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1954 – The Spring Equinox

Tecwyn Malfoy held up his baby son who cried his first tears in this world. The cold light of the stars filtered into the birthing room illuminating the surroundings in a ghostly white light. Walking over to the partially covered windows Tecwyn waved his hand causing the windows to spring open. Stepping out onto the balcony he surveyed the dying night world. Soon the sun would rise bringing the new day. Holding up the babe in his hands, swaddling cloth trailing in the slight breeze, he closed his eyes willing that circumstances were otherwise, but it was not so. He was still there.

'Ah, my son, what a price I must pay for sparing your mother's life, but I had to – I could not stand by and watch her die. I have to hand my son over to a demon, yet is that not the price when one deals with the Devil? You shall be happy with him however son, I shall ensure this by making you love him from the very first. Come child, your soul mate awaits and we have much work to undergo ere you are ready to be his servant and consort.'

Cradling the newly born Malfoy heir to his chest Tecwyn Malfoy re-entered the birthing room as the sun rose on the beautiful spring morning – hope had come, but for who?

1966 – 1st September, King's Cross

"Remember Lucius that in whichever House you are in, to gather a elite following who will obey your word and be loyal only to you. On top of this ensure that the rest of the House fears you and your words so that they do not openly plan against you. Try to make some love you – for they will be your spies protecting you against those who may plot against you and mean you ill. When older obtain the trust and love of your Head of House, you shall understand how when you are older. Remember my words son, it shall stand thee in good stead." Tecwyn Malfoy

Lucius Malfoy relaxed against the plush headrest of the seat observing closely his fellow passengers. All of them pure-bloods naturally. Opposite him was one Walden Mcnair already large for his age. Dark hair cropped to just above his ears gave him a slightly menacing quality as did his cold, hard face, graven as if it was a stone statue. Cold eyes gleamed at him, assessing Lucius with not as nearly as much subtlety as Lucius' own reconnaissance. Deciding that Walden would make a useful ally Lucius proceeded to evaluate the rest of the occupants.

His gaze settled on a girl sitting primly in her seat who met his measuring/calculating stare with a determined look. Thick, ebony hair tumbled to her shoulders framing a delicate face, set with pale blue eyes fenced by dark eyelashes. A regal air surrounded the girl, flowing off her in waves. She was beautiful.

'No doubt,' thought Lucius, 'she will one day be a breathtaking and stunning woman.' This promising beauty was of a high status, descended from an old pure-blood family – though not as old as the Malfoy's – the Blacks. The girl was one Bellatrix Black.

The last two occupants were also from pure-blood families but not quite as old as the Malfoy's. Goyle and Crabbe, hulking 'beasts' eager to hurt those smaller than them, Muggle lovers or those of less blood status. They were already enamoured of Lucius' beauty, staring unabashedly at his white blond hair, left free and wild to reach the young boy's shoulders. Lucius knew that to secure them firmly under his spell he would have to work, though by the looks of things it would not take too much effort. A dazzling smile later and they were completely his. Life looked good.

"I have a proposition."

1973 – June

The summer of 1973 was hot. Sweat ran down tired faces glad for a reprieve from exams and hard work. School was almost finished – tomorrow would be the last day before the train would ease into the station ready to carry the children home to their loving families. The threat of the new powerful Dark Wizard hung in the air, but was forgotten in the atmosphere of exhaustion. Yet not all forgot this new brooding menace.

An eighteen-year-old Lucius Malfoy sauntered into the office of his Head of House with every intention of getting what he desired. Smiling briefly Lucius flung himself into the role of 'unknowing' seducer.

"Lucius! What are you doing here?" A bespectacled man peered up at Lucius past the brown hair that obscured his vision.

Allowing a distressed expression to settle the blond replied, "Oh, Professor Goodheart I am in trouble and you are the only one that can possibly help me."

Immediately concerned over his favourite student the Head of Slytherin House hastily beckoned for Lucius to sit. The blond did so, just not where he had expected.

"Er, Lucius…"

"Yes?" Lucius peered innocently up at him through long eyelashes. Professor Goodheart swallowed hard. "I did not mean for you to sit on my lap."

"Oh. Am I offending you?"

"N..no, but it is not proper." Lucius allowed tears to rise.

"Y..yo..you mean that you do not wish to help me? Please sir, you are the only person I can go to, don't abandon me!"

Releasing a theatrical sob Lucius was pleased to observe the result. Professor Goodheart was visibly crumbling.

"Abandon you child? Never! Of course if someone does come in I shall simply inform them that you needed comfort, hence your sitting in my lap and my hugging you. Now tell me Mr. Malfoy, what is bothering you that only I can solve?"

Lucius felt amused. His plan was falling into place and as for interruptions? Not likely with Walden Mcnair, Crabbe and Goyle guarding the passageway, but for now he must proceed with the seduction.

" Raphael…may I call you Raphael?"

Receiving the full blare of Lucius' innocent smile, wide hopeful grey eyes and delicate tongue flickering past red lips Professor Goodheart's mouth went dry.

"You have almost finished school so why not?"

"Raphael," his name fell off moist lips with a sultry emphasis. He prayed feverishly for his body to not react to such provocation. "Tonight is a meeting with You Know Who present, which naturally all loyal and conscientious pure-bloods will wish to attend. However," lowering his voice and leaning closer so his breath ghosted over his teacher's left cheek, "I and some others have the pesky problem of being contained within these walls. We would be ever so grateful if you could alleviate this matter."

"But…" Seeing doubt Lucius stepped up the game. He whispered into a sensitive ear, lips brushing, tongue darting.

"I would be extremely grateful and eager to please." Sweat beaded the older man's forehead at such an open invitation.

"You. Are. Still. A. Child and my student," he gasped struggling for control. Soft laughter met this pained restraint.

"I am eighteen and technically I have finished my NEWTs and so am no longer your student. Do not tell me that you are not interested. The gift in your trousers informs me otherwise."

A small hand squeezed the prominent bugle, rubbing against it, a small moan of his own accompanying the frustrated whimper of his Head of House.

"My, my, that is one impressive package that you are carrying in your pants. Care to share?"

Completely undone Goodheart let out a long moan hissing, "I'll help, but I want my reward now."

Smiling in triumph and lust Lucius asked, "Where?"

"You. Bedroom. Now."

"Hmm, controlling. Nice."

With a growl Lucius was swept up into strong arms, a forceful kiss deposited leaving him breathless. As calloused hands pulled down silk leggings while a mouth left a burning trail of kisses and bites Lucius wondered dazedly why he had left it so long before seducing his teacher.

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