A month has passed since Matt was kidnapped and T.K saved him. Unknown to them, that they were going to be needed in the Digital World again.

The good doctor Joe Kido was working at the hospital, talking to one of his patients. Ray Duro, the man who was paralyzed from the chest down.

"You're looking well today, Ray," Joe said, checking the monitor.

"That's because I'm still so grateful to you, doc," Ray said, unable to move anything but his neck, he slightly turned his head. "If it weren't for you, I wouldn't be laying here talking to you right now. I know that I'm not whole, but I'm still alive. Life is a wonderful thing."

"Yes it is," Joe agreed, "and it is my job to preserve it the best I can." With a smile, he left to continue his rounds.

He went to his office and sat down in his chair. He pulled out the top drawer and pulled out a small box. "Life is even better when you have something special in it," he said to himself. He opened it to see a diamond engagement ring.

Sally opened the door and acted like she was hurt again. Joe placed the box back and stood up, this time playing along.

"Oh doctor, doctor," Sally said in her playful voice, turning around and putting her hands on the door. "I need your help," Sally laughed. She wore a gray pantsuit, must've gotten right off work.

"That's what I'm here for," Joe walked up, turned her around. "What's the problem?" he said, checking her face and hands.

"Gee, doctor, I feel better now," she leaned over and grinned, "must be your healing touch.

Joe led her to his desk and she sat down on it and crossed his legs as he sat in the chair. She tenderly rubbed his cheek.

"So, how was your day, sweetie?" she asked.

"Not bad," he replied, taking her hand. "Glad you're here. I have something I want to show you."

"What is it?" her face lit up.

He opened the drawer, "I wanted this to be a surprise, but since you're here, I'll give it to you now." He said, taking out the small velvet box. "Open it."

Sally gasped when she saw the box. She knew what it was. With trembling hands, she took it and opened it slowly. Tears filled her emerald eyes. "This," she mumbled in a short whisper, reaching her hand to take off her glasses and wipe the tears away, "this is an engagement ring." She put her silver-wire rimmed frames back on her face.

"Yes," Joe said with a grin, "at least that's what the guy at the jewelry store said. "You've got healthy, perfect hands, I know it will suit your finger fine." He took the box and slid the ring on her finger. "Well, Sally Mezmuchi, will you marry me and make me the happiest doctor on earth?" He held on to her hand tightly.

Sally swallowed, looking at the ring on her finger. She nodded and said, "Yes, Doctor Kido. Oh yes!"

They leaned forward to kiss each other and as they did, the ground began to shake violently. "Oh my gosh!" Sally yelled, "either that was some kiss, or it's an earthquake!"

"Quick, under my desk!" Joe said, pulling her down and taking her in her arms. "Don't worry, it'll pass. This isn't the first earthquake and certainly won't be the last." His crest of reliability began to glow a little bit.

All around Odaiba, everyone felt the giant earthquake.

"Tai, it's an earthquake!" Sora cried.

"Under the table!" he ordered, pulling her and their newborn child, Felicia under it. "Man, this is a terrible one!"

"Honey, do you feel that?" Mimi demanded, "It's an earthquake!"

"A big one too, take shelter under the table." Matt said, leading her to table they kneeled under it. "It'll pass, hold on."

"Oh dear, it's an earthquake!" Dawn shouted, crawling under her desk.

"I've never been in an earthquake like this before!" Izzy shouted too, crawling under his own desk.

"T.K," Kari shouted, huddling under the table, "I'm scared!"

"So am I!" T.K muttered, holding her close. "Just hold on to me and everything will be all right."

The earthquake was strong. It lasted for twenty minutes. Everyone was screaming, holding their heads and taking shelter under tables and in the doorways. When it was over, everyone stumbled out of their shelters in disbelief.

"Are you all right, Sally?" Joe asked, looking down at her face.

Shaking, she looked up at him. "I-I think so." She hugged him tightly.

He hugged her back in return. "That was some earthquake. I just hope everyone's all right…Oh no…My patients!" He crawled out from under the desk and ran to check on his patients. Sally was right behind him.

He went to Ray's room first and found him dead. Joe frowned in confusion and disappointment. "He was my favorite patient," he said, his hands on the bed railing. He looked around the room and saw things toppled over and windows broken.

"You're not supposed to show favoritism!" Sally elbowed him in the ribs.

"He taught me about life…Just laying here, unable to move anything below his chest." Joe sniffed and closed Ray's eyes with his fingertips, "This is the part of my job I hate."

"Hey, you're still a great doctor," she placed her hand on his shoulder and leaned against his back, "These things happen. Think of it this way, Ray's not suffering anymore. I'm sure he's in a better place."

Joe's cell phone began ringing and he answered it to hear Izzy's voice.

"There's trouble, meet us in the park and bring Sally with you!" Izzy shouted, his voice full of frightfulness

"Izzy, what's the matter?" Joe asked, but Izzy already hung up.

"Come," Joe said, taking her hand. "I didn't like the sound of Izzy's voice."

They reached the park and found everyone standing around. Tai had his hands on Sora's shoulders. They knew there was something important going on so they left Felicia at Tai's parent's. Matt was holding Mimi, who was still in shock. T.K held Kari by the waist. Dawn was sitting on a picnic bench with her head in her hands and Izzy was stroking her hair. Sally noticed a diamond ring on her finger.

"Okay Izzy," Tai said, clearing his throat, "what is this all about? Does this have something to do with the earthquake."

"Email from Gennai." Izzy kept stroking Dawn's hair. "He's dying and the digiworld is danger."

"What kind of danger?" Kari asked.

"Seems like they felt the earthquake too and not only that, an alien force has taken over the digiworld. He says that's there 2 other crests that belong to 2 new digidestined."

"Who?" Tai asked, "who could be a digidestined?"

"I know that I'm one of them," Dawn said, raising her head, revealing tears straining down her face, "I'm a digidestined, I-I remember."

"That's impossible!" Matt shouted.

"No it isn't, just listen to her Matt," Izzy persuaded.

"I used to live in Highton View Terrace. I remember feeling a slight rumble and I heard noises. When I looked outside my window, I saw two big monsters fighting each other."

"What?" Sally demanded, "Monsters? No, no, they were terrorist bombings."

"You remember, don't you cousin Sally?" Dawn asked. "You were staying at my house for a while when your parents were away."

"I didn't know you two were cousins!" Izzy gasped. He looked at Joe, who was also shocked, "Did you know?"

"No!" Joe exchanged his gaze to Sally, "why didn't you tell me?"

Sally shrugged, "I dunno…sorry."

"Well, we are," Dawn said. "I also moved away from Highton View Terrace to Odabai because of it."

"Dawn, why didn't you come to summer camp?" Izzy asked. "That's how we all got to the Digiworld."

"Except me," Kari said, "I had a cold."

"Then we came for you when we learned there was another digidestined." Tai announced.

"Dawn and I were too busy," Sally explained. "She had summer school and I had a summer job. We also had a family vacation."

"Yeah and we don't like camping much anyway." Dawn revealed. "Bug bites, you know!"

"So, we're supposed to be these digidestined?" Sally asked. "Could someone please explain this to me?"

"You don't remember?" Dawn demanded, "Sally, you were talking pictures of them!"

"Wait…I do remember something like that," Sally said, sitting down next to her. "A big orange dinosaur thing and a giant parrot. I ran outside for a closer look and one of them, the orange dinosaur, looked at me." Sally shrugged, "I wasn't scared of him, I had a feeling that he was a good monster, even though he was making a total mess!"

"That was Greymon," Tai explained, "When I was maybe seven and Kari was five, we met a Koromon and then it Digivolved into Greymon."

"That's right, Tai," Kari said, "That's how I remembered Koromon."

"I also remember a time when we were held hostage at the convention center," Sally said, "I'm starting to remember now."

"Myotismon was looking for the 8th child," Kari said, "That was me."

"And you were very angry at those ghost-like things holding us hostage," Dawn said, "Remember? You started yelling at one to let us go? You were very determined to get out of there!"

"Oh, yeah, I remember now!" Sally changed the subject and took her cousin's hand, "now, would you tell me what this is?"

"Oh, Izzy proposed to me before the earthquake. Isn't this wonderful?"

"What timing, Joe did too!" they compared their rings as Joe and Izzy exchanged glances and shook their heads.

"Well, let's get going, shall we?" Izzy said, "a dying man is waiting for us."

Hoping to see the digiworld as the first time they saw it, beautiful and amazing, they found old ruins, dark and scary. Like the time when they came back from Myotismon's death and when they came to save Kari. Their digimon weren't there waiting for them either.

"This is weird," Tai said. "Everything's falling apart."

"We'd better get to Gennai," Joe suggested, "If he's dying, we can't wait."

"Yeah, let's go," Tai agreed. "He'll probably tell us what happened here." They hiked to Gennai's home. His home looked the same as ever.

"Gennai, it's us!" T.K shouted. "Is everything all right?" He went inside and found Gennai laying in his bead, close to death, in his last moment of life. "Oh no!"

Everyone gathered up behind T.K "Speak to us!" Tai urged, "What happened, where are the crests?"

"You've brought the new digidestined with you?" Gennai asked wearily.

"That's us," Dawn said. "Dawn Lynn and Sally Mezmuchi at your service!"

"I have something for you," he pointed to his dresser, two crests in yellow tags and two digivices laid on top of it. "Dawn, you have faith in all your friends and you believe in them. You trust others and so you will be the holder of the Crest of Faith."

A white crest with a thunderbolt in the middle, floated up to Dawn and she grasped it. "The Crest of Faith," she put it around her neck. She walked to the dresser to receive her digivice.

Sally walked to the dresser and picked up the other crest and digivice. She placed the crest around her head and looked at it. It was brown with a flame in the middle. "And my crest?"

"You hold the Crest of Ambition." Gennai said. "You never give up on anything. You always give your best shot. The Crest of Ambition best suits you."

"What about their digimon?" Joe asked. "And where is our digimon?"

"Here we are!" Gomamon shouted, walking up to greet his partner. He climbed up on Joe and rested on his shoulders. "Thought you'd never see us again? I'm surprised at you, Joe!"

"Oh, what a cute little seal, or otter or, whatever he's supposed to be!" Sally rubbed Gomamon's head. "Hi, I'm Sally!"

"This is Gomamon," Joe explained. "He's my digimon!"

Patamon floated to T.K and sat on his head. He covered T.K's eyes with his wings and said, "Guess who!"

T.K laughed and gasped, reaching his hands upon his head and lifting his digimon up. "Patamon!"

The rest of their digimon came walking through. Sally and Dawn exchanged glances. "Don't we have digimon?" Sally asked.

Just then, two new rookie-formed digimon walked through. A tan small goat with white spots and little horns and a white lizard the size of a baby Komodo Dragon (a Komodo dragon is the biggest lizard on earth, next to alligators). "That's us!" the first digimon said. "I'm Grazemon. I belong to Sally."

"A goat, huh?" Sally chuckled, "my digimon's a goat?"

Grazemon walked to her and sat next to her feet. "You're complaining?"

"Oh, no!" Sally shook her head, "Just surprised." She picked her up, "you'll do just fine!"

"Well, I guess your mine!" Dawn kneeled to her digimon, "I love lizards! I used to own a gecko." Picking her up, she turned to the others, "You know that when they loose a tail, it grows back?"

"I'm Lizardmon," the white lizard said. "I'm glad you like me!"

"Digidestined, my time is short," Gennai said, "I must speak to you."

Joe walked to his bedside, taking his stethoscope off from around his neck to listen to Gennai's heart, "It's slowing down. Gennai, what happened? Did you have a heart attack? Why is the digiworld falling apart again?"

"How many times must we save the digiworld?!" Mimi complained.

"Shhh!" everyone shushed her.

"I'm dying, kids," Gennai said. "So is the digiworld."

"You say that it isn't an evil digimon causing the problem." Izzy said. "But it's--it's aliens?"

"Yes, aliens," Gennai's voice was softer, "but there's still evil digimon running around here."

"What about good digimon?" Tai demanded, "there's got to be some left!"

"Not much, I'm afraid," Gennai wheezed, "Lizardmon and Grazemon are the strongest good digimon left. There may be more good digimon left, but not many. Most of the good digimon were put under a spell to follow the aliens."

"Black Gears?" Izzy guessed.

"I'm afraid it's not as simple as that, Izzy. We're not dealing with Devimon or any other evil digimon. We're against aliens. I have no idea how they found the digiworld but I know they are here to destroy it."

Before their eyes, Gennai died in front of the digidestined. Like before, Joe closed Gennai's eyes as he did Ray's. "This is enough," Joe muttered, "two people have already died because of this."

"Dammit!" Tai swore, "I hate this!" He punched a wall in anger.

"We don't even know where to begin, Tai," Sora fretted. "Do we just walk around and look for the aliens?"

"Actually, they find us!" T.K laughed, "the evil digimon always finds us before we find them!"

"Let's get out of here and search for Leomon, Andromon, somebody!" Tai ordered.

"Yeah, let's go!" Agumon agreed, "isn't that what we Digimon are for?"