"Aww great!" whined Laguna. "Now we're stuck! Maybe so much time down there was a bad idea."

"We had to find Rinoa and the others, remember old man?" Squall called from the darkness. "I wonder where the torches are…" Squall moved his hands over the wall until he felt the metal casing of one the torches. He lit it with a Fire spell. The passage was now illuminated, and the two could see how much they would have to dig through.

"Guess we'd better start now, and quick." Said Laguna, and the two put down the companions and started digging up.


Irvine and Selphie flew to the Sorceress Memorial, shovels ready. When they arrived, there wasn't much to see other than the memorial. Irvine scratched his forehead.

"Where could they be? We can't just start digging anywhere!" Irvine exclaimed. He paced back and forth thinking of how to find Squall and the others. He was lost in his thoughts when he tripped over his own shoe and landed face flat onto the solid hard ground.

"Irvine! Are you alright!?" Selphie ran over to his and shook him awake. He blinked, and his eyes widened.

"That's it! Selphie! This ground here is solid as ever, and we wouldn't be able to dig through it. But say Squall was underground; there would be a cave entrance or something that he would go into right? But if we look around us, it's all generally flat, no entrances or anything. That makes me believe there may be a trapdoor here, and under the trapdoor would be a hollow space! We just have to stomp around here until we hear a hollow sound coming from the ground." Irvine grinned at his discovery.

"Oh, you're so clever, give me a hug!" Selphie gave Irvine a teddy bear hug, and the two set off to find the trapdoor.

Unfortunately, they did not find much luck for the next twenty minutes, and they were getting tired of jumping around everywhere.

"Hmm…Irvine, this isn't worki-"Selphie was cut short. The ground trembled, making her lose her balance, and Irvine's too. About twenty metres ahead of Selphie, she saw the land groan and sink down a couple of decimeters. Irvine ran to the depression and called for Selphie to come too.

"Something's happening here! Let's dig down; Squall might be stuck down there." Irvine started digging, and Selphie soon followed.


Squall was getting tired of digging, and Laguna had already given up and was lighting more torches. Squall paused for a bit, gasping for oxygen, which was starting to take a toll in his head. He swaggered a bit, and heard a little scraping coming from the pile of rubble in front of him, or was it coming from beyond the rubble? Maybe someone was helping him on the other side! Squall began to dig to, when his nerves tensed up, and he fell to the floor with Laguna, unable to move, but able to look around still.

Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Rinoa get up, actually, the figure of Rinoa get up. Her arm was covered with blue scales, so she must be possessed by the spirit Ruby, as it went by, again. She raised a clawed hand, and pointed it at the rocks blocking their way. In an instant, they all disappeared, and Rinoa collapsed.