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Chapter 14: Phone Calls

"Hey, Joey?" Max spoke into her cell phone. She threw Alec a glare as his snickering was distracting her from making the call.

"It's Madison!" she greeted with a smile, trying to sound enthusiastic in spite of how humiliating this whole situation was. Like she actually was interested in the guy beyond a moment of weakness that wasn't entirely her choice, at least it wouldn't have been under normal circumstances. And of course Alec was just loving this.

He laughed out loud at the name she could curse for giving herself to Joey as if it was hers.

She placed her hand over the speaking end, doing more than glaring at him. She reached to slap him, but narrowly missed as he dodged it, still laughing. "Will you shut up?!" she breathed, wanting to yell but still trying to keep Joey from hearing.

"Oh, no," she said into the phone, "Sorry, I was talking to my-"

"Fiancé!" Alec spoke louder than necessary, hoping to complicate her phone call even more. He enjoyed seeing Max on her toes. It was so easy to agitate her.

Max reached to slap him again, and this time he didn't dodge in time.

"Ow!" he faked, even though he clearly was in no pain. He seemed to be experiencing nothing more than amusement at the moment.

"Sorry, I'm in the middle of a crowded place here. I really want to talk to you in person, though…..No, I'm not upset right now," She said, giving Alec a piercing look as if she wanted to kill him. "Sure, that sounds good. I'll be there in an hour."

She hung up and as soon as she'd pocketed the phone, she slapped Alec upside the head. "Idiot! What the hell was that all about, fiancé! Do you want to find out anything here or just screw around!"

"Ouch, Maxie. I'm not so sure this abusive relationship is so good for my health," he joked.

The reply only helped to increase her annoyance with him. "Can't I count on you for anything? I mean, a 10 second phone call, and you couldn't just shut up!"

"Oh, calm down, Madison," he teased her, continuing with a fake southern accent, "I'm sure that ol' Joey din't know anything." He paused before adding with his sarcasm, but a little seriousness in his voice, "Well, who would after that kiss. Say now, how come you've never been that way with me?"

Max shoved his head away, her face still showing anger at his whole demeanor. "Sorry, Pretty Boy. As gorgeous as Manticore designed you, there's something about you that just ruins it."

Alec smiled, "So you are attracted to me! Well, then, let's go, I'm ready for my kiss." He held his lips into a pouty form.

Unfortunately for Max, she really did want to respond. She was still feeling on edge thanks to her condition. Staring at his lips looking fuller than she'd ever seen, she only found her anger growing. That she was attracted to Alec made her want to slap him even more.

"Oh, that's right!" she replied, "It's because you're a cocky, self-serving smart-ass! I guess that's what kills it for me!"

Alec shrugged, "What, how could I not laugh. Excuse me for being bored, Max. Listening to you babble with Mr. Southern Charm isn't exactly the highlight of my day. Give me a break." He paused, "And anyway, you had to think it was at least a little funny, didn't you, Madison!"

Max glared at him, "Shut up!"

"Now that's no way to treat your fiancé!"

"And there you go again with that! What the hell is that? I guess I missed the proposal!"

"Well, that's my cover, Max. I guess in how amazing you did with yours, you know, being more friendly than the mission called for with the townsfolk, you forgot I had to make one up for myself. See, unlike you, I didn't run into a hot Southerner of the opposite sex. I think Grandma at the supermarket would have slapped me if I stuck my tongue down her throat."

Max reached to slap him, but Alec grabbed her arm before it touched him. "You ass!" she said, "You have no idea!"

"About what, wifey?" He asked.

Max couldn't tell him. She did not want to explain her actions to him. And she didn't like how warm her body felt when he'd touched her arm. Sometimes she hated being transgenic.

Instead of coming clean, she shoved his comments away, or at least tried to. "Quit referring to me as your wife!" she demanded.

"Well, now maybe if you starting acting like a good wife, I wouldn't have to remind you!" Alec commented.

"Shut up!" Max demanded.

"Now that's the third time you've said that to me. Do you have nothing better to say to me? I mean, if you were able to articulate into words a plausible and logical reason for why I should cease talking, I might actually consider it."

"What I am picturing about what I would like to do to you right now," She answered, "Is not something I can articulate into words! But let me give you a clue- it involves your face becoming very familiar with the pavement!"

Before he could respond this time, she spat out an order, "Look, we need to stick to the mission. We have less than an hour to meet with Joey, and by the looks of things, we're gonna need a place to stay. So why don't you see if you can find a hotel or something."

"And what exactly are you going to do while I continue to bust my ass for you? Why can't you look for a hotel, while I go to the bar and find someone to make out with," he suggested.

She glared at him, "I'm going to call Logan, if you don't mind. He hasn't heard from me in a while, and I never told him I was leaving Seattle."

Alec rolled his eyes, "Oh, geez."

"What?" she demanded, still worked up.

"Oh, no, go right ahead! We wouldn't want to breath, eat, or shit without telling Logan about it!"

"He has a right to know what's going on, he's working to find out about Zack himself," she defended the man.

"Yea, okay, Max." Alec turned to walk away and begin looking for a place to stay. "Be sure you tell him how well you got to know the townies here, Maxie, especially Joey!" he called over his shoulder.

She lifted her fist up out of instinct by now, reacting immediately to Alec, only to realize that he wasn't standing within arm's reach anymore for her to punch. She just shook her fist defeatedly into the air, trying to settle with just the image of Alec getting his head bashed in, although it wasn't doing much to calm her down.

Once he was gone, she sighed to try and let out her frustration before dialing Logan.

"Max!" Logan greeted before Max even had a chance to say hello. He sounded almost panicked. "Where have you been? I tried paging you, I stopped by Joshua's. He didn't know where you were. Neither did Cindy, what's going on? Are you in danger?"

Max almost wanted to laugh at his worried assumptions. Damn, calm down before you have a heart attack! She thought, a bit annoyed that he apparently was freaking out just because she hadn't contacted him in a few days.

"Hello to you, too," she replied, sounding almost bitter.

"Max," Logan repeated, trying to sound a bit less frantic, "What's going on?"

"Well, I decided to turn myself back into Manticore. They locked me in a cell, and wouldn't you know it, I finally got to make my phone call. Write me, will ya?" She replied sarcastically.

"Max," Logan again said, sounding strained at how carefree she was treating the situation. "I haven't heard from you. No one knows where you are."

"Well what were you so eager to tell me?" she asked.

"I have a piece for Eyes Only." He paused, "I…don't have the resources right now to act on it."

Max rolled her eyes, "So you wanted my help on an Eyes mission."

"It's not like that. I'm worried about you. When I found out no one had heard from you…" he trailed.

"No worries. I didn't die. I'm just looking for the guy that did that for me," she spoke into the phone.

"You're following a lead on Zack?" Logan concluded.

"Nice deduction," Max commented, sounding a bit condescending. "Yea, I'm in Arkansas at the moment following a lead. Have you found one yet?"

"No," Logan answered, "But if you have a definite location, I'm sure I can look it up and find something."

"Good," Max accepted, "Try looking up something in construction."

After an awkward pause, Logan spoke again. "So, you think you'll be preoccupied there for a while?"

"I really don't know how long I'll be preoccupied with trying to find my family," she retorted. "So whatever Eyes mission you've got on hold, don't bother waiting up for me."

"Ouch," was the only response Logan could make, "I didn't mean to upset you."

"Why don't you try Asha?" Max suggested. "Look, I've got to go. I have to finish this stuff. Later."

She waited for him to say goodbye before hanging up.

Thinking of the conversation, she realized she'd been pretty short and cold with him. Damn Alec! She thought. Leave it to him to get her in fight mode just before calling Logan. Of course, there was also how agitated she was feeling thanks to her hormonal overdrive. Nothing like wanting to kiss Alec to get her completely on edge thanks to her freakish DNA.

Max was surprised to hear her phone ringing, before she saw who it was. Alec. Ugh. She didn't want to answer it, but she did anyway.

"What?" she asked impatiently.

"Aww, Maxie, now that is no way to greet me!"

"Spit it out, Alec," she demanded, "I don't have the patience for this right now."

"Do you ever?" He asked.

"Alec!" She demanded.

"Fine, fine! Don't get your feathers all ruffled a bit. I wouldn't want to cause that gorgeous smile of yours to be all twisted in a frown. You're not that attractive when you do that, you know, Maxie?"

"Even if I gave a shit about how attractive I am to you, what you should be asking yourself is, If you are so concerned with my smile, why don't you stop acting like an asshole around me. Maybe then I would smile more."

"But it's so much more fun this way!" he replied.

"I'm hanging up," she answered.

"Wait!" he said, "Hear me out."

"5 seconds."

"Okay, so I found this-"


"-Place. It looks decent enough, except-"


"-Hey, will you cut that out?"


"Max! Okay, Okay-"


"It only has one bed!" he finished in a rush.

"What?!" she replied.

"One," he corrected, "That would be the next number in that sequence."

"I know that One comes after Two, idiot!"

"…Aaactually, One comes before Two, but in your sequence-"

"Shut up!" she said.


"I thought you said One!"

"No, that makes four times you've said shut up to me today."

"Well, damn, you'd think you would get a clue by now, then wouldn't you!"

"Now, Maxie, I already told you, if you give me a good enough reason-"

"How 'bout you're annoying the living shit out of me!"

"Now would you quit interrupting me, Maxie? It's really distracting, you know. I've got this great conversation on the tip of my tongue, when you go and-"

"Fine, one bed, whatever," Max interrupted.

"Aww, now there you go again! You did that on purpose!"

Max smiled in spite of how upsetting he was. Good thing she was on the phone so he wouldn't see. "I see no problem with that situation."

She could almost hear Alec's grin. He was probably beaming. "Maxie! Now that really warms my heart! You're wanting to consummate our marriage, I see. You know you're right, I really feel bad that I never proposed to you, so here it is. Maxie,-"

"You can have the floor," She decided.

"Max!" he said, sounding shocked.

"Bye now!" she answered, glad she'd finally caught him without an immediate response.

Max hung the phone up with a satisfied grin at the way that conversation had ended.

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