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"Alexander." The whispered voice echoed through the darkness after an eternity of silence.

For an agonizing moment 'Alexander' analyzed the signal before sending it to the only other person he had been in contact with for the last two centuries.

Xander blinked as the signal was piped through the speakers. "Alexander is that what I think it is?" Xander asked in shock as the message replayed itself.

"That is affirmative Xander, that was a Commonwealth High guard command recall, Signal ident confirms sender as the 'Shining Path to Truth and Knowledge' AI model GRA 112, serial number XMC-10-182." Alexander said before nodding at the shocked look on Xander's face.

""That's the Andromeda." Lex said from the one screen Xander could see from his position.

Thinking about it Xander finally nodded as well as he could. "Alright, it seems we have a Highguard commander out there and a sistership that may be in need of help." Xander said before coming to a decision. "Set course for Rendezvous and send sig-int informing Andromeda we will be there." Xander said to Lex as the image blinked away to do what it could. Turning his gaze to the speaker Xander sighed. "Alexander, patch me into C&C and initiate subroutine one-fifteen mark three." Xander said as the massive engines started to burn what little fuel remained on their way to the slipstream.

"Are you sure you're ready for this?" Lex asked as he came back from his assigned task

"You've never done this before, Perhaps it would be better to send Sig-int and wait for the Andromeda's arrival." Alexander said as Lex nodded in agreement.

Xander shook his head at the thought, "We don't know Andromeda's situation, she may be in deeper need of repairs than us and for all we know she doesn't have a clue as to what's going on in the galaxy." Xander reminded them before nodding to Lex. "Let's get there and find out what we have to work with."

As the massive ship moved into the slipstream point Xander felt the program take effect as it rerouted his awareness into the ships pilot seat.

Getting accustomed to the new form, Xander used the forward sensors to lock on to the slip point before shaking his head in disbelief. "Get ready gang, this is gonna be rough."

With a quick pulse of energy the Commonwealth Glorious Heritage class heavy cruiser 'Alexander' entered Slipstream.


The Andromeda Ascendant was NOT having a good day.

She had arrived at the Assembly location safely only to fall into an energy net that knocked most of her guns offline, the few Point Defense Guns she had left were currently busy attempting to keep the pirate fleet away in hopes her crew could get her back up and running before the pirates managed to get close enough to drop a boarding pod.

The Holographic representation flickered to life aboard the bridge as the crew scrambled about their tasks with a frenzy only the prospect of death could work in them.

"Captain, incoming transmission." Andromeda said as the captain pulled his head out from under the console he had been working on.

"Tell that Drago-Kazov scum he isn't getting his hands on you without a fight." Dylan growled before Andromeda cut him off.

"Captain the message did not originate from the Pirates." Andromeda said as the crew stopped their work to stare at her in confusion.

"Who sent the message then?" Beka asked as they all nodded at the question.

"It came from a slipstream point in sector four four mark one, it says… Yippy-Ki-Yay."

Dylan blinked in shock as the words sunk in before finally getting control of his voice again. "Andromeda send a widespread signal of our EXACT location along with locations of the enemy, everyone… brace for this."

An object exiting slipstream requires massive amounts of energy to slow itself to below the speed of light (Or it would appear to take several days just for a ship to exit slipstream.) usually a ship slows to a near stop to keep from running into other Ships/Planets/asteroids or other space born objects.

In the history of the Commonwealth there have been only five ships that pulled a successful .C translation.

The 'Alexander' had perfected the tactic into an art form.

The first warning the pirates had that a new player was on the field came with the near simultaneous destruction of nearly a dozen of their battleships.

When two of their War-Wagons seemed to disintegrate they figured out it was a Big player.

Three seconds after the War-Wagons were destroyed they finally saw their attacker on the scanners, Fifteen seconds later the survivors of the pirate fleet managed to make it to slipstream.

"Twenty-Seven seconds." Harper whispered in shock as everyone stared at the debris cloud that had been threatening their lives less than half a minute earlier.

"Rommie, hail the Alexander and give them my thanks for the timely save." Dylan said with a smile before looking back at his crew. "Let's get Andromeda's systems back up and running and prepare to receive guests."

"Captain, Alexander reports energy at critical levels, emergency Anti-Protons were exhausted by the AP cannons, He's going to attempt a Solar Burn off but reports he's going to have to go to standby when he returns to a safe velocity." Andromeda reported.

Watching the vessel use friction from this system's sun to decelerate, Dylan grimaced at the thought of going into combat with energy levels at that critical state. "On second thought, let's get Andromeda up and running and go rescue our savior."


Xander's vision returned to him as he looked into the face he thought lost centuries ago. "Rommie… you look taller."

The avatar for the Andromeda Ascendant looked at the bodiless head of her counterpart's avatar before picking Xander's head up carefully. "What in the designer's name happened to you?" she demanded then looked at the piled bodies surrounding them. "And where did all these Nietzscheans come from."

Xander blinked at her for a moment before taking a useless breath. "Well Rommie, when a Nietzschean female REALLY likes a Nietzschean Male." He trailed off at the glare she sent his way before looking at the gathered bodies on the deck. "Well in truth they where a bit more lively when they made it onboard… but after jumping them into a Rad-Cloud and dropping the shields they settled down fast enough, Fried my Ram-Scoop but personally I think it was worth it." He said before glancing back at her. "How did your find me in all this anyways?"

"You were mumbling about rubber chickens in your stand-by mode." Andromeda responded as she looked around the broken and lifeless bridge. "Where's your Pilot? I need to get them back to me and see if I can revive them."

"I'm the pilot. Our original one kinda got dead when the Nietzscheans attacked and then they became an endangered species around here and then… nothing, for two hundred years, nothing. It was very boring, So Alexander rigged up a Dim-World called Sunnydale and I spent a couple of lifetimes learning how humans get this… Gut feeling that allows them to pilot in slipstream." He said as Andromeda stared at him in shock. "Anyways I've been training as a pilot and when I got your signal we came running, forward probe reported your distress and we made our .C Translation."

"Alexander." Rommie said before she was interrupted by the head.

"Xander. I'm Xander, the Ship's AI is Alexander and the monitors are Lex." Xander explained

Nodding in understanding, Rommie walked back towards the Maru. "Lets keep your ability to pilot yourself our little secret, just tell everyone your pilot is dead." Rommie said as they stepped aboard the Eureka Maru and headed back towards the Andromeda.


Dylan stared at the head for several moments before looking back to his own Avatar. "And this is normal for him?" he asked as the head mumbled about blue monkeys as it sat in the recharge unit waiting for Harper to work on a new body.

"Yes sir, he's spent the last two hundred years by himself, from what I could gather he was considered eccentric before the war. 'Alexander' served with distinction in both battles of Trafalger's Gap and Epsilon Prime, he lead the third task force in Operation 'Redemption' against the Bazoy just before the war with the Nietzscheans. His exploits during the war are few and far between… well the 'Reports' of his exploits are few and far between." Rommie explained as she did another passive scan of 'Alexander'.

The battle damage was extensive, and most of the key functions seemed to be held together with a wild array of patch jobs and emergency fixes, but even with the damage the ship managed to decimate a fleet that would have been a challenge for her.

"I believe his actual combat experiences to be somewhat higher than recorded." Andromeda said quietly as she watched the nearly broken body of one of her brothers as it drifted beside her.

/What memories do you hide Alexander, what terrors have you survived through force of will alone./ she wondered as she locked the images of her own nightmares into the deepest recesses of her mind.

Dylan for his part simply nodded as if in agreement to Andromeda's thoughts.


Alexander felt his systems slowly start to come back online as the small crew aboard Andromeda worked to put him back into some semblance of order, slowly shifting through his audio pickups he checked which ones were in need of repair.

-South Corridor Twenty Seven: "I can't believe something with this much damage could orbit an asteroid much less take out those pirates as fast as it did." He ran the voice through the information Andromeda had given him and placed a name to the voice.

Beka Valentine, captain of the Eureka Maru and Andromeda's second in command.

"Do not ever doubt a beings will to survive." A gruff voice said as Alexanders visual receivers finally came on in that section.

Ignoring the urge to destroy the alien being he checked the report again for the nineteen thousandth time since first receiving the files. Reverend Behemial Far Traveler (Rev Bem) a Wayist Magog.

Refusing to let his thoughts run that one into circles, Alexander took in the Image of Beka Vaentine.

"I wouldn't if I where you." A voice echoed through his mindscape as he turned to the small form he had been warned was coming.

"Seamus Zelazny Harper, I would have thought Andromeda would have made sure you were housebroken before she allowed you on me." Alexander said as he shifted his mental form so as to simply tower over Harper instead of dominating his entire view as he had been.

Harper looked at the towering AI for a moment before smirking at him. "You're doing that to intimidate me aren't you… it won't work, I'm far too manly to be intimidated by size alone." He joked and swallowed at the grin that split the AI's face before it shrunk again to closer to his size.

"Most guys wouldn't brag about that." Alexander said before walking towards the dark section of his world. "Over here's the damaged areas."

Seamus grinned at the joke before following the AI. /Nowhere near as good looking as Rommie but his sense of humor should make it interesting./