Plutobaby494: Ok, in this fic Wyatt is 15 and Chris is 14. I know that is not their real age in the show, but in my story Chris was conceived only a year after Wyatt. This is going to be set a week after Chris was born and Big Chris died and everyone is still in mourning. For all of those who thought that they got over his death too fast, this is the fic for you!

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Chapter 1

Piper Halliwell sat in the basement of the manor on a set up cot holing a navy blue shirt with a giant red stain in the middle of it. That was the shirt that her baby was wearing when his life was taken away. Christopher Perry Halliwell had come back from the future to save his older sibling and succeeded by not with his life. He had also been born that very same day, so in a way they didn't really lose him. But that could not take away the hurt of his death, after getting to know him over the past year.

A tear fell down onto the shirt and Piper sighed. Getting up she walked up the stairs and into the kitchen with the shirt still in her hand. Phoebe and Paige were in the kitchen when she got to the top of the stairs.

"Hey sweetie" Phoebe said walking over to her big sister hugging her. Piper smiled a little and buried her head into Phoebe's shoulder. Paige walked over with tears in her eyes and hugged her sisters. She had seen the life leave in her nephew's eyes and that was something that would haunt her till the day she died. Leo had been absent a lot, mourning over Chris alone and in his own way.

"Hey, he didn't die in vain" Phoebe said pulling away slightly from her sisters.

"I know, but that does not take away the hurt" Piper said sadly.

"And I can't help but feel as if it's our destiny to die young, like Prue did" Piper continued.

"I don't know, Piper. Maybe it is!" Phoebe said embracing her sister again.

"It hurts, more than when Prue died. I can't stop wishing that he will come through the door asking us to go on another demon hunt" Piper said sobbing into Phoebe's shoulder.

"Piper, this is different, Prue was our sister but Chris was your son. Nothing can make that pain go away" Phoebe said as tears were threatening to fall down her face.

"I miss him, Phoebe" Piper said pulling away from her.

"I know. Why don't you go be with Wyatt and Chris" Phoebe said and Piper nodded and left the room heading for the stairs.

Paige was standing in the same spot with silent tears running down his face. Phoebe saw this and embraced her.

"Hey, we need to be strong for Piper and Leo" she said gently and felt her sister shake her head.

"Don't worry it will get better" she continued pulling away from Paige.

"Will it?" Paige asked than walked away. Once she was gone Phoebe grabbed the counter for support and finally let the tears that wanted to get out fall down her face. As she pondered what he little sister said, will it get better? Being strong sucked.

Halliwell Attic 2019

Chris sat in front of a bubbling pot full of potions while his brother paced anxiously in front of him.

"Are you done yet?" Wyatt asked impatiently.

"No" Chris answered annoyed, that had been the sixth time he'd asked.

"When will you?" Wyatt asked again.

"When it is ready" Chris replied.

"Can you be any slower?" Wyatt complained running his hand through his sandy blonde hair.

"Hey I am not the one who forgot his homework at the last minute and forgot his ingredient list at school!" Chris said shooting his brother a dirty look "And I can't believe I am doing it for you!"

"Hey, your better at potions than me, plus you like memorized it" Wyatt said.

"Whatever" Chris replied turning his attention back to the potion.

Wyatt grinned and stopped pacing and said "Well you had better hurry because mom will be home soon with the aunts."

"It will be done when it is done, Wyatt" Chris said adding another ingredient.

"Here will you do something other than annoy me and take this downstairs and put it away" Chris asked holding the wormwood over the batch.

"Yea" Wyatt replied and went to grab the bag of wormwood but it slipped through his fingers and landed in the potion.

"Wyatt!" Chris cried as the potion blew up in his face sending him and Wyatt into the wall. Blue lights formed and a large portal appeared sucking the two brothers into it.

Halliwell Manor 2004

Piper sat watching her boys sleep, well one of them sleep. Wyatt was taking a nap and Chris was lying in his crib just watching his mother with curious eyes.

Piper smiled at him and stroked his small cheek. Chris fidgeted in his blanket and pulled it off his small body. Piper sighed and repositioned the blanket so it was on top of him.

"You're going to be a handful" she said to herself than looked down to her hand where the shirt was still clutched in her hand tightly. She lifted it up and stared at the shirt. Chris saw it and started fidgeting towards it.

"Hey, what's the matter, peanut? Piper asked gently looking down at her son. Bright blue orbs surrounded the shirt that was in her hand and it appeared in Chris's small ones. Yawning he clutched the shirt to his chest and his eyes started drooping as if the shirt comforted him. Piper smiled a true smile, one that she hadn't since his birth and stood up leaving the shirt in the infant's hand. Walking to the door she turned off the lights and shut the door quietly trying not to wake either of her boys.

When she was about walk down to the kitchen wanting to do some housework since she needed to take care of her kids all day she had to do it when they were both asleep, a loud thump was heard in the attic and she looked towards the stairs warily.

Phoebe and Paige came running up the stairs obviously have heard the noise too. They walked towards the door getting ready for a fight when a familiar voice stopped them in their tracks.


When Wyatt and Chris came through the portal they fell forward with a loud thump on the attic floor.

"Owwww" Chris cried sitting on his butt rubbing his temples "That is the last time I help you with your homework"

"I second that! Jeez what did you put in that potion" Wyatt complained grabbing his head wishing the pounding would stop.

"Everything that was supposed to go in it, that is until you decided to add more wormwood than needed" Chris said accusingly at Wyatt.

"Hey it was an accident" Wyatt cried folding his arms in a stubborn manor.

"You're an Idiot" Chris muttered looking around at the attic than he realized something. All his old clothes that had been stored away in boxes and his old baby toys were gone, and his mom would never want to get rid of those no matter how much her teenage boys begged.

"Hey Wy, do you notice anything" Chris asked pointing around the room for emphasis.

"Nope, never" Wyatt replied not really hearing the question.

"Of course not" Chris replied rolling his eyes. Chris decided to come out and say it knowing that if he was to help Wyatt see it than they could be here all night.

"Wyatt, what do you think happened to our old baby clothes and toys mom wouldn't get rid of" Chris asked.

"Um…. there not here" he suddenly realized looking around the room. The attic was the same as normal just a few things missing, scrying tools and a huge map of the San Francisco Area was laying on the old oak table. In the middle of the room there stood an alterish looking thing with a huge green book sitting on it, The Book of Shadows.

"Very good, I think were in trouble" Chris said closing his eyes thinking of a possible solution to the mess they were in.

Any talk was interrupted when the Charmed Ones burst through the attic door and stopped short. All eyes were on Chris, Wyatt's eyes were on his brother because his brother was a good thinking and liar and could with out a doubt come up with a lie to get us out of this or an excuse which ever one came first.

Chris was ready with an excuse because no matter how hard he tried he could not get away with his lies with his mom, she saw through them all the time. So he decided to come up with a great excuse and use his good charm. Sometimes when he really tired all his family were like putty in his hands.

"Um, we can explain" Chris said scratching the back of his head.


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