A Bet On Love

Disclaimer: I don't own the characters only the ones I made up. So yeah.

I fiddled with the various items hanging from my belt, my hair tucked under a bandana. My eyes didn't look up and as I walked I collided with something…no not something, someone. I gave a small scream and my belt fell to the ground and scattered across the path. I knelt and began to collect them and someone knelt with me. Our hands met at my water canister. I looked up and our eyes met.

"You dropped this," he said and handed me my canister.

"Thank you." I put it back and tied my belt around my waist. We both stood and I looked over him. "You must be a knight academic."

"How'd you guess?" He asked me.

"Your garments." I smiled. "Now please excuse me. I'm looking for Quint Virginix."

"Quint? I know the lad. Let me help you…I didn't catch your name young skypirate."

I opened my mouth to speak when we were interrupted. "LUFWOOD!"

I turn and smiled. "Quint."

"I wasn't expecting you here," Quint said and put an arm around my shoulder.

"Your father decided to stop by. Lullabee's here too," I replied.

"Ah." Quint smiled. "I see you've met my friend Raff."

I turned and faced the Knight. "Raff is it?"

Raff nodded. "So shall we meet your father or stand around here all day."

"Come on then." Quint walked ahead.

Raff offered me his arm and I slipped my hand through. I didn't care if the others thought I was weird if I took his arm. He was being a gentleman and not many men treated me like a woman. I didn't want them too. But every once in a while I did allow my feminine side to take over and let me enjoy the luxuries of being a woman. I listened to the echoing of our footsteps as we walked through a small alleyway. As we walked I heard something. I stopped and grasped the handle of my sword. Raff stopped as well and turned to me. He opened his mouth to speak and I raised my hand for silence.

"AHA!" A young teen jumped out of the shadow and brought her sword down.

I blocked with mine and laughed. "Lullabee."

She lunged forward and the fight soon began. The clash of metal attracted the attention of the sky scholars. As we fought I tripped and fell to my back. Lullabee's sword rose to my chest. I brushed the sword aside and got to my feet.

"Girls!" Came a gruff voice from behind us. We stiffened and turned slowly. "You should know better."

We each gave a guilty smile. "Sorry Wind Jackal."

"Lufwood you should know better then Lullabee. You're twenty not five."

"Yes sir." I kept my head up high and put my sword away.

Quint gave a long sigh and said nothing. I turned around and held my arms, as tears filled my eyes. Quint took my shoulders and brought me aside.

"Lufwood don't worry. He's always formal when he's on Sanctaphrax," He said.

"Quint I try to live up to his expectations. But, he's so proud of you that I always feel left behind," I whisper and put my forehead on his chest. Tears fell to the ground.

Quint pulled me into a tight embrace and tears stained his shirt. He put his chin on my head and waited for the tears to subside. I pulled away after a while and he wiped away the rest of the tears. Lullabee walked over and put her arms around my neck.

"What do you want Lullabee?" I asked and looked right into her eyes.

"Nothing," she said and gave a smile.

"I know that look. What do you want?" I asked again.

"Okay. I told the boys on the ship that you would date that Raff guy."

"WHAT? How much did you bet?"

"Twenty gold pieces if I win and twenty if they win." She gave an innocent smile.

"I can't believe your so naïve. Betting that I could date that guy."

Quint gave a smile and laughed. "How long is it for Lullabee?"

"A fortnight and that's all."

"I'm in." Quint handed her some gold pieces. "It'll be a good experience for you Lullabee."

"I can't believe your encouraging her Quint," I yelled.

They both look at me and I crossed my arms. Quint gave me a playful punch and also gave me an innocent smile. Their eyes made me uncomfortable and I gave a sigh.

"Fine I'll do it." I gave a groan and walked over to Raff who was talking to Wind Jackal. I hesitated for a moment. "What's wrong with me? A skypirate not brave enough to take on a simple challenge." I thought. I cleared my throat and they turned. "Raff, may I ask you a question?"

"Ask away," he said with a smile.

I pulled him away from Wind Jackal and into an alleyway. I gripped my hands and took a breath. "Will you…will you…" The others eyed me from the distance. "Will you go to the Bloodoak Tavern with me?"


Author: Aha left you hanging. Will Raff say yes or no?