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Chapter 23-The End

Erik, Christine, and Raoul soon left Mr. Lane. It was now pure dark outside meaning that many vampires were probably crawling the streets looking for a good meal, and one of those vampires was Audrey. "How are we supposed to find her? Mr. Lane forgot to mention that," Raoul mentioned.

"Because there was no need to. I already know how to find her, but I need to be alone," Erik explained. "Take Christine back to the Opera Populaire. She'll be safest there, and make sure Madame Giry knows of all this," Erik told them gravely.

"Where will you go?" Christine asked. She still had not let go of his hand.

"I need to be alone to find her," Erik said.

Christine bit her lip. "Erik I don't want you fighting her by yourself. There could be tons of the creatures there with her. You can't take them all alone," Christine whispered to him with worry.

Erik smiled as he took the young woman in his arms. "You can trust me to make the right decision," he whispered to her. "Now go, and Raoul..." Raoul turned to look at him," keep her safe." Raoul nodded and took Christine. They soon disappeared around the corner. A few moments afterward Erik rushed to the only place he could really concentrate.

Raoul and Christine walked close together as they made their way back to the Populaire. "Raoul.."Christine said softly.


"You know I'm sorry it didn't work out between you and me. It's just I...well I don't even know really why, but I'm just happier with Erik. He makes it feel like I can just be myself. When I'm around him I feel like I don't pretend," she explained with some guilt.

"Christine, you don't have to apologize. If you're happy, than I'm happy for you." He put his arms on her shoulders and looked her in the eye. "Just know I'll always be there for you through thick or thin," he told her as they hugged.

"I'm glad to hear that," Christine said. They both smiled.

Suddenly, Christine heard something down the nearest alley,footsteps, very,very silent footsteps. They were far to quiet for a human to make or even hear. "Raoul, something's coming."

"What is it?" All of a sudden a creature appeared out of no where and hit Raoul in the head. He was out like that. Christine shrieked. The vampire stood up tall and looked at her with it's flaming red eyes. It was a woman with bloody, blonde hair and pale skin. It was probably a little older than Christine.

"We can do this the easy way or the hard way," it growled.

Christine was surprised with herself. Only a few days ago, she probably would have fainted with fear, but now she laughed at the snarling vampire. "What are you going to do to me? If you kill me, Erik will rip you to shreds," Christine warned with satisfaction.

The vampire laughed and it sent chills down Christine's spine. "But I'm not going to kill you." It disappeared for moment, and finally reappeared behind Christine. "We still need you!" With that, it hit Christine in the head, knocking her out. It grabbed her in it's arms and disappeared into the night.

Erik could sense immediately that something was wrong. He ran toward Raoul's scent. Christine's had long disappeared.

Erik stopped when he found Raoul unconscious in the street. He moved his head in pain.

"Who are you?" he moaned. Erik snickered and took off his mask. "Ahh!!!' Raoul screamed." Why the hell did you do that?"

"To get you awake," Erik explained as he put his mask back on.

"My gosh man...thing...creature...whatever you are! I'm gonna have nightmares for the rest of my life now!" complained Raoul.

"What happened to Christine?" Erik interrogated.

"I don't know...oh no...it must have taken her." He looked down, ashamed.

"What took her?"

"A vampire." He looked up at him. "There's nothing I could have done. It knocked me out!"

"It's ok. I can smell the vampire. If we're quick enough, maybe we can catch it. It could bring us to Audrey and Christine, " Erik said. Raoul nodded.

"Alright, but I'll never be able to run after it." He reached into his pocket and grabbed a cell phone."Dial the first number on the contact list when you find her. I'll come with some supplies that'll help us." Erik nodded. He liked the idea. "Now go!" Raoul ordered, and Erik disappeared as if he'd never really been there.

Erik quickly caught up to it, and after at least an hour of running the vampire came to a building far outside the city in a practically deserted place. The building was an old warehouse with broken windows and cracks covering the cement. Beside the warehouse was an old house that looked just as bad as the warehouse itself. Erik could sense Audrey was in the house. There was dozens of vampires on the grounds, and Erik knew that was only a few of them. The rest were out hunting. His eyes glanced up to the black sky. It was one of the darkest nights he'd ever seen. He shivered slightly, for the first time in a long time he felt scared, but nonetheless he had to stop Audrey even if it meant his own life.

Swiftly, he took out the cell phone Raoul had given him, and followed the hunter's instruction's with haste. The phone on the other end rang a few times, but finally he heard Raoul's voice on the other line. "Hello," he greeted roughly knowing it was Erik.

"They're in a warehouse just South of the city," Erik announced.

"The old Thomas warehouse?"

Erik glanced at the worn and faded sign just above the warehouse door. Sure enough it red 'Thomas Storage'. "Yeah," he said.

"I'll be there as soon as I can," Raoul told him.

"Park about a half mile away. I'm hiding in the woods furthest from the road."

"How will I find you?" he asked.

"Don't worry about it. I'll find you." With that the line went dead.

Christine woke up in a cold, dark room bound to a small chair.She gasped from a sudden sharp and great pain coming from her legs and hands. She looked down toward her legs. Just barely in the darkness, she could see and feel rusted barbed wire tightly holding her bleeding legs to the chair. She guessed her hands had met the same fate as she could feel the great pain shooting up her arms. Trying her best to ignore the pain, she looked around the room. She could tell she was in an old house just from the awful smell. She felt like she was back in Mr. Lane's lack of a house. Even in the darkness she could see stains on the floors and walls. Christine didn't even want to know where they came from. Although she was in horrible conditions, they weren't what frightened her the most. Her fear didn't come from the pain in her head, or the enormous amount of blood she must have been losing, but from the unnatural stillness that came whenever vampires were around.

There was no noise, no light, no anything. She shivered in fear, and he heart began to beat faster. "Oh God," she whispered.

"Not even he can help you now," she heard a smooth, silky voice say from behind her.

Christine immediatley knew Audrey had been watching her from behind probably delighting in the fear Christine felt. "What do you want from me?" Christine screamed even though she couldn't see the evil creature. Christine knew Audrey had an unnatural talent of staying hidden in the dark very well.

"Oh don't worry. Your puny ballerina fingers won't have to do a single thing but sit there in pain and agony," Audrey almost growled to Christine as she went to look her in the eye. Christine could see her glowing red eyes in the darkness.

Christine didn't know if it was in fear or anger, either way she did it. She spit in Audrey's decieveingly beautiful face. Audrey jumped back in genuine surprise."Why you little..." She went to hit Christine but stopped when someone opened the door.

"He's here, and he's not alone," Christine heard a male voice say.

Anger pulsed through Audrey's veins as she wiped the spit off her face. "I hope your little, ugly boyfriend is as strong as he thinks he is," she kicked Christine's chair over causing Christine to hit the floor with a thud," he's gonna need all the strength he can get to save you."

Raoul was careful when walking through the woods. He knew that about half a mile away there was dozens of bloodthirsty vampires that would not have a second thought aboud ripping him to shreds. He was just starting to get scared in the darkness when a strong and cold hand roughly grabbed his shirt. "Finally," Erik muttered. All Raoul could see of the vampire was the pale skin of his chin. The rest of his face was covered with a black mask.

"So what's the plan?" Raoul asked.

Erik walked disdainfully toward the dozens of vampires that eyed him with hate in their gleaming red eyes.

He could take them all easily he knew, and that's why he was here.Raoul remained in the woods so they could not surprise attack him.

The plan had been for them to attack Erik first, and for Raoul to run to his aid(Erik had not liked putting it that way). Hopefully it would give them enough time to distract Audrey, and for Raoul to rescue Christine.

The plan had not been full-proof, and the likelihood of success was quite slim. Nonetheless, they needed a plan. So they went along with it.

Unfortunately, the plan had failed before it even began. Erik had been so sure they would attack at the moment they saw him. Yet as he walked through the dozens of undoubtfully bloodthirsty vampires they simply stared at him. He kept walking though.

"You know you have no chance of beating him!" Christine growled at Audrey with more courage than she thought she had. She now understood that hate and anger brought a lot of courage.

"It's interesting...and funny that you say that with such little doubt," Audrey whispered playfully in Christine's ear.

Christine could see very faintly in such darkness, but she could feel the unnatural cold that followed the evil vampire wherever she went. "I have no reason to doubt," Christine defended Erik with.

Audrey merely laughed at this. "I may have had no chance before, but now it's him that walks to his death."

Christine stood still for a moment thinking about the monster's words. "I thought you wanted him to join you?" Christine said

Audrey laughed menancingly." I did at first, but now that I've gained most my strength back...I no longer need him. Infact he unfortunately...," she paused, and Christine could hear a slight giggle,"he has to die. He'll try to stop me too much, and he'll get in the way."

Christine felt fear crawl over her body with every word Audrey spoke. "Well than what was the point of bringing me here?" She asked with a gulp.

"Well to get him here obviously, but then I just couldn't resist the chance to let one of you watch the other die," she replied with another terrifying giggle. Christine shivered as the anger sent chills down her spine. It was all she could do to keep from moving. She had thought of choking the life out of Audrey, but that was an impossible desire.

Christine heard Audrey snap her fingers. Immediately, another vampire entered the room. "Tell the others to search the woods for the stupid hunter. I know he's around here somewhere. I'll take care of Erik."

Christine could hear her soft footsteps, and could see her frightening silhouette glide to the door. "Time to say goodbye to your precious Erik," she laughed before leaving.

Erik felt a sense of fear for Raoul as every single vampire began to march toward the woods. He knew Raoul could handle himself though...or so he hoped.

"Erik! She's going to kill you!" Erik heard Christine's lovely voice yell from within the house.

"Hello once again Erik." Erik spun around to see Audrey, arms-crossed, watching him intently.

"You didn't want me to join you did you? Not anymore anyway..," Christine's words sank in rather quickly.

Audrey simply shook her head with a smile. "Are we going to do this the easy way?" she asked.

"You mean let you kill me easily?" he paused. "Do you honestly know me that little?" He slid off his mask to make Audrey flinch. He loved seeing her do that.

Then quicker than human eyes could manage to see they ran towards each other to fight.

Raoul sat absolutely silent as he watch the approaching vampires. He might have even possibly stopped breathing.

"Where is he?" One of the snarled.

"I don't know, but I can sense his blood," another growled in response. Raoul shivered. One of them was almost touching him now. He quietly slid a stake out of his pocket. The creature slid a branch out of the way and looked straight at Raoul. Quickly, Raoul stuck the stake in the creatures heart. It fell to the ground immediately. All of these were stupid, new vampires. It would be much easier to take care of them. He pulled out his sword ready to attack.

"Come on! I'll take on every one of you!" he screamed. They didn't hesitate to attack.

Erik threw a quick punch at Audrey that sent her flying into the house. There was a huge hole in it where she'd gone through. As if nothing happened, she crawled back out of the house angrier than ever. Really fast, she picked Erik up and threw him into the metal warehouse. There was a loud crumbling sound as the metal buckled from the blow. Erik wasn't hurt though. He quickly got back up ready to fight some more.

Christine could hear the fighting outside from the two vampires. She fought even more with the barbed wire around her wrists and ankles. It hurt like hell, but she had to go help Erik. She could feel the blood dripping down from her wrists onto her legs as she tried to free her right hand. Finally, she got it loose, and was able to rip it off. With her right hand free, she easily was able to untie the rest of her limbs.

She ran out of the house. It was a little lighter outside. She could see the beautiful light in the East from where the sun was trying to peak above the trees. She felt a weird sensation in her body that she recognized as hope.

Christine turned her attention to the fighting vampires. "Erik!" she yelled.

Erik turned his attention to Christine, but Audrey punched him and knocked him a few feet back before Christine could point to the sun. Erik groaned, this one had actually hurt a little bit. He looked toward Christine; she was staring toward the East. Suddenly, he realized what she wanted to tell him. He could see the light of the sun peaking over the trees. All he had to do was distract Audrey enough to keep her outside.

Raoul laughed as he thrusted another stake into an opposing vampire.He was having the time of his life. After cutting off the head of another one, he looked around. There were tons of them around; they weren't going to stop coming. He took a deep breath. "God help me," he said before driving a take through the heart of another one.

Erik spit out a little blood from one of Audrey's blows. He was on his hands and knees looking at the ground. It was blury. Audrey had gotten a lot stronger.

Audrey walked over to Erik and kicked him as hard as she could in the stomach. Moaning, he fell to the ground. "Erik!" Christine screamed. She ran to help him, but Audrey grabbed her by the neck and lifted her off the ground. "Oh Erik," she taunted.

Erik turned over and looked toward the two. He could barely see them. His whole body burned and his head ached from pain and anger.

"Looks like he's going to see you die, my dear.." her words trailed off as she saw the light approaching. A flash of anger came across her face. She dropped Christine who fell flat on her back. Audrey was about to run inside, but Christine grabbed her ankle, causing her to fall. In her frustration, she had made that fatal mistake.

Erik, sensing what was going on, ran to Audrey and held her to the ground with all the strength he had left. "Let go of me!" she snarled and growled. The light from the sun slowly creeped across the top of the trees.

Raoul was blinded when the light of the sun suddenly showed threw the trees. Several of the vampires screamed in pain, and they ran into the woods for some sort of shelter. Raoul smiled and fell to his knees. He had never been so happy to see the sun in his life.

Christine was nearly in tears as she watched helplessly as Erik attempted to pin Audrey to the ground. The sun was nearly upon them.

Suddenly Audrey stopped fighting. "Erik would you really do this to me again?" she pleaded in her sweetest, most beautiful voice.

Erik looked her in the eye. He saw great fear in her gleaming ruby eyes. He never felt happier in his life, and the sun was now shining straight on them. Audrey's pale skin turned red; she shook in pain. "Go to hell," he said as he let her go for the sun to have it's way. She burst into flame, and Audrey's screams were louder than ever. In just mintues, all that was left was a big pile of dust.

Christine quickly ran to Erik. Erik scooped her into his arms and kissed her. "I was afraid she'd win," Christine confessed quietly.

Erik paused. "For a moment there I was to," Erik told her. He looked at her hands and ankles. "Are you ok?"

"It hurts a little, but I'll be fine," she said. "What about you?"

"Oh I'm fine. I'm a quick healer," he comforted.

"Is it over with?" They both turned around to see Raoul limping toward them.

Erik turned to the big pile of dust in the shape of a body lying next to them. Half of it had already been blown away. "Yeah...you know I think so."

"Good," Raoul moaned and he fell to the ground, exhausted.

Christine and Erik laughed a little. "So where are we going now?" Christine asked playfully. Erik could sense what she wanted, but he shook his head.

"No, we're going to the hospital first to get you fixed up," Erik commanded.

Christine looked sad. "And then?"

"And then we'll do whatever you want to do, my love," he announced.


Erik smiled.

Christine and Erik lay in bed together. His arm was wrapped around her stomach. Christine played with Erik's fingers. She had been thinking about something for a long time now. This seemed as good a time as any to mention it. "Erik, there's been something I've been wanting to talk to you about..." Christine whispered. She didn't have to ever worry about him not hearing something.

"Yes Christine." Erik nestled his head into her hair. He loved her scent.

"You love me, right? And you want to spend eternity together, right?"

Erik sighed. He knew this was coming, and he had been dreading it. "You know I love you Christine, and I want to spend every waking moment with you." They both sat up, and he stroked her chin softly.

Christine smiled. Erik wasn't wearing his mask right now, but she now liked it more when he wasn't wearing it. It felt like he was trying to hide himself when he had it on, and Christine didn't like that. She wanted Erik; all of Erik, the beautiful and the not so beautiful. "Then maybe you should turn me..you know into a vampire. That way we could be together forever," she said with a faint smile.

Erik sighed once more. "Christine, you have no idea how I would love for us to be together forever, but it's something I could never do to you." She looked at him confused. "It's funny how most people think that immortality is worth fighting for, but it's more of a curse than a blessing," he paused and looked at her," I could never give you that curse," he paused once more, "even if it means an eternity of suffering without you."

"But," she protested, "Erik nothing's a curse if I'm with you!"

He laughed. "You sure about that my dear?"

"Aboslutely positive."

"Christine please," he cupped her head in his hands, "don't make me do that to you. You have no idea of what you ask. You're condemned once you become one of us."

"You speak of yourself as if you're the same as every one of those bloodsuckers! You're not! You're different and you know it. It's as if you've been given a second chance. I could be like you," Christine fought with.

"You don't know that for sure."

"Well at least promise me you'll think about it," Christine pleaded.

"I promise, now will you go to sleep?" he asked.

"If I have to," Christine moaned as she laid back down.

Happy to have it out of the way for the moment, Erik lay back down beside her to go to sleep himself. There was a quiet moment before, "Erik?" Christine whispered.

"Yes Christine?"

"You'll really think about it right?"

"I give you my word," he replied. He heard her sigh, and then there was another moment of silence.

"I love you Erik," Christine said.

"I love you too Christine." Then they both fell asleep.

Well that's it. I'm not writing a sequel or anything. That's the end of Dangers. Hope you enjoyed it.