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Shoot First, Ask Later

Adam Stackhouse was not a complicated guy. Everyone knew that. He had a few things he did for fun; he sparred with Valorious, played cards with Leon and Jamie, flew Puddle Jumpers and played a little football with the guys. Someone had brought a football as their personal item and donated it to the Free For All bin.

He talked a bit of medicine with Valorious, as he was a trained field medic and he flirted with the nurses. He'd gotten offers from both sexes for a bit of recreational fun, but hadn't accepted any offers yet.

With all of that, it wasn't unusual that he was interested in this 'cure' that Dr Beckett had brought back from the planet Hoff. He'd heard what had happened on Hoff and when he'd heard that Dr Valorious was still tweaking the serum, he'd gotten curious. So here he was, in the lab with Major Sheppard, Dr Beckett and Dr Valorious.

"So, Adam, do you thing it's done?" Beckett's voice was always soothing to listen to, Stacks had always had a thing for accents.

"Maybe," Valorious took the serum and filled a syringe. Ten mice got injected and they waited.

"Fuck." Sheppard shook his head. Four of the mice dropped dead.

"So we try again." Valorious made a few adjustments to the serum and injected the next ten mice.

Or at least they looked like mice. "So, what kind of mice are those? I didn't see any in the manifest of supplies we brought." Stacks just had to ask. Not asking was just dumb.

"Athosian." Valorious smiled at Stacks and the marine smiled back. He wasn't offended by Valorious' flirting, he knew that he'd be dead the moment Elliot found out that he'd dome anything to the good doctor. "Some kind of field mouse, I checked the DNA and they're close enough to be cousins, like rats."


"They aren't dead yet." Sheppard smiled and Valorious' eyes sharpened.

"That's a good sign." Then Valorious did something monumentally stupid in Stacks' books.

He injected himself.

"Doc!" Stacks couldn't believe it. Reaching out he took the syringe from the doctor and grasped Valorious' shoulder, "What the hell are you doing?"

"Jesus Adam, what's wrong with you?" Sheppard looked pissed. Beckett was too stunned to speak.

"Nothing. But I have to test it."

"Um, Adam..."

"Jesus fuck! Are you the dumbest person I've ever met?" Sheppard pulled Valorious from Stacks' grasp and shook him twice.


"What happens if you fucking die?" The Major didn't look as pissed as he should have, given that his best friend might die.

"People!" Stacks, Valorious and Sheppard looked at Beckett when he shouted. Then they followed his gaze to the mice.

Every single one of them was dead.

"Ah Shit." Valorious rolled his eyes and collapsed.

"Fuck! Adam! Adam!" Sheppard caught Valorious and gently lowered him to the floor.


Sheppard shook his head, "God damn it Adam, wake up." He shook the still body when it made no movement.

"Sir..." Sheppard raised a hand and Stacks knew that he was going to slap the dead man to wake him. "Sir!" Stacks grabbed Sheppard's wrist and held it still, almost effortlessly.

"Sergeant, let me go."

"Sir, he's dead." How much that hurt Stacks to say it, it didn't show on his face. Valorious was a friend.

"No, he's fucking not. I just don't want anyone walking in while he's out." Sheppard shook off Stacks' grasp and went to the door. Stacks was horrified when he heard the lock click.

"What the hell are you going?" Sheppard had no reason to cover up Valorious' death. They were best friends for god sakes.

"Listen close Stacks, Carson. Adam is not dead." Sheppard shook his head, "Well, he is, but he's not going to stay that way. Adam is what you call Immortal."

"What?" Was Sheppard on drugs? "Sir."

"Just listen, okay?" Sheppard sighed, "I didn't go to school with Adam, he raised me from the time I was born. He'd the closest thing I have to an uncle. Adam is really old. He's been through the Star Gate before it was buried the first time in Giza."

"Tha' was five thousand years ago!" Beckett looked incredulous. Probably more so then Stacks, but given that he knew more about medicine and biology then the Sergeant, that wasn't a surprise.

"Yeah. He's about eleven thousand." Before Sheppard could say anymore, Valorious lurched upright, drawing in a life giving breath.

"Fucking 'ell" Beckett watched wide eyed. He looked over to the still dead mice then back to Valorious. "Holy fucking shit."

"Doc?" Stackhouse got to his knees by the doctor and laid a hand on his shoulder.

"Hi Stacks. Carson." He shrugged, "I guess this is where I tell you all about me."

To Be Continued