AUTHORS' NOTE: During the summer between Season 7 and Season 8, another website, The Charmed Café, ran a contest. The entrant was supposed to write a script for a show for Season Eight. One of us, Aurora Nightstar, decided to enter this contest and decided to base her entry on The Family Curse, her story that is already posted at this site. She had to make quite a few changes to make it fit what we thought Season 8 was going to be like, including taking out her original character, Paris, and replacing her with Billie, and I, JustEs, had the fun of helping her out.

Halfway through the process, we found out that certain characters were not allowed in the contest. Aurora did a fantastic job of adapting her script to those rules, actually winning the contest, while I, JustEs, continued to play with our original idea, featuring the characters not allowed in the contest. We've decided to combine both of these ideas and change them from scripts into prose, including taking out Billie from hers, allowing Paige a bigger part in the proceedings.

We both hope you enjoy it!

We are very proud to present:


by Aurora Nightstar and JustEs


We own nothing Charmed. Nicole and Andrea are Aurora's original characters and Patsy is JustEs'. The others are all property of Aaron Spelling Productions and The WB, now The CW. Based on fictional scripts written during the summer between Season 7 and Season 8, this totally ignores all of the events of Season 8, including the characters of Billie, Christy, Dex, Henry and Coop. Leo, although still mortal, is still with Piper. Neither Phoebe nor Paige has found her dream guy.


"Where does he get all these freaks?" Phoebe exclaimed, as she grabbed the remote away from Paige and pounded the off-button. "Can you believe that woman rambling on and on about how her whole family was cursed? Curses don't really work like that!"

Her younger sister shrugged. "Actually sometimes they do." At Phoebe's stare, Paige continued, "I remember reading about them in The Book of Shadows when I was trying to find out what was wrong with Richard's family. A curse can be about anything. Money, love, anything."

Phoebe looked at her as if she was nuts. "How the hell could a love curse affect the entire family? If you couldn't succeed in love, there would be no children, and that would be the end of the curse."

That made Paige laugh. "Right, and sex is always about love."

She smirked when Phoebe sheepishly admitted, "Well, no, not always."

"According to The Book," Paige continued, "a love curse almost has a mind of its own. It will let you succeed in love just long enough to produce an heir to the curse. After that you can go through marriage after marriage…"

That made Phoebe laugh. "Yeah. Like Grams. After she had Mom, our grandfather died and Grams ended up getting married at least three more times." She rolled her eyes. "That we know of."

"That's true," Paige agreed. "But we can't be cursed. After all, if it were an actual curse, wouldn't it be more than just her? I mean, wouldn't our entire family be filled with love gone wrong? Bad marriages, betrayal, even death?"

Phoebe stared at her in shock. "But that is our whole family!"

Paige shook her head. "Nah, our family isn't cursed. Just look at Leo and Piper. They're made for each other."

No sooner were the words out of her mouth, than they heard a scream coming from upstairs.

"Demon!" screamed Phoebe.

"C'mon!" cried Paige, as she grabbed Phoebe's hand and orbed them to Piper and Leo's room. There they found a shocking sight. A devastated Piper stared at Leo and Wyatt, who were standing behind Wyatt's protective blue shield, where Wyatt was glaring at his mother!