"We did it, people!" Tai jumped up, throwing his arms up in the air.

"Well done, Digidestined," a voice said.

"It's, it's Gennai!" Tai took a step forward, "Look!"

Gennai stood above them in the air with his palms forward, "Again you saved our world, but this will be the last time you'll see it again."

"Why?" Sora asked, "what's happening?"

"The world is too damaged to go on," Gennai explained, "It will destroy itself in a matter a time. Your digimon have one last digivolution."

"Another one?" Izzy gasped, "What is it, a Super Level?"

"No, Izzy," Gennai shook his head, "Human."

Patamon and Gatomon exchanged glances. "Human," they both whispered to each other.

"You must return to your home on Earth and you are linked with your digimon. They won't be able to stay here so they will go with you in a new form." Gennai waved his hands over the digimon, starting with Agumon, first, followed by Gabumon, and so on, "They will be come human, like you."

Agumon took the form of Wargreymon for a short time. His tail shrank, his snout shrank into a pointed nose and his helmet disappeared. He was about 6'8" and he had rippling muscles all over. He had orange hair that came about mid-neck. He had an excellent tan. He wore an orange jumpsuit, which made him look like an inmate of a prison.


"Agumon?" Tai was astonished, "What should I call you now?" He looked him over, his muscles made him look like the weight lifter Arnold Swartzeneger "How about Arnold?" (Say it with me people, Ah-nold!) He had Tai's crest symbol, courage, tattooed on his rippling arm.

"I like it!" He picked up Tai in a giant bear hug, unaware that he was almost crushing his ribs.

"Too tight!" Tai wheezed.

Gabumon's fur fell to his feet, his claws turned into fingers. His fur was gone, but his wolf-like looks remained. He became tall and agile, almost like an acrobat. He folded his arms around his chest, he wore the same jeans he did as before. His chest was bare and revealed some tiny hairs on his chest. He grew blue hair that was the same length as Arnold's. and the symbol that was on Gabumon's stomach was on his chest. He rubbed his arms, Matt's crest symbol of friendship was tattooed on his arm, like Greymons, or shall we say, Arnold?

"Gabumon, you look…good." Matt gasped.

Gabumon rubbed his arms, "My fur…I'm, I'm naked!!"

"I used to think you would look funny without your fur!" Matt laughed, "Well, I guess we can call you Gary now."

Biyomon's beak was replaced with a human's lips and nose. Her feathers replaced with skin, her wings disappeared as she grew to be Sora's size Her long blond hair from her Ultimate level twirled around as a red dress with one shoulder strap appeared on her. She was barefoot and Sora's crest symbol, love, appeared on her ankle. She turned to see Sora crying.

"Bioymon!," Sora said, walking to her, "Biyomon!" She hugged her.

"Sora," Biyomon hugged her back, "I can't fly anymore."

"That's okay, we've got airplanes on Earth!" Stepped back, she said, "since you can't go by Biyomon in the real world, we'll call you Birdie, how does that sound?"

"Thanks," she smiled, "Sounds good Sora." Birdie turned to Agumon, who was now Arnold. They smiled at each other.

Now it was Tentomon's turn. He changed from a gigantic bug to man. The crest symbol, knowledge appeared on his arm. He grew blond hair and his beady colorful eyes changed to violet. He wore a dark purple suit, similar to what Izzy wears to work!

"Well, Izzy what do you think?" Tentomon asked, looking himself over.

"Prodigous!" Izzy slapped him a high five, "We'll call you Keith!"

Dawn raised an eyebrow, "Pro-digi-wha?"

As Gomamon became human, his red mohawk remained. Only it was longer and thicker, it came between his shoulder blades and it spread across his head more. The symbol of reliability appeared on his arm and he wore a gray tank top and gray shorts. He looked like a lifeguard, all he needed now was sunglasses and binoculars!

"Joe!" acting like he always did, Gomamon jumped on his back, almost making him fall forward.

"Careful Gomamon, you're bigger now!" Joe made him get off his back, took his pulse, "Gee Gomamon, your pulse seems stronger now when you're human than when you were a digimon, let me check your teeth and your eyes and…"

As he was being poked and prod, Gomamon said, "am I going to be called Gomamon during my new life at earth or are you going to give me a name?"

"oh, ummm," Joe thought for a moment, "how does Greg sound?"

"Sounds cool, hey, you think I'll still be a good swimmer in this form?"

"Gom-Greg, you used to spend hours in the water," Joe looked up from checking his teeth, "I'm sure you will do that as a human."

Palamon grew to the size of he ultimate level, Lilymon. Her roots changed to legs, feet and toes, her vines to arms, hands and fingers. Her green eyes flickered. She looked just like Lilymon, except her hair wasn't made out of flowers and plants. It was real golden hair. Although, she did have a lily tucked in her hair. Like Birdie's, she had the crest symbol on her ankle: Sincerity. She was also barefoot. She wore a green sparkly dress similar to Birdie's. It had a turtleneck. Palamon didn't have to wear perfume to smell like flowers, she used to be one! She smelt like all flowers.

"Palamon!" Mimi gave her a hug and urged her to spin around. "I love that dress! I should have these at my store!"

Palamon laughed, "sure, Mimi, just call me Lilly!"

"Hey, it works!" Mimi touched the Lily and brought out her compact mirror, "look how beautiful you are, Lily!"

Lily smiled at her reflection. Mimi then gave the mirror to Sora to show to Birdie so she knows what a beautiful human she became. Lilly winked at her digimon lover, who was now, Gary. He blushed and waved at her.

Patamon's new human form looked the same as Angemon, except he didn't wear his helmet. The clothes he wore as Angemon was replaced with a yellow tank top and blue shorts. He was dressed somewhat the same way T.K dressed as a teenager. The symbol of hope was tattooed to his arm. His blond hair swayed side to side behind him as it came down to his back.

"All right Patamon!" T.K slapped him in the back. "You look just like the way you do when you're Angemon, except you don't have that helmet on…how on earth did you ever see with that thing on?"

"Magic," Patamon replied. He smiled and exchanged his gaze to Gatomon. She was going to changed next and he couldn't wait.

"We'll call you Adam, for now on," T.K wrapped his arm around his shoulders.

"Adam, huh, I like the sound of that.

"You're turn, Gatomon." Kari said.

Gatomon took the stage of Angewomon. Like Patamon, his helmet was gone so her sapphire blue eyes glimmered. Her golden hair was so beautiful as she changed into a human. Her skin was fair. She was barefoot too and the symbol of light appeared on her ankle. A simple pink dress that came just past her knees appeared on her, the sleeves came to her elbows. She looked down at herself and felt her face and her hair.

Sensing Gatomon's feelings, Kari asked for the mirror Sora and Mimi were using and showed Gatomon her reflection. "Gatomon, you look wonderful."

"I'm, I'm human!" Gatomon beamed.

"You look like an angel…What am I saying," Kari laughed, "you digivolved into an angel!"

"What will you call me now, Kari?"

"Angelica, I think it suits you fine."

"Angelica," she turned to Patamon, now Adam and wrapped her arms around his neck. She had to touch him.

Kari and T.K looked at each other for a moment. "T.K," Kari whispered. "I think our digimon are in love!"

Lizardmon had the same face and hair as he did when she was Garamon, only her hair was tied in a braid. The symbol of faith on her ankle. Like Gatomon, her skin was also very fair. She wore a white lacy shirt with a purple skirt.

"Hi, Dawn," Lizardmon said. "Do I look like a real human?"

"I'd say so!" Dawn laughed, "I think we'll call you Liz."

Grazemon took her Faunamon stage, her goat legs turned into a woman's and khaki shorts were placed on her. She wore a black midriff top and her pointed ears became more rounded. The symbol of ambition on her ankle. "Not bad," Faunamon said, looking at her legs and touching her khakis.

"Not bad at all…Alison," Sally agreed, "Not bad at all."

"The Digiworld will self distruct in five minutes, time for you to go back home," Gennai ordered, stretching his hand forth to open a portal to earth.

"What about our crests and digivices?" Tai asked, "with out our digimon, what use are they to us."

"Keep them, their your momentous from the Digiworld." With that, Gennai disappeared.

Tai walked to the portal and looked back at digiworld, "Goodbye digiworld…come on, let's go home."

Izzy and Dawn had their wedding on the same day as Joe and Sally's. The digimon were there too and they found it confusing what weddings were. Especially Tentomon and Gomamon, now Keith and Greg, since they were asked to be the best man! They felt odd being humans and being away from their home, knowing that they'll never go back to digiworld again. But they could count on one thing, they were still inseparable with their digidestined companions. As they were with each other.

"Dawn and Sally are about to throw their bouquets!!" Mimi announced, "all the young unwedded girls, get over there!"

Kari came up and looked back to see Angelica standing by the wall. She doesn't know what it means to catch the bouquet. Lily, Birdie and the other digimon who were in human form. Kari grabbed them, "come on, all you have to do is catch the bouquet!"

"What's the point of catching a bouquet?" Angelica asked.

"Whoever catches the bouquet will get married next. It's just tradition."

Sally was going to throw the bouquet first, "here it comes!" she threw it and Kari jumped up and caught it.

"See, easy!" Kari said, smelling the flowers, "you try, Angelica."

Dawn raised her bouquet over her head and threw the bouquet…which landed in Angelica's hands!

"I, I caught it!" Angelica gasped, "Oh my goodness!"

T.K walked behind Kari and wrapped his arms around her, "Perfect timing Kari, I guess there's no since in waiting to give you this." He took out a diamond ring and slid it on her finger. "Well?"

"T.K, you know I will!" she kissed him.

Adam walked to T.K, "what's with the ring, T.K?"

"A ring is a symbol of love," T.K explained, "you give it to the girl you want to marry. It's a token of your love for her."

Adam frowned, he had no ring. turned to Angelica and held took her hand, "I have no token to give you, but I love you just the same."

T.K smiled, "Jewelry stores sell engagement rings Adam. I can help you pick one out."

"I guess there's a lot to learn about this world." Adam said honestly. "It's so different from the digital world."

"And you have the rest of your lives to learn about it," T.K said.

The digidestined and their digimon-humans set at a large table in a private room for dinner while the other guests ate in another the dining hall. Tai stood up and tapped his glass with his spoon.

"I want to make a toast," Tai announced.

"Can I have mine with grape jelly?" Arnold asked.

Tai laughed, "Not that kind of toast, silly." He shook his head, "I want to wish the good doctor Joe Kido and his new bride, Sally a happy life together. The same for Izzy and Dawn."

Everyone lifted their glasses, ready to click them together, when Tai announced he wasn't finished. "Hold on, as leader of this group, I just want to say," Tai got a little teary-eyed, "I want to thank Agumon for protecting me and being my friend, I want to thank the lost digimon of digiworld who waited for us to save their world. I want to thank all of you, for your strength and your attributes which kept us saving digiworld and ours. I know that our digimon are humans now, they must feel awkard, but this is our time to be your digimon. You will live new lives and seek out new things. I know you miss your home, but you should have fun at Earth here. A great thanks to Gennai, the great man who saved our tags and our digieggs from Piedmon, Wizardmon who took the blast from Myotismon to save Gatomon and Kari. To a lost world, a world were we had a new adventure everyday. To digiworld, our home, from home."

Everyone was silent, smiled at Tai as he stood there holding his glass. They clapped at his amazing speech and lifted their glasses and clicked them together and took small swallows. "To Digiworld," they said through tears of happiness as much as sorrow. "To Digiworld."