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Fanfiction High School

The truth is out there

The students looked at the figures. They were none other than famous duellists. The first one to catch the students' attention was a purple-yellow spiky-haired kid, with a chain around his neck, with a pyramid. He was none other than Yugi Mouto. The second one was a blonde haired kid named Joey Wheeler. Finally, the third one was a black and white spiky-haired kid named Shobu Kirifuda.

"Many of you might be wondering who we are! We're called the Master Duellists, and we're here to teach you all the art of a Duel! It's officially opened the Duel Club!" said Yugi.

"We can teach you Duel Monsters and Duel Masters! Just join the Duel Club! It's free for this school's students!" said Shobu.

"So if ya kids wanna kick some other duellists' butt, just join our club" finished Joey.

The three of them walked out of the cafeteria. Everyone went silent. Finally, they talked about the Duel Club.

"Of course I'm gonna join the club! Not only because it's free, but… well, mostly it's because it's free!" said Fireblade to Tony.

"Wow, having the King of Kings, the Kaijudo Master and the Legendary Wheeler as my teachers of Duel… I CAN'T MISS THIS GODDAMN OPPURTUNITY!" yelled Alter to Squirt's ears.

Squirt's years were ringing from that loud scream.

"PUMUNTA KA SA IMPYERNO!" said Squirt to Alter's ears.

"VAI TU ARDER NO INFERNO!" said Alter to Squirt.

They were both arguing really hard.

"Hey Darth, Tiny, could I talk to you in private?" asked Neros to Tinyrocket and Darth Ben Valor, who nodded.

The three went to the outside of the school, since they had a break. They then got to Fiction Town.

"Look, you two are my best friends, and I need your help!" said Neros to them, while the three of them entered in the Weapon Shop. Then, the owner of the shop, Elmer Fudd appeared.

"What would you thwee kids want?" asked Elmer, and then Joey appeared. "Hey kid, could you wait a second, pwease?"

"No prob, Elmer!" said Joey, and then he recognized the three kids. "Hey I know you three! You were at the Cafeteria when I entered with Yugi and Shobu!"

"Yeah, kind of! You're Joey, right?" asked Neros.

"Ya damn right I am! Are you thinking of joining Duel Club?" asked Joey, interested.

"Sort of, but how do we join?" asked Tiny.

"Jut sign our contract, and you'll be with us in no time!" said Joey.

Neros, Darth and Tiny were now walking out of the shop, while Joey was behind them. When Joey was about to leave the shop, Elmer pointed a Bazooka to him.

"You're not gonna steal my customers anymowe, am I clear?" said Elmer, and Joey slowly nodded.

At another part of the town, Fireblade was buying a deck of Duel Monsters cards, and a deck of Duel Masters cards. She then saw many powerful cards in her deck, and saw another card called Toon World.

"Toon World? What is this? Better ask Yugi!" said Fireblade, as she returned to school.

She then saw David, Seth and Arias whispering something. They entered in a bar called Time Beer. She decided to follow them, and hided herself behind an Arcade. They were now talking more silently.

"If the town knows what happened, then this town really knows how to disguise it! What the heck happened here?" asked Seth, really angry.

"I have a plan! At night, we shall see the Principal's diary. I know he wrote the secret in the diary!" said Arias.

"Looks like a good plan, but we don't know if the principal has a diary!" said David.

"I know that he has, because I saw him writing in a book, and he locked the book with a locker!" said Arias.

"Well then, Saturday night we go for the diary!" said Seth.

Fireblade had heard everything, and was now thinking about what they were doing.

"So the school is hiding a secret from the students, hum? Very interesting… very, very interesting…!" said Fireblade. "To know the secret myself, I'll have to secretly help them, so they don't get into trouble!"

Fireblade then got out of the bar. They then saw her getting out of the bar.

"Wasn't that Fireblade? It looked like her!" said Seth.

"Well, it should've been someone else! No one knows we're here!" said David. "We should get also back to school, it's almost time for our last class!"

At another part of the town were Alter, Orange Sora and Dr.Dude. They were talking about their fictions.

"My fictions are way better than your crappy stories!" said Alter to Dr.Dude.

"Oh yeah, well I've got more ideas than you, which means that the crappy stories are your fictions, not mine!" said Dr.Dude to Alter.

"Oh come on, you two! Everyone knows that my stories rule yours!" said Orange Sora.

Everyone started fighting, until they saw a graveyard. They looked back, and saw that their fight brought them to then end of the town. They red a sign saying "No-Return Hills". The famous place that protected the Graveyard from any kind of Grave robbers. They looked at the Graveyard. They entered in it, and saw many graves of famous people. One of them had a name. The name was Mariah Johnson. There was a picture of her in the grave.

"She was a beautiful woman! Even prettier than that OneShot teacher!" said Orange Sora, smiling.

Suddenly, they saw that her last job was written in the grave. They looked at it, but suddenly they heard a voice from the entrance of the graveyard. It was an old man with a grey moustache, a farmer suit and a shotgun. He was aiming his shotgun to the boys, and they stayed silently, looking at the man.

"What are you kids doing here? Do I need to blow up your head?" yelled the man, and the three boys just runned away to the town.

The man then walked to the grave of the woman the three boys were seeing, and tears ran from his eyes.

"If you were still here… God, why did you had to go, instead of me?" said the man, crying really hard.

At Fiction Town, everything was silent. The students had returned to school. Squirt and Tony were now in the classroom of their last class, waiting for the teacher and the rest of their fiends to arrive. Squirt then looked at the desk.

"Hey Tony, why don't we check out the teacher's desk?" asked Squirt to Tony.

A minute later, they opened the desk, and found a Love Letter.

"Great, the teacher's a maniac who's in love with somebody!" said Tony. "It's directed to… Mariah Johnson?"

To Be Continued

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