Chapter 1

Rory Gilmore walked quickly to her lit. class. She looked at her watch. She had exactly one minute to get there. Lately she'd been so stressed out. Ever since her birthday party three days ago.

Rory tried not to think about it. Since then, things had gone from bad to worse. Rory quickly dismissed the thought. Focusing all her attention on getting to class on time. She quickly approached the class and walked inside. The classroom was almost completely filled since it was almost time for the bell to ring.

Rory looked around the classroom to find only one seat available. It was the seat next to Tristan DuGrey. He was the last person she wanted to see now. She remembered the party and grimaced. She had been mean to him, but he was just too persistent. Rory sighed and walked over to him. She put on a polite smile and sat down.

" Hi, Tristan," Rory said, opening her book to the previous night's homework.

Tristan turned to her, confused that she was actually talking to him, especially after what had happened on the night of her party. Tristan stared at Rory without saying anything. He replayed the night's events in his head…


The day before the party Tristan had received a letter inviting him to Rory's birthday party. He had been thrilled that she had invited him. This must mean she likes me, Tristan had thought. So the next night he went to the party.

Tristan knocked on the door of a huge beautiful house. A maid came to the door.

" Am I at the right house? Is this the Gilmores' residence?" he asked the maid quietly.

The maid nodded. Tristan smiled to himself. He had had no idea that Rory was rich and that she lived in such a gorgeous house, with maids!

Tristan walked inside and gave the maid a quick nod. She rushed off to her next task. Just then he saw Rory coming towards him. She stopped a few feet away from him. Tristan smiled.

" Oh, coming to greet me?" he asked smirking.

" Hello, Tris-tan," Rory answered, annoyed.

" So, where's my birthday kiss?" Tristan asked, getting a little closer.

" It's my birthday." Rory rolled her eyes.

" So I'll give you a birthday kiss." Tristan moved forward as Rory moved backwards.

" What is wrong with you?" she demanded.

Tristan stood firm and became very serious.

" Ok, I gotta tell you something. I'm madly in love with you."

" Well, good luck with that."

" I can't eat, I can't sleep...I wake up in the middle of the night calling your name. Rory, Rory!"

Rory looked around, embarrassed. "Would you shut up please?"

Just then Rory's grandfather came into the room.

" Rory, who's your friend?" Richard asked, looking at Tristan.

" I don't know but this is Tristan," she answered, glaring at Tristan.

"Excuse me?" Richard asked Rory, confused.

"Tristan DuGrey, sir," Tristan said politely, extending his hand towards Richard.

" DuGrey? Are you any relation to Janlen DuGrey?" Richard asked.

Tristan smiled. " That's my grandfather, sir."

" Well, I've done business with Janlen for years. He's a fine man."

" That he is," Tristan said, looking at Rory.

Richard turned to Rory. " Rory, you've got very good taste in friends. I approve." With that, Richard turned and went to talk with a friend.

Tristan smiled at Rory. " He likes me," he said happily.

" He's drunk," Rory muttered.

" Let's take a walk." Tristan came closer to her.

" This is stupid. You don't even like me! You just have this weird need to prove that I'll go out with you. That's not liking someone," Rory huffed.

" Why are you fighting this? You're gonna give in eventually," Tristan said, a little ticked off.

Rory turned around and started to walk away. " I'm going to go find my mother."

" Wow, meeting your mom. It's a bit sudden, but OK," Tristan replied before Rory stormed off. Tristan stood there, hurt.


Tristan was pulled out of his daydreams by the sound of the school bell. He looked at his watch. Class was over. He had missed the whole class. Getting up, he looked over at Rory who was still putting away her materials.

" Here, let me help." Tristan reached over and grabbed her two tons of books.

Rory grimaced. " I'm fine, Tristan." She tried to grab her books but Tristan pulled away.

" Let me prove to you, that I actually care for you." With that he moved away and waited for her to follow. Rory got up and followed him to her locker.