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What Is Right

Is it right?

It was a thought that had haunted Roku since the two members of the Water Tribe had accompanied Aang on his journey to master all four elements to defeat the Fire Lord. A part of Roku couldn't help feeling relieved; the young boy shouldn't have to travel alone, he thought.

But is it right?

Roku silently gazed into the pool, watching Aang and the young Waterbender that had captured his heart. They were sitting by a stream, quietly talking; Aang said something that made her laugh, and Roku's heart swelled with joy for the young Avatar. He was in love, and judging by the faint, rosy blush on the girl's cheeks, she returned his feelings.

But is it right?

Although the companionship of the two kept the young Avatar from being to rash, although one was his Waterbending Master, although he loved one and she possibly loved him back, a part of Roku couldn't deny that the journey might go quicker if Aang was traveling on his own.

But is it right?

Roku closed his eyes, before slowly opening them, gazing into the pool. The scene had changed now; Aang and Katara were training, but judging by the mischievous look in Aang's eyes, the training would probably soon give way to an inevitable water fight.

"What are you thinking, Roku?"

The soft voice behind him barely made Roku turn; he recognized the voice. "Avatar Kyoshi."

"I know my name, Roku, thank you for reminding me anyway. But you didn't answer my question. What are you thinking?"

Roku gently swirled his finger in the water, blurring the images of Aang and Katara. "I know they feel strongly for each other," he murmured. "But is it right?"

Kyoshi didn't ask what he meant; she knew.

"What do you believe, Roku? You are his spirit guide."

Roku hesitated, thinking. Finally, he spoke.

"Despite what the other spirits have said…. I believe it is right. Aang should not have to travel alone. He should be able to experience friendship." Kyoshi walked silently to Roku's side, gazing into the pool with him. Just as Roku had predicted, Aang and Katara were currently engaged in a water fight, laughing and shrieking.

"You believe he should be able to experience love," Kyoshi murmured, her eyes flickering to him. Roku nodded slowly, glancing up at her.


There was a moment of silence as Kyoshi mulled this over; in the rippling surface of the pool, Roku saw her smile.

"I believe it is right, as well."

The End


Originally I just had Roku in here, but then somehow Kyoshi got thrown in...

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