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It was some ours after the beta shift when Spock came into Dr. McCoy's office. That alone was an occurrence but what set of the doctor's alarm was that the vulcan was pale. Not just a to-less-sleep-pale, but an about-to-keel-over-pale.

"Spock what is it?" he asked concerned. God might know what the stupid elf had done to himself this time. He couldn't count the many times he was in sickbay and mumbled about some 'fascinating experiment'.

Said vulcan hadn't sat down, but was pacing slowly in front of McCoy's desk. The CMO didn't say anymore, but waited for his crewmate to begin at his own pace, while trying to appear calm and reassuring.

"I dream about you, doctor."

"Uh?" was the surprised answer. What the heck did he miss?

"I dream about you, doctor" repeated Spock, his voice unusually tight, like he was trying to hide that he felt uncomfortable.

"So? I dreamt about you, too. I even dreamt about a white bunny with pink dots once." McCoy replied tiredly. It had been a long day and as much as he l.. liked! Spock, he was not in the mood to hear about vulcans not dreaming or something along these lines.


McCoy sighed – it seemed he was not getting out of this one. Had it been anybody else, he'd kicked them out, but it wasn't anybody else. It was Spock. So he sat back and asked: "All right. What did you dream about? It is not unusual to dream about other people, Spock. Your mother is human, you know?"

What came next, made the doctor question his own sanity: "These dreams are sexual in nature."

"Oh." Spock was having sex-dreams about HIM? He'd never imaged that Spock would even consider to think of him in such a way. But surely this didn't mean… No, it couldn't! Spock was obviously deeply worried about these dreams.

"Oh- indeed."

"Listen. That shouldn't bother you. We're practically sitting on each other in this tin. There's nothing unusual about it. Your vulcan control can get you only so for." He tried to reassure the vulcan. Man he could understand to well, how he must be feeling. When he had noticed he woe up with a wet stomach more and more often, after dreaming about S…someone, he had been scared out of his mind.

But then Spock managed: "I fantasised about you."



"Are you saying you had wet dreams and masturbated thinking about me?"

In a voice, so small the CMO was barely able to hear it, Spock answered: "Yes"



"Why are you telling me, Spock?"

"I experienced difficulties concentrating. I seem unable to stop thinking about you, doctor… I need you to tell me that these thoughts are ridiculous, so I might be able to cope."

"Oh my… Spock, are you telling me, that you're in love with me?"

Spock just nodded, unable to meet the doctor's eyes.

'God' he thought. "Look at me! Spock?... Please." McCoy begged.

Reluctantly Spock raised his head and looked in the CMO's eyes: "Leonard?"

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