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This fic is about Zack. Centered on Zack finding his way back to his memories/Max and Max finding Zack.

ML but this is not really deep, considering the virus is around.

MA showing potential, but as of right now, not happening, only forming

Prologue: Zack's History

Zack was captured by making the choice to save Max. He was tortured in order to give up the other X5s locations. At the sight of Max (though a fake Max) he almost gave them what they wanted.

They erased his memory. His nightmares helped him to piece it together. He remembered Max. He couldn't forget her, because he didn't want to.

2 months later, he escaped Manticore a 2nd time, even less of a human by technical terms than before. He had a mechanical heart, eye, and arm. All covered by human synthetic skin.

A week after his escape, he made it to Max. He found out she, too had been captured at Manticore for a couple of months. She was overjoyed at the sight of him, she had thought he was dead. He didn't tell her what happened to him. At the sight of her, he realized he couldn't do it again. It would break him to even chance losing Max another time. Though Zack was enhanced, he wasn't immune. Losing Max another time, even just the thought of it, would be the end of him. He just knew, it would drive him to insanity.

He could picture what would happen if he lost Max. He would go to Manticore, do something stupid, try to kill them for what they'd done to her. He would get captured, and without knowing Max was safe, he would feel the burn of absolute failure. He would give all the locations in the insane state he could picture. They would all be captured again. This time, they would never be able to escape again.

He couldn't let that happen.

He let a few weeks pass after seeing Max, thinking it over before he knew he had no other choice. For all of their safety he needed to do this. It would be different this time, for one special reason- he actually had chosen it this time. In his heart, however mechanical it was, he willed it this time. For everyone's safety and well-being, he internalized the will to do it.

Zack scrawled out a note and shoved it into his pocket before traveling to the only place it could be done. On the way, he would have to get money, lots of it. This wouldn't be cheap. He swallowed his conscience- this was more important than a couple of Ordinarys. If he had to kill a couple people to get the money and ensure secrecy, he would.