A short piece of Lloyd and Colette fluff, set after the game. Nothing particularly explicit in it but things are implied which is why I've given it a high rating.

Dedication: to my "Lloyd", a wonderful bloke who I love very very much.

Disclaimer: I don't own Tales of Symphonia. Namco own it I believe.

Colette purred happily and wriggled her toes, lazily stretching before nestling up even closer to Lloyd. She smiled softly at him, gazing at his peaceful face as he dozed. She rubbed the tip of her nose against his, lightly so as not to disturb his sleep, then rested her head on the pillow and closed her eyes.

She was feeling a little sleepy too. She drifted into the blissful dozy state of not quite being asleep but not really being that awake either and wallowed in the pleasant feelings surrounding her. Lloyd's body was deliciously warm next to her own. She felt so comfortable that she found the thought of ever moving difficult to contemplate although she knew she would, eventually, get up from her comfortable spot, she always did. It was a nice, comforting thought, however, that even though in the end she always had to move from those gloriously cozy spots she always managed to find another one later.

She sighed, feeling blissfully content and satisfied. Lloyd made her feel so special, was so loving and tender towards her. She nuzzled him affectionately, entwining her fingers around his. He made a purr-like noise and wrapped an arm more tightly around her. She contentedly drank in his scent and allowed herself to slip a little more deeply into slumber. She had almost totally drifted off to sleep when a little rumbling noise disturbed her. She giggled as Lloyd began to snore louder.

"Shhhh," she said quietly, tenderly placing a finger on his lips.

"Sorry," he mumbled, nuzzling his pillow and shifting his shoulders around a little before settling back into his doze.

She opened her eyes and gazed at him once more, noticing the light that was shining through the drawn curtains and the little bits of dust drifting around in it. Somewhere outside a bird was chirping. The noise mingled with the faint sound of a radio playing somewhere in the distance, perhaps in a garden next to someone sitting outside enjoying the sunshine.

That seemed like a nice idea, she thought, sitting out in the last of the day's sunshine. She decided that, when they finally got up, she and Lloyd should have dinner in the garden.

Dinner could wait for now however. Lloyd had made her feel wonderful and he deserved a well earned rest. She moved her head slightly to place a soft, tender kiss on his lips then blinked as his eyes half opened sleepily. He smiled up at her and wrapped his arms tightly around her, pulling her close to him, purring as he did so.

She giggled as he nuzzled her and caressed her playfully with a mischievous grin on his face. Yes, she decided, dinner could most certainly wait.