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Okay, that's all! I promise this is going to be as cool as World Defenders! Only without a little less violence! (damn it) Okay, this is just the prologue!

Everytime we read great books we all think "Hey, I could do this better than anyone". The question is how to do it. There are many possibilities. You could write a book, but if the editors didn't like it, it had been just a waste of time. But deep inside the whole Universe, lies a site where you can learn about fanfics, and such. That place is a school called...

Fanfiction High School

A voice came from a classroom of Crossover. There was a woman talking to another woman. They were yelling pretty hard to each other, almost screaming.

"Why did you've done this to me? I thought you were my friend!" said one of the women.

"And I'm still your friend!" said the other woman, who seemed a bit nervous, but didn't show it.

"What you've done proves hat you're not my friend!" said the woman who showed tears coming from her eyes.

"He didn't wanted to be with you, he wanted to be with me! You were locking him away from his…" the woman didn't finished what she was saying, because the last thing heard was the shot of a gun.

The woman lied in the floor, alone, her dead body showing blood. There was the mark of a bullet in her chest. The other woman runned away as quickly as possible. But there was something marked in her face. They looked like numbers…

The next morning came really fast, as the police had arrived by the night, examining the crime scene. The detective that was looking for clues was none other than Inspector Gadget. One of his gadgets, a big tube sucked a piece of fur right into a clue bag.

"We're going to need a lot of time to examine the place! It seems that the assassin was very cautious when killing this woman!" said a fat yellow skinned man name Chief Wiggum to who seemed to be the principal of the school. "Oh, and what was the victim's name?"

"This woman was one of the teachers in this school! She was called Mariah Johnson! She taught one of the three most important bases of the Fanfiction High School! She teached Crossover!" said the Principal.

"Oh yeah, since the students will arrive tomorrow, I wanted you and the other teachers to keep this down!" said Chief Wiggum, who seemed pretty serious. "Hey Lou, could you pass me the donuts? This case made me hungry!"

When the police walked away from the crime scene, the Principal and the teachers were back to the school, ready to prepare things for tomorrow. The principal got back to his office, and murmured something to himself.

"I know about the incompetence of the police! They won't handle this case! I need the help of someone, but from who?" asked himself, as time floated by.

Ok, finally finished. I'm gong to warn to not to expect much action, only high school action and romance, and such. Ok, review away.