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(A little Earlier)

Akito was about to arrive back at the Sohma gates when a sudden thought crept into his head.

"Stop the car." the driver slammed on the breaks, and turned his head to face Akito.

"Yes sir?" he asked.

"Take me back to the house that miserable wretch of a girl lives in. I left something undone."

"Right away sir." the driver turned back to the road and turned the car around.

Akito stared out the window. Something didn't feel right, and he knew Tohru had something to do with it.

(Back to present time Tohru)

Yuki just held her to him. He never wanted to let her go, now that he knew he didn't have to. Last time their time together was cut short, and both lost their memories as a result. But holding her in his arms reminded Yuki of how much he had loved her, and how Tohru had loved him just as equally.

Tohru's mind was racing along the same lines. As they broke apart slightly, they stared into the other's eyes. Slowly they pulled closer to each other, eyes closing, until their lips met with the gentleness they wanted so desperately.

Just as their lips broke apart the door opened, and Akito stepped in. The two quickly turned their heads to see what the intrusion was.

"You..." Akito snarled. "You bitch

Yuki gently pushed Tohru behind him as Akito stalked to them.

"You did it, you broke my curse. You broke our curse. Now my family will abandon me and it will be all your fault. Its all your fault!" he lunged and Yuki quickly pulled Tohru to safety.

"Your wrong, Akito-san! I didn't break the curse. Yuki broke it."

"That may be so, but its because of you that he broke it! If you had never existed, the curse would never have been broken. My family would still be mine! You will pay, you bi-" Yuki's fist landed square with Akito's jaw.

"You will not harm Tohru. You are not the boss of me or anyone else any more. Wallow in your own self pity or try and be a decent head of the family for once. If you are really so concerned with us leaving you, why don't you try and make it to where we'd want to come back? Who knows, maybe it will work." He said nothing else as he took Tohru's hand, pulling her down the stairs and out the door.

Back in the room, Akito was left dumbstruck by what had happened. He stayed there for a good while thinking before heading back to the car.

(Back at Shigure's)

Shigure dropped the glass of tea he had held. It felt as if a sudden weight had been lifted from him.

"Shigure, what the hell was that?" Kyo asked after crashing down the stairs. "It felt as though a major weight was suddenly taken away."

"Its happened. Shigure said weakly. The curse has been lifted. They must have remembered everything."

Kyo looked at his older cousin in confusion. "Huh? Who remembered everything? What nonsense are you spouting now?"

"Yuki, and Tohru." was all he said.

Shigure was greeted with a shocked expression. "Oh."

(Back to Tohru and Yuki)

Yuki led Tohru through the park, holding her hand all the way. He stopped along side the swing set.

"Oh! This is where we first met," Tohru said fondly, walking over to the swing she had sat on all those years ago. Sitting down, she looked up at Yuki. "You made me so happy that day. I finally found a friend. And you protected me from those boys, I thought I'd met the prince from my favorite fairy tale."

"Really? Which one?"

"Its one my mother made up for me. It begins in a meadow, where a girl was crying all by herself...


Kyoko lay next to Tohru, who lay in her bed.

"Once upon a time..." she started, " there was a small girl. She was the daughter of the duke, and because of this everyone called her lady Sayuri. Her favorite place to go was the meadow. It was the only place where she could be alone.

"But every time she went there, she cried. She was lonely. No one treated her like a good friend, she was only 'princess' to all the other kids.

"So she cried there every day. One day she was chased be evil men intent on kidnapping her as a way to gain the throne. She managed to lose them by escaping into her meadow.

"She collapsed on the ground crying again, not noticing the boy who approached her.

" 'Why are you crying?' he asked"

" 'Some mean men are chasing me, trying to kidnap me,' she cried.

"The boy noticed her fancy dress. 'Are you the lady Sayuri I've heard so much about?' he asked.

"This caused her to cry harder.

" 'Yes I am, but no one thinks of me as a person, just the duke's daughter. I don't like having a title if all it means is that people will be distant.'

" 'Then how 'bout I be your friend?' he said. He took her hand and led her through the meadow to a creek.

" 'What is your name?' she asked.

" 'My name is Kenshin.' they played together for hours. They loved being in each other's company.

"But the fun didn't last. The kidnappers found them and grabbed Sayuri.

" 'Let go of her!' Kenshin cried out.

" 'Make us,' the kidnappers replied.

" 'All right, I will. By the royal order of Prince Kenshin Hoshiyama, I command you to release lady Sayuri or risk facing the royal punishment.' Immediately the men released her before running away.

" 'Are you all right, Sayuri?' he asked.

"She looked at the ground. 'Why didn't you tell me you were the prince?' she asked.

"He took her hand. 'Because I was afraid you wouldn't be yourself with me.' Sayuri looked up and saw how much he cared about her. He offered his hand, and she accepted, following him to his home in the sunset.

End Flashback

Yuki listened patiently to Tohru's tale before smiling. "That does sound a lot like how we met."

He stood. (he'd sat down on the swing next to her while she told the story) Leaning down he embraced her, pulling her off of the swing. Tohru wrapped her own arms around him.

"I happen to remember this followed, don't you?" he asked, quietly in her ear.

"Yeah." she sighed contentedly in his arms.

----------------------------------- -----------

Yuki had taken Tohru back through the entire park, talking of how they used to play there. Tohru remembered when she first met each of the Sohmas, on the rare occasions she had gone over to his home. Up until they lost their memories, she had been a regular visitor.

Walking back to his home again, Tohru sighed contentedly. She grasped Yuki's arm against her chest tightly, both of her hands closed over his.

Yuki stopped walking, a slight blush evident on his cheeks. "Are you all right, Tohru?" he asked.

"Everything is perfect. I'm so happy to be walking with you back to your home. Once my memories were back, I missed everything we used to do together. I thought I'd never get a chance to do them again, but look at me. I'm outside in the sun, on my way-" she was cut off as Yuki covered her lips with his own, picking her up bridal style at the same time. He walked forward, still kissing her sweetly. When they broke apart Tohru nuzzled her head into his chest.

Yuki just kept walking until the house came into view. He gave a short pause before taking another step and...

"Surprise!" Momiji came bounding out from the other side of the tree, a handful of streamers in his hand. He threw them above the two as a couple others did the same.

Kisa and Kagura each threw their own streamers. Hiro also held some, but he merely let them fall to the ground.

"Momiji, Kisa, Kagura, and even Hiro! Your here! I've missed you!" Yuki let her down so Tohru could hug them all. EvenHiro didn't complain. Much.

" 'And even Hiro'? Just what is that supposed to mean? Did you think I wouldn't be here to welcome you back along with the others? Did you really think I hated you so much that I wouldn't be here? Di-"

"But isn't it true Hiro?" Haru asked as he stepped out of the shadows. It shut the young boy up, who was now too busy blushing. Kisa took his hand and laughed slightly.

"I'm happy, Hiro. You like Onee-chan!" she gave him a hug, causing him to blush harder.

"Hatsuharu!" Tohru gave a happy shriek as she gave him a hug too. Over his shoulder she could see the rest of the former zodiac standing together, watching them.

Tohru ran to them to give a hug to each. Shigure acted like a pervert and was given a hit on the head by Yuki, Kyo, and Hatori.

"I've missed you too, Shigure." Tohru laughed.

Hatori accepted his hug graciously, and whispered into her ear, "I'm sorry for what I did to you."

Tohru smiled warmly as he let her go. "I told you before, its all right. I know you didn't want to. I saw the tear begin in your eye, and knew you wouldn't intentionally hurt us." he gave her a small smile just before another pair of arms wrapped around her small frame and swung her around in large circles.

"A-Ayame, I'm getting dizzy!" Tohru cried as he swung her some more. He stopped and put her down. He kept an arm wrapped about her waist as his other hand went to cup her chin, causing her to look upward.

"Ahh, then, my dear, let me apologize with a kiss." Tohru's cheeks turned bright red as Ayame was hit by Yuki, Kyo, and Hatori, the three who didn't take his and Shigure's actions as the jokes they were meant to be.

Yuki swung her away from his brother. "Baka, that's my job." Tohru flushed again slightly as Yuki kissed her quickly and softly on the lips.

"Ahh, cut it out, Yuki. There are kids around." Kyo stood with his arms crossed, looking away.

Tohru looked up. "Kyo-kun! That's the first time I heard you call Yuki by his name!" she gave him a hug, which he returned. Before when everyone remembered everything again he remembered his feelings for the girl. Now he felt like an older brother to her.

"Well, its not like I can call him kuso nezumi anymore, right?" he said chuckling. He gave her a slight bonk on the head.

Ritsu took his hug and then started his usual apology scream that he was not worthy until Shigure hit the 'magic spot' to calm him down.

"No, I guess not." she laughed. She moved over to Rin, who said nothing as she took her hug. Kureno was the same, but offered a small smile.

Tohru whispered to him, "now there's nothing stopping you from going to Arisa. I'm sure she misses you." he nodded, and went to stand on the porch. Two figures stood there waiting.

Tohru stood there motionless, until Kureno's voice called out "She did, but right now she's missed you more."

That was all it took for the three girls to all run to each other's arms. They all hugged and cried, just like they had when Kyoko had died. Yuki stood beside his family, smiling at the girls. It had hurt Saki and Arisa more so than it had the Sohmas, when they'd learned that Tohru and Yuki had had theirs erased, and the Sohmas had been devastated.

After several minutes of explanations and all that, the three regained their composure. Saki and Arisa each put an arm through Tohrus and walked her over to Yuki.

"All right, Yuki, we're counting on you to take care of one thing and on thing only--" Arisa started. Saki finished with "our little Tohru-kun."

They gave her a gentle push forward, and Yuki took her in his arms.

"I will, I swear it," he knelt down on his knee, "Just as strongly, no even stronger, as I would if Tohru would agree to marry me."

There were a lot of gasps as his words hit everyone. Even Ayame was stunned for a second. But after Tohru gave an excited "yes!" he pulled the two up into his arms and hugged them tightly.

------------------ -------------------------------

Everything was turning up for the Sohmas, even for Akito, who lay in his bed back at the Sohma main house.

"Sanya," he said to the maid, "will you be so kind as to open the shades? I've left it dark in here for too long."

"Hai, Akito-sama." she opened them and turned to leave.

"Wait, there are two more favors I ask of you, then you can retire. You don't have to come back if you don't want."

"What is it, Akito-sama?" she asked. Had he changed?

"First, send a phone call to Shigure's house." he told her what he wanted and she left to oblige.

Before she left the room she said quietly to him "Akito-sama, I shall remain, so that I may see this new life around the main house.

--------------- --------------------------------

A phone rang inside, and Shigure went to answer it. Everyone was still talking when he returned, a worried expression on his face. The talking ceased as he cleared his throat.

"Akito has summoned all of us to the main house, including Tohru, Kyo, Arisa and Saki."

Yuki looked at Tohru, a worried look on his face. Silently, they all headed out to the Sohma main house on foot. Every once in awhile someone would say something, but for the most part, there was nothing but silence.

When they arrived at the main house the site shocked them all. Akito stood in front of the gates.

"Yuki, Tohru, come here."

Slowly, they did, holding hands tightly. Akito walked forward and put a hand on both their shoulders. "Now," he said, "I know I should be angry for what you did earlier, but I am not. Instead, Thank you, and I'm sorry. For everything. I apologize to all of you." The clenched fists all relaxed, and there were sounds of confusion and surprise coming from all of them.

"I know you all probably think I'm planning something, but I am not. Kyo," he said, turning to him, but keeping his hands on Yuki and Tohru's shoulders, "being as you are no longer the cat, you shall no longer be locked up. You are free and a full member of the Sohma family, welcomed back with open arms." Kyo stood shock still as he let the words take meaning in his head.

"Kisa, Rin, I am sorry for hurting you both back then. You can be together with Hiro and Haru. Kureno, you no longer have to work as my personal assistant, you are free to be with Arisa. You are all free to be with who you want." There were a few excited murmurs as the said couples hugged each other. Along with Kyo hugging Kagura tightly.

Akito turned back to Yuki and Tohru once everyone and calmed down. "Yuki, Tohru, I give you my blessing on your future marriage. You did ask her, didn't you?" he asked.

"Of course I did. But why the sudden change of mind?"

Akito released them and turned away.

"Its because you were right. If I want you to stay with me, or visit me, I must let you go. Besides, its been getting pretty stuffy in the main house, has it not? Its time we opened the doors and let some new air in!" All of the Sohma's cheered loudly as Akito opened the gates to the Sohma home. They all knew that Akito had truly meant it, and that the Sohma gates would never close again.

Yuki turned to Tohru and kissed her as he pulled her close to him. "I love you," he whispered. She hugged him even tighter. "I love you too."

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