The Youngest Titan's

Summary: The titans encounter an alien menace. These beings are worse than Slade, Brother Blood, and the Hive Five put together. With help from two twelve year-old's named Ben & Gwen they are able to defeat this menace. After a while with the titan's their greatest foe comes back, but it's not Robin he's after it. It's Ben. Join Ben & Gwen as they fights alongside the titan's to protect Jump City.

Crossover Ben 10/Teen Titan's.

Pairing's: Ben/Gwen, Star/Rob, B.B./Rae.

The Youngest Titan's

Jump City, New York; Downtown. 12:00pm

It was an unusually pitch black day in Jump City, the city that was protected by the Teen Titans. Five superheroes who dedicate their lives to fight crime and protect the city. At the moment they were fighting a new type of alien menace. Aliens from a planet of darkness known as the Sur, the aliens had come to Earth to envelope the world in total darkness. They started with Jump City but that was a big mistake. The sky was pitch black, and no light could be seen in the city.

Teen Titan's! GO!" Robin shouted as he threw several energy disks at the dark aliens.

They exploded on contact but their was no damage on any of the dark aliens.

Starfire fired a barrage of starbolts at the dark aliens, there was damage done but only a handfull were defeated. Then Cyborg fired his sonic cannon at several of the Sur, again the result was the same as Star's, only a handfull of the Sur were defeated.

The titan's were overwhelmed by the Sur and were all restrained. The titan's were about to give up when two pre-teens stepped out of hiding. One a boy and one a girl, the boy had brown hair and the girl had red hair. The boy was wearing a baggy grey T-shirt, baggy olive colored jeans, dark blue/light blue sneakers, and a hi-tech alien watch. The girl was wearing a white mini-shirt, white shorts, a white belt, white fingerless gloves, white boots, and a hi-tech alien watch.

They both activated their watches. Ben transformed into Heatblast, while Gwen was enveloped in white light.

"Need a little help," Heatblast(Ben) said as he fired several fire balls at the Sur holding the titan's captive.

Gwen formed several flare like energy balls in her hand and threw them at several other Sur.

From Ben and Gwen's attacks the Sur were taken down easily.

"Wow dudes you took down those guys easily, hey Rob' maybe we've got ourselves two new Titans recruits." BeastBoy said excitedly.

Hey you two I need to know what're your names," Robin said.

"They call me 10, Ben10." Ben said.

And I'm Gwen, but you can call me, SuperNova," Gwen said.

"Well we both know that you're the Teen Titans, and we were wondering if we could join?" Ben asked.

Well. we're gonna have to see what you can do back at the tower." Robin responded.

"Come on then what're we waitin' for," Ben said.

At that everyone headed to the tower; Ben, Gwen, B.B., and Cy: T-Car. Robin: R-Cycle. StarFire & Raven flying/levitating.

Jump City, New York; Titans Tower. 12:30pm

After they were all settled in the Titans, Gwen, and Ben were all sitting at the dinner table discussing their battle from earlier.

"Well you see I've had this watch since last summer. It's some kind of alien weapon that attaches to the dna of it's host. And then allows the host to become any of the ten alien life forms the watch gives you." Ben explained.

And well I got my watch at the end of the summer. It allows me to turn into a light energy manipulating alien. And just like Ben's it's bonded to my dna." Gwen said.

"That's some cool tech, mind if we take it for an obstacle course test drive?" Cyborg asked.

Ben & Gwen shrugged and they all walked outside towards the obstacle course.

to be continued