Title: Naughty Librarians

Author: WickedGame

Archive: No Rest For The Wicked, my LJ

Rating: PG-13

Genre: fluff/romance

Pairing: 1x2x1

Warnings: Not beta read.

Notes: For Misao-Duo (prompt: Heero, Duo, glasses, fluff)

Heero looked to his side and watched as Duo scowled. "You look better when you're not scowling."

Duo directed the scowl at Heero and then gestured toward his face. "You're not the one who has an extra set of eyes on his face."

"No, I have perfect eyesight." Heero saw Duo stick out his tongue and ignored the motion. Duo had been a bitchy mood ever since Sally had told him he needed to wear glasses.

"I don't like them. They make me look like an idiot."

"Then get contacts."


They continued to walk and then Duo made a smartass comment. "At least now it will be a lot easier to pull off that sexy librarian look."

Heero stopped and stared ahead. "Sexy librarian?"

"Yeah you know: a sharp dressed man or woman with a stern look in their eyes and glasses on their face. Not a hair out of place and they can take a ruler to your backside without a second thought?"

Heero briefly imagined taking a ruler to Duo's backside and then changed the subject. "I don't think you look stupid."

A teenager walked by and yelled, "Four eyes!"

Duo took off running after the teen and grabbed his skateboard. He handed the skateboard to the following Heero who promptly broke it in half.

"Watch who you call four eyes."

They walked the rest of the way home without incident.


The next day Heero left their office and didn't explain where he was going except to say he was going to a meeting. Duo didn't see him again until he came home.

When Duo unlocked the door he immediately saw that everything was different. The place was completely reorganized and he was confused by the layout. How had the dining room table gotten into the living room?


"Shh. You must be quiet in the library." Heero said as he stepped out from the darkened hallway.

Duo's eyes widened. Heero was wearing a sharp suit and the sexiest pair of glasses he had ever seen. "Oh, I'm sorry Mister Librarian. I thought you had perfect eyesight?"

"I do. But you can buy glasses with no prescription. Do you know what the punishment for yelling in the library is?"

Duo looked at the table and back at Heero who was now holding a ruler in his hand. "I can guess…"


Later the two of them were tangled together in bed, glasses sitting on nightstands and breathing heavy.

"Wow." Duo said.

"Yeah." Heero agreed.

"Why did you really go and get glasses?" Duo asked, kissing Heero's slim neck.

"I didn't want you to feel different. We're already different enough. Now if someone wants to call you four-eyes they will be calling me it also." Heero grabbed his glasses and made sure they were folded carefully before he put them back down.

Duo pulled his glasses off the nightstand and put them on. With a fluid movement he sat up and scowled at Heero. "You have been a very bad boy Mister Yuy. I think you need a punishment."

Heero smirked. "Oh please, punish away."