Summery: Methos promised a man a thousand years ago to protect his family line. Now, the only one left to the family, is leaving the galaxy.

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"There is no way that I'm letting you go off and pretend to be 'hero'. Not by yourself." He'd made a promise to a man a thousand years ago to protect his line. Which right now consisted of Major John Sheppard.

"I'm only going because of the fucking gene. If I go." It was San Francisco. No one noticed two arguing men. John shook his head. Methos just didn't get it. He didn't want to go. But... He had to admit to being curious. What would another galaxy be like?

"Don't be dumb Johnny. Of course you're going. You decided that the moment Dr Weir asked you."

He was right. Adam knew him inside and out. He knew what John wanted before John knew. "Sorry Adam. But how the hell are you going to get into going?" When John had turned twenty, Adam had asked him to drop the prefix of 'Uncle', and he had.

"That won't be hard. I have the gene." Adam would know without testing. He knew about Atlantis and the Star Gate. He was eleven thousand years old, he'd been in Atlantis. He was there when Atlantis sunk and he was there when the Star Gate was buried six thousand years later. "Which PhD's should I have? Who should I be?" That was also a good question. Right now he had two persona's going. One: Dr Adam Pierson, Researcher and Watcher. Pierson was just a random Historian. The other: Dr Adam Valorious, MD and foremost Biochem expert in the world. Valorious had grown up with John, went to school with him and then travelled the world.

"Valorious." John wanted to not have to pretend that he didn't know the man who'd virtually raised him. Everyone in his family had known about Methos, and they trusted him with their children. Besides, he'd seen the Doctor at the Antarctic Base, Beckett. He was more of a geneticist then a doctor.

Now all Methos had to do, as Valorious, was get noticed by the SGC.

He didn't think he'd have a problem with that.

To Be Continued