A Bet on Love

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A year slowly passed by and at that point Captain Wind Jackal decided to go back to Sanctaphrax for a visit. As we docked I looked around the Academic City. It hadn't changed much over the length of time. The same odd buildings, the same swaying poles, the same boring mosaic in the middle of the same old boring city. As I stood at the baulstaude memories began to come back. My deep desire for Raff hadn't subsided; it still burned brightly in my heart. But I was scared to confront him. Captain Wind Jackal placed a hand on my shoulder.

"Are you sure you don't want to visit the Academy with us?" He asked.

"I'm sure," I lied. "I'll be at the Bloodoak."

I pulled away and walked to the hanging baskets alone. I needed to get away from the city, to run away from the memories I wished to keep locked up. On my way down I thought of Raff standing beside me. And for a second I thought he was. I sighed knowing that it would never happen and leaned on the basket. Not able to support my weight it tipped and I fell, landing into the dirt filled streets of Undertown. The crowds laughed as I stood up with my now dirt stained clothing. I stormed off to the Tavern. My only refuge.

The hours there passed like minutes as I drank mug after mug of the honey coloured wood-ale. I soon found myself dizzy and light headed as I stumbled out the door and onto the quiet streets. I held my stomach to keep me from hurling as I held onto the cold wall. The streets swayed as I made my way down the dark streets. I finally collapsed on the group, unconscious.

The next morning was cold and damp and a light drizzle fell onto my aching body. I sat up blurry eyed and looked around. Still in the same place where I fell. I made sure I wasn't robbed of my posessions through the night. I coughed and held my head tightly. I brought my knees to my chest and carefully placed my head on them. A shadow loomed over me.

"Quint?" I asked staring upwards.

The figure shook his head. "It's Raff."

"Raff," I whispered as he pulled me to my feet.

I looked away from him. My body began to shiver; leaning against him I held my arms to keep warm. Raff wrapped his cloak around me and raised my chin. Our eyes finally met after a year of being apart. Feeling weak I fell into his arms and went to sleep. He scooped me into his thin arms and carried me off, my head resting on his chest.

Hours later I woke up to something sweet. I sat up and the blankets fell onto my lap. Noticing I was stripped down to my underclothes I quickly pulled the blankets up over my bosom. Raff entered the room and I blushed a deep red and pulled the blankets higher.

There was silence in the room and I touched my feet to the ground. Wrapping the blanket around my body I walked to where Raff was standing silently over a small table. The same table where we first shared tea. The fire crackled in the background and glowed a light purple. I finally had to break the silence.

"Raff, I'm sorry. I didn't want to hurt you, I didn't even agree to the bet in the first place. Yes, when I first joined I had no feelings for you but once I got to know you I began to love you. Do you hear me I loved you and still do!" I cried, grasping the blanket tightly in my hands.

He turned to face me and took my shoulders. "I understand everything now. Quint told me the entire story. And yes it did take me along time to forgive any of you. And I won't lie to you but as we got to know each other I also fancied you. And while you were gone I realized that I still loved you."

I didn't know what to say to that. My mouth became dry and my body became hot. The hairs on the back of my neck stood on end. I licked my lips and stared at his.

The blankets fell from my hands and became a heap at my feet. He cleared his throat and turned around. I gasped and took the clothes which hung at the fireplace. I quickly pulled my shirt and pants over my body. I placed a hand gently on his shoulder and he turned to face me once again.

"Thank you…for taking care of me," I said.

He smiled. "You're welcome." Raff took off his glasses and began to clean them. "I have one question for you though. Why were you afraid to come back?"

The question struck me and I froze. How was I supposed to answer that question? "I don't know." I burst into tears and placed my face on his chest.

He placed his arms around me and pulled me close. I raised my head, tears still slowly falling down my cheeks. He wiped them away with his thumb.

"Don't cry. Everything's going to be all right. Stop running."

"But I don't want my past to catch up with me."

"Let it go."

I bit my lip and his lips came closer to mine. My heart pounded in my chest and my breath came up short. Our lips soon met and I hung my arms around his neck. I closed my eyes and felt his warmth all around me. The fears of my past melted away. I finally found where I belonged. I had learned my lesson in betting on love.


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