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Score wandered the streets of New York. He though he'd be glad to go back, he thought he'd be glad to get to the place he had missed so much but he wasn't. He was being tortured from the inside and he needed a break. He was still a young rouge but it wasn't as fun as it used to be. He was becoming clumsier and it was dumb luck that he had managed to escape from the people that caught him. He never joked anymore either. He couldn't stand to think about the one person that had been most scathing about his jokes. His heart had been ripped to shreds when he left his 3 former friends and it still hadn't fixed itself.

Jenna, so kind and sweet. He had made a lot of jokes about her slim body at first but now he regretted them. He had never really loved her like he said he did. He regretted not getting to know her better. At least she wasn't part of the triad though but they still affected her. Whatever happened that would have ripped the others up, Jenna stayed calm and sensible. She healed them when they needed it and she never ceased being their friend.

Pixel, Score couldn't really understand the boy. With blue skin and pointy ears, most would call him an alien but Score knew better. Pixel was a magic user, a smart and witty one at that. If Score had never met Pixel, he would have been roast by now. He would not have lived through the experiences he took in Diadem if Pixel hadn't been with him. Pixel was the brains of the group and no-one argued. Pixel planned things and Score just jumped into them. Pixel was an excellent friend and Score missed him heaps.

Score himself was the joker. He would be careful once in a while but he used to be mostly all jokes. In his opinion, he was the least needed on the team. What good addition was a joker when his jokes often made people feel bad and start fighting? He was useless in his eyes and he always wondered why he never learnt how to use a knife. That would have at least made it the tiniest bit more useful…yes…Score was no help at all.

Helaine, just thinking about her made Score shiver, even though it was summer. She was the fighter on the team. She had disguised as a boy named Renald on their first adventure but then showed herself for what she really was. Score was quite scathing when she found out that she was a girl and he could kick himself for it. It didn't matter what gender you were and Score was too stupid to see it at the beginning. Helaine turned out to be the best fighter on the team. She could use a sword like an expert and she saved Score's ass on several occasions. He probably missed her the most out of them all.

One day they would all see eachother again, one day they would reconnect and become a four once more. Until then, Score would just have to wait, no matter how painful it was.

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