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And now, here is...Mighty Good Leader

It had been six years since I disappeared into the sky and things had gone smoothly Robin became Nightwing much to the delight of his wife. Cyborg and Bumble Bee didn't make out nearly as much as Robin and Starfire, but the love was there. And Beast Boy became Changeling. Although he was more mature he still had a sense of humor which made his wife smile.

And this is one of the occasions where Beast Boy wished that his jokes were enough.

"Gah! Raven hold on! We're almost there!" Was Beast Boy's exclamation as his wife effectively crushed his hand in her pain.

"Beast Boy! The baby isn't going to wait forever! Cyborg! Get this piece of junk to the hospital already!"

Cyborg took the shot at his baby in silence for two reasons: First was that she was pregnant and while Cyborg didn't know (nor did her want to) what it felt like he decided that it was something that merited a little patience. And the second reason? He didn't want to die. One of the things he had learned over the years was not to anger Raven since the consequences involved great deals of pain.

"We're almost there Raven! Just a couple more minutes!"

"Gar...field." Raven ground out the words like she was already giving birth.

"Rae?" Beast Boy knew that even if she threatened to send him to another dimension that she didn't mean it. After all she had managed to avoid killing him during their time together so far (that isn't to say that there weren't close calls).

"Do you love me?" It sounded so desperate coming from Raven that Gar kissed his wifes lips in silent assurance of his support. And although she was still very much in pain she smiled at him with all the tenderness she could.

The Titans reached the hospital and Robin immediately took charge.

"We're here! Gar take Raven! Star! Hold open the door! Cyborg! Find a spot to park and meet us in there! Titans Go!" If it wasn't for the nature of the situation Gar would have cracked a joke, but he did have tact. He just didn't use it much. :)

"Everyone gang way!" Nurses dove out of the way and doctors flattened themselves against the walls as the shape shifter carried Raven in his arms to a waiting gurney (Fortunately Robin's OCD had worked in their favor for once and he had made sure the hospital was standing by).

"Garfield." Again came the almost whispered plead from his wife to help her through what was to come.

"It's okay Rae." He placed his hand over hers. "It's going to be okay."

A doctor stopped him at the entrance to the room. "Mr. Logan we'll need you to go to the waiting room. We'll call you when the baby is out."

He nodded in understanding and slid his hand off hers as she went in. Then began the waiting.

(Time break)

Not two minutes later there was a doctor that came to the Titans and Gar immediately leaped to his feet to ask if it was over. The answer nearly broke his heart.

"Mr. Logan the baby is being prevented from exiting the womb due to a benign growth. We'll need to operate and even then there is no way to tell for sure if either the baby or your wife will survive ."

Beast Boy just stood there blinking back the tears as the doctor went on.

"I'm sorry Mr. Logan. We'll do everything we can." With that the doctor left and Beast Boy broke down in heart wrenching sobs.

(Meanwhile back in the Operating Room)

"Get me 10 mg of diazepam!"

"Her BP is 160 over 100!"

"The diazepam isn't working!"

"Then get some morphine! We are not letting her die!"

It was chaos. No one had taken "How to induce labor in a half-demon 101" so things were understandably off-balance.

But even with the best of efforts Raven's condition got worse, not better and in exasperation the other doctors turned to the Surgeon in charge and asked, "Dr. Kimball what do we do?"

Of course she knew what she had to do. So she pressed the call button on the wall and shouted. "Dr. Cross! We need you in here now!"

In burst a man in full surgical garb and taking in the stats at a glance he told everyone except Dr. Kimball to leave. The staff was confused, but complied nonetheless and with them gone he proceeded to place his hands on Raven's abdomen and bow his head in supplication.

A soft white glow issued from his gloves and the stats slowly returned to normal.

"It never get's old does it?" Doctor Kimball asked as they walked into the air lock and removed the surgical garb.

Dr. Cross grinned and as he walked down the hallway he signaled a couple nurses to head in and take Raven and the baby to a room near the maternity ward.

"Doing God's will never does."

(Time break)

It had been one hour since the operation and Raven's son was staring up at his mother with those eyes that promise so much and hold so little.

"He's beautiful Raven!" Starfire of course was ecstatic at having another child around. And the others all stood around with smiles of adoration at the bundle of joy laying in his mothers arms.

"So, is the new mother doing well?" A doctor came in holding a clipboard and a beaming smile. The Titans turned with ambiance to the new comer.

"Yes doctor...Cross." Raven read from his nameplate. "We are doing very well."

"That's good to hear." The doctor said this without the smile leaving his face. "Any ideas for a name?"

Raven looked to Gar and he smiled at his wife before nodding in assent to her decision. Whatever it may be.

"Kharisma Bonifacius. From the Latin for "Divine gift" and "well-doer."

In that moment Raven was sure that she saw a twinkle in the doctor's eye. But just as quickly as it came it was gone and she thought nothing more or it.

"Well Mrs. Logan you are free to go. We'll have Doctor Kimball help you with the baby while you change into some less drafty attire."

Here he chuckled. "Honestly, even if the stay is short the gowns could at least be warm." And with that last remark her wandered off to make his rounds. Or so the Titans thought.

(Time Break)

We were now back at the tower and I had Kharisma wrapped in my arms while the other children marvelled at the tiny person who was staring back at them with innocent eyes. All was peaceful.


All the Titans jumped at the unexpected commotion and the baby started crying. I tried to calm him down, but it was no good he wouldn't stop bawling.

And then Bishop walked in. You would think we would be angry. But right now we were just wondering why he always had to make such a big entrance.

"Hey dudes! What's up?" Silence met him as stood there glancing over us. Wait. Silence!

My head jerked down in panic to find something I would never have expect to see. Kharisma was smiling at Bishop! Not only that he was cooing at him!

"Well hey there little guy! How are you doing?" Bishop asked seemingly oblivious to the flabbergasted looks that everyone was giving him.

Kharisma giggled as Bishop tickled his side with his finger and again he cooed in delight. Then Bishop stood and addressed us as if we were the ones who had just showed up.

"Hey guys! What's up?"

Of course this was the last straw. Beast Boy burst out laughing and with that all the tension in the room was released. He pounded fists with Cyborg. High fived Beast Boy, was hugged by Starfire and shook hands with Robin. Bumble Bee simply waved. Then he turned to me.

"It's good to see that things have been going well since the last time we met. I know made enough noise to wake the dead, but when God told me to come over I thought I should get here as soon as possible."

I smiled at his apologetic bowing of the head. Like a child that had been caught with their hand in the cookie jar. "It's alright." I said smiling. "At least you didn't soak Beast Boy to the bone like last time."

"Oh man, don't remind me! It took me a week before I could look at the sky without expecting something to fall out of it!"

Again he chuckled totally at peace. Meanwhile the children were staring with puzzled glances at this newcomer unsure of whether or not it was alright to speak with him.

"Kids." They all regarded him silently. "This is Bishop. The man who helped us four years ago."

Immediately Nighfire's eyes bugged out. "You're Bishop!" He nodded politely. "That is so cool!"

Simon surprised us the most. "Uncle Bishop!" And he hugged him around the chest. This was followed by the other children and Bishop embraced them all in the biggest hug he could manage.

After a while the children let him go. "Friends" Bishop said with his voice slightly wavering. "I regret to inform you that this will be my last visit."

The children protested, but Bishop held up his hands in a placating manner and they quietly waited for what he would say next. Even if they did want to cling to him like their lives depended on it.

"It is not my wish to leave you, but the fact remains that my time here is finished and I must return for the last time to Him who sent me.

But I will not leave you without saying a proper goodbye. Meet me outside in two minutes and I'll say goodbye for real." And he was gone.

"Alright kids get your hands washed and we'll walk you outside" They laughed and rushed to the bathroom like a herd of stampeding rhinos and we followed after them. Smiling at the joy and innocence of young life.

(10 minutes later)

(What? Their kids are four! When's the last time someone that young was ready in two minutes?:)

(POV change)

All the Titans had assembled and I was ready to go.

"Okay guys. This will be my last song. So I want you guys to enjoy this just as much as I will."


I like that

As the intro stopped I slammed into my intro and the rest of the band popped up.

Flooded by an ocean

Of some mixed emotions

They got you down again

Pride and passion Physical attraction

Whatever thing you're in

These temptations

Causing you frustrations

What you need is a friend

Someone who loves you

Who is above you

Take away all your sin

Help is on the way, yeah, yeah, yeah

Help is on the way

Mighty good leader is on the way

He's the only one gonna come to save the day

It's all right,

yeah, uh-huh, it's OK

'Cause a mighty good leader is on the way

Now this someone

Knows where you come from

Doesn't care where you've been

He can put back, pieces that you lack

Make you whole again

Help is on the way, yeah, yeah, yeah

Help is on the way

Mighty good leader is on the way

He's the only one gonna come to save the day

It's all right,

yeah, uh-huh, it's OK

'Cause a mighty good leader is on the way

The interrim notes were plucked softly as we segued into the bridge.

Help is on the way x 3
Help is on...

Mighty good leader is on the way

He's the only one gonna come to save the day

It's all right,

yeah, uh-huh, it's OK

'Cause a mighty good leader...

One! Two! Three! Four!

Mighty good leader is on the way

He's the only one gonna come to save the day

It's all right, yeah, uh-huh, it's OK

'Cause a mighty good leader is on the way

It's okay

"Thank you Yahweh! We love you!"

"Wooh! Yeah!"

I looked down at the Titans and said with as much composure as I could. "And so I leave you Titans, but do not despair. The one I serve is with you. And he will be there for all eternity."

We turned to leave, but before doing so I threw one last comment over my shoulder.

"Oh and Raven?" She looked at me levelly. "I need that gown back on my desk tomorrow morning."

Raven's eyes went bug eyed, but before she could say anything I vanished without a trace.


"Well" Raven's eyes still bore surprise, but they were back in her head. "That was different."

"Yeah" Her husband concurred.

SPLECK! "Oof!"

"Woo hoo! Stank ball!"

Raven moved to smack Cyborg, but instead the ball of putrid socks were surrounded in a green aura and chucked right into Cyborg's mouth.

"Pleh! He's his mother's son alright." Said Cyborg still spitting threads out of his mouth.

Everyone broke up laughing and soon the Titans were tossing the bio hazzard all over the place. It had been a blast. God had sent a messenger and they had finally found completion in God and support in each other.

Indeed. Some good thing come from Out of this World.

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