his ears at the mention that Harry and Draco were having sex. He knew they were. He had heard them the first night rather unintentionally while going to kitchen to have a glass of water. Despite the fact he had felt deeply embarrassed, he was also curious. The little he had heard before running back to his room with his heart pounding madly indicated that Harry was the top. Being the top had been on his mind for a while. He wanted to experience making love to Lucius instead of being made love to.

"You know, Lucius, I've been thinking…"


"Well… I've been thinking that…" he felt his face heating up once more and he knew for sure he was blushing when Lucius stared at him with amusement in his eyes. "I'd like to be the one to… you know… at least once…"

Lucius had never felt so curious in his life so he pushed James into speaking his mind the best way he could find – which was tickling him and placing soft bites on the red-head's neck.

"Alright, alright! I give!" exclaimed James laughing and moaning at the same time.

Dobby reappeared puffing as he heard James' voice. Lucius rolled his eyes. They really did not have any privacy in the flat at all.

"I swear to Merlin we're doing nothing wrong!" he assured the house-elf.

James backed him up and Dobby went back to the kitchen.

"So, where were we?" asked Lucius when he saw no sign of the house-elf.

"I want to make love to you," James said quickly.

Lucius grinned. "Oh, that's great! I want to make love to you too. In fact, that's what I was trying to do not so long ago before we were so rudely interrupted."

"No, you don't get it. I want to make love to you. I want to be on top."

There was a moment of silent. James could see he had taken Lucius completely by surprise. The blonde gulped, then paled, then smiled nervously.

"Ok. Maybe one day we could try that…"

James frowned at Lucius' blatant lie. He could always tell when he was lying. He twitched his lips in a slight grimace before masquerading it with a stupid smile.

"That's the thing. You said this before but I'm starting to think this day will never come," James accused.

Lucius was quick to counter-attack, "That's not true! I just didn't realize you were so into the idea, that's all."

James sat and crossed his arms, and Lucius had no choice but to sit as well and leave the comfort of James' arms.

"Have you really thought about it?" James asked.

Lucius looked the other way. "I have… It's just… Well, it's difficult for me."


Lucius felt as if James was pointing his wand at him and threatening him with Crucio.


He couldn't say it. He couldn't tell James that he just did not picture himself on the receiving end.

"Well, what does it matter anyway if we can't really do anything here?" Lucius said as he got up and sat on the armchair.

James got up as well and came to stand next to him. "That's true. I've been thinking though…"

'Oh, boy, here we go. I wonder if I'll be able to get out of this one unscathed. I guess not…' Lucius thought, knowing pretty well that he would have a hard time convincing James that he was a natural top and would always be one.

"Since we can't do anything here, and we can't go outside… Then what if we went to your Manor? We could apparate there and then back here again before our fathers came back."

Lucius was tempted. He would have been even more tempted if James hadn't wanted to top him so badly. One glance at James' determined face was enough to make him realize there really would be no way out of that without a major fight. He did not want to fight with James again, especially about sex.

Would it be that bad to at least try and see if he could get used to the idea of being the bottom? He sighed in defeat. For the sake of his relationship he would make an effort. Besides, once alone in the Mansion with James he could always make him change his mind. In fact, he would make sure he did.

So he smiled at James, who looked at him suspiciously.

"Ok. Let's go to the Manor. Once there we can fly around a little bit and then… Then we can love each other."

James knew there was a catch somewhere. He knew the way Lucius' mind worked. He was probably thinking about flying first so that James would be too exhausted to think about sex afterwards. He would make sure to prove Lucius wrong.

James smiled back, and it was Lucius' time to feel wary. They told Dobby they would spend some time studying in their room and therefore did not want to be disturbed. Then they apparated, but not without a little apprehension. They were glad to arrive at the Manor with every limb intact, and they laughed as they realized they had both been scared of the same thing.

The Manor's house-elves were surprised to see them, but they did not question Lucius' reasons for being there. They were very fond of the younger Malfoy and were happy to indulge him.

Lucius' mood got incredibly lighter once he got his hands on two of the brooms they kept in their private broomshed. They wasted no time to mount and set off, and James – a lot more at ease on a broom now – had as much fun as Lucius as they flew together.

They were too caught up in their own world to notice the hooded figure that looked at them intently from the ground with a wicked smile.

"Well, well, well, what have we got here?" said the person with a drawling voice. "An interesting turn of events."

The man's eyes glittered madly and he laughed evilly. All he could think about was to have his revenge against his treacherous son, which now could happen sooner than he had anticipated. It was time to make some arrangements.