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It was a calm Sunday afternoon in Jump City. Which was a good thing make no mistake, but it meant that our resident heroes had to find other means to occupy themselves.

Robin, naturally, was checking up on his leads to see if he could gain any headway on Slade; Cyborg was making sure the T-car was in the best condition possible; Starfire was making sure that Silkie did not eat any of the furniture while she read a book Robin had given her to help her with her English; Raven was finding peace at long last in her room as she meditated; and Beast Boy was almost ready to crack from the lack of something to do.

Beast Boy sat at the counter and drummed his fingers in triplets in an attempt to alleviate the boredom. He'd played all the games he had, there was nothing good on T. V. because it was Sunday and everyone besides him was doing their own thing.

(Beast Boy's POV)

'Dude I can't remember the last time I was this bored!' I thought while I sat resting my head in the palm of my hand.

'This isn't getting me anywhere! I'm going into town!'

And so Beast Boy ran for the exit eager to move beyond the monotony of Titan's Tower.


Meanwhile something was hurtling through space at just under Mach 1. And it was on a collision course with Titans tower! And as it entered the atmosphere it was set ablaze by the resulting friction.

One thing was for certain. Beast Boy and the other Titans would cease to be bored in a matter of seconds.


Beast Boy meanwhile had reached the exit and stopped to breathe deeply the refreshing smell of the salty air. It wasn't a bad gig all-in-all. Sure there was the occasional…okay frequent…psychopath who wanted to rule the city or prove their superiority over the Teen Titans, but it worked out in the end.

Beast Boy shook his thoughts clear and prepared to morph into a Bald Eagle to make the most of the thermals.

But then his ears pricked up at a new disturbance with his keen senses and he looked around wildly to locate the source of the sound. But he didn't see anything.

'That's weird' Beast Boy thought as he surveyed the area more carefully. 'The noise is getting louder…'

Beast Boy scratched his head in bewilderment as he wondered what was going on. Then he felt a sinking feeling in his stomach.

'The only direction I haven't looked is…up.'

And as he gazed at the sky he saw an approaching ball of fire, which seemed fully intent on turning Titans Tower into the site of a crater.

'So much for boring'


Meanwhile in her room Raven was having a very relaxing period of meditation. And while she knew it couldn't last forever, she still hoped that it could at least last until dinner.

Those thoughts were quickly shattered.


The Titans alarm shattered her concentration and her light bulb exploded.

'Maybe I should just stick to candles.'

Letting out a sigh of frustration she phased through the floor and appeared in the common room.

Typing furiously on the keyboard the monitors showed an approaching ball of fire on a collision course with the moat right in front of Titan's Tower.

'Curious. The mass of the object should have deteriorated somewhat from the friction of the atmosphere. How is it still intact? But even more intriguing than that is the fact that it seems to be slowing down ever so slightly.'

(Robins point of view)

The alarm went off and I ran as hard as I could to the common room. On the way I couldn't help but feel the twin sensations of excitement and dread. The alarm usually meant that there was a threat, but it also came with the promise of action. And that's just what was needed at the moment.

The doors swished open and I saw Raven standing at the controls.

"Raven, what's the situation?"

"See for yourself." She said in her trademark monotone.

I gave her a look of incredulity and then looked at the screen.

My eyes shot open and then my face fell at the swiftly approaching object.


(Cyborgs POV)

"Ah, yeaaaaaaah this is the life." I said as I stretched back after tuning up my baby (The T-Car).

'No bad guys so far and nothing to interrupt my peace and quiet.'


I let out a heavy sigh and began jogging toward the control room.

'Well, it was nice while it lasted.'

(Starfire's POV)

"Silkie! The covers for my place of rest are not for your consumption! I will prepare you something when the time of dinner has come, but not until then!" I said this while prying Silkie from my "sheets" as they are called and looked him sternly in the eyes.

"Treeee!" He gurgled cutely and I felt myself surrender to his charms.

"Perhaps some glorp?" Silkie of course agreed with a happy gurgle and I turned to my closet where I had stored the fungal culture for just such a situation.


"Eep!" I squeaked in surprise as the alarm blared throughout the tower.

'After so long on this planet I thought I would grow accustomed to the loud noise and interruptions. But even being a part of this group I am a stranger.'

"X'hal be with me." I said as I flew out the door and down to meet with the others.

( Raven's POV)

"Anything on the object?" I could sense a great deal of worry coming from our seemingly unemotional leader.

"Only that its trajectory puts it in the water outside the front window and that it appears to be slowing down."

"That's it?" Robin asked while bearing an expression of panic.

"Well, there is one other thing…"

"What!" He was barely able to control himself, which was amusing, but I knew I couldn't torture him forever.

"Its profile appears to be humanoid."

It took him a while, but it finally dawned on him.

"You mean…?"

"That's right. Whatever it is…it's alive."

Robin struck his classic "thinking man" pose and then asked the final question.

"What will happen if it hits the water at its current rate of travel?"

I grinned inwardly at his tension. For all the effort he put into seeming calm and collected he lost it so easily when it came to something which he saw as a threat to our safety.

"Well, the overall mass of the object isn't much so the most it will do is give the T-tower a good rinse."

Throughout all this I couldn't help wondering, 'Where on Earth is Beast Boy?'

(Beast Boys POV)

'Wait a minute…that looks like a person. And it's heading towards…THE WATER!'

I quickly dashed back to the tower, trying to get inside before this mystery guy made contact.

You can imagine how deep my stomach sank when I heard a deafening "SPLOOSH!"

Followed by a long shadow which heralded the descent of a VERY large amount of water.

In spite of myself I looked up and saw a man-made tsunami coming down with a vengeance.

Out of reflex I turned into a turtle and lost my bearings in a world of water.

(Stranger's POV)

I was wondering if relieving my boredom in this particular way was such a good idea, but I'm still young and so I decided on impulse to just do it anyway.

Now, what it was you can surely guess by now. That's right…a MACH 1 BELLY FLOP!

I thought that I would start at the moon just to get a little extra speed from the gravitational field. And it was all down-hill from there, YEAH BABY!

Ahem! Anyway, I was nearing a giant T-shaped building when I noticed a green dude in some kind of uniform. It took me a little while to realize that I was going to land in the water just outside the oddly shaped tower and I felt a sudden pang of guilt.

But this was quickly replaced with a smirk and a giddy thought, 'Whoever that is down there will be smelling like a wet dog for the rest of the day.'

Then…I hit the water.

(Cyborg's POV)

"It's gonna hit in five seconds. Four…three…two…one…BRACE FOR IMPACT!"

Raven gave me a withering glare and said with a great deal of restraint, "That…wasn't…necessary." Placing a great deal of emphasis on each word, as if to say "If we weren't on the same team you would be dead in the worst way possible."

I stepped back with my arms held in front of me in defense.

"My bad."

Then I looked at the window and noticed the cascading waters and the surreal quality that overtook the room. But I couldn't let this opportunity go to waste.

"I'm getting' the suds and washing down the tower!" I shouted as I ran to the exit.

'May as well get it out of the way.'

(Stranger's POV)

I hit the water so hard that I was standing on damp sand where the moat should have been. As I wondered how I was going to explain my presence to the residents of the tower a slightly squeaky voice interrupted my thoughts.

"Dude! Are you trying to drown me?"

I jerked my head in surprise and found to my regret and amusement that same guy soaked from head to toe, with his green hair hanging over his eyes.

'Oops.' "Sorry dude! I think I went just a little too fast!" I rubbed the back of my neck in embarrassment while thinking of how I could placate my drenched acquaintance.

"Ya think?" He screeched at the top of his lungs. "You are so gonna…get it." He said as he flipped his hair out of his eyes.

His mouth seemed to break down upon seeing me for the first time. I gotta admit, my choice of dress is rather odd, even for this planet.

Allow me to explain. I was wearing a uniform which was all black except for red crosses on my gauntlets, chest, mask and boots. I also sported a large sword on my back which sat holstered in a scabbard which completed the image of a black cross, just in case someone was foolish enough to challenge me. Pressed to my back by the scabbard was a black cloak that reached down to my knees for the quite likely event that I needed to lose some speed. (plus it looked cool) Needless to say I was nowhere near what he expected to see.

I attempted to smooth things over with him. "No one was down here at the time. I didn't think anyone would come outside. Sorry."

Then I heard the sound of rushing water. Realizing that I would soon be submerged I flipped forward and stuck the landing right in front of the green dude.

"Who are you?" he asked in awe.

"My name…is Bishop."