Okay, this is one of two long requested stories where Dean has a secret instead of Sam. Both Smallville and Supernatural belong to the WB, which will soon be the CW. I only own the plot. First chap takes place during Smallville's "Commencement" although I rush through the deaths scenes and I changed Lana's dialogue for the phone call and the second chap will be the end of Supernatural's "Devil's Trap" with a twist. This story takes place in the current season after Clark and Lana break up, except that Jonathan never died and Lana and Lex never kissed. I only own the plot and the creature that will be showing up later. Hope you enjoy.



The man tapped his foot impatiently. Where were they? They had said they'd meet him. Why were they late? Just then, he heard a twig snap.

"Jason?" he heard a girl whisper. He felt his features curve into a grin. Lana Lang. The love of his life. His smile fell as he thought about what he was going to ask her. Would she do it? Would she believe him?

"Jason?" he heard another voice ask. The ex-football coach put a finger to his lips, indicating to Jonathan Kent that he should be quiet.

"Were you guys followed?" he questioned.

"We were careful," Jonathan assured.

"Jason, what's going on? Why are you sneaking around like this?" Lana wondered.

"I need you two to do me a favor even though you're most likely gonna hate it," he told them.

"What favor is that, Jason?" Jonathan asked.

"I need you guys to help me fake my own death," came the response.

"What?" Lana gasped.

"I also need to get rid of Genevieve Teague," he continued.

"Jason, I realize you've had problems with your mother, but I don't think matricide's the answer," Jonathan stated.

"Are you kidding me? That demon ain't my mother! I just had to play along until I knew its game," he snapped.

"Jason, what are you talking about?" Lana questioned.

"My name---my real name---is Dean Winchester. My Dad and I were on a hunting trip in Paris when we ran into who you both know as Genevieve Teague. The day we met, I noticed it goin' for you, so I clipped ya. Of course, I didn't expect you to kick me off my vespa," Dean said with a small chuckle.

"Wait. What do you mean she was going for me?" Lana asked.

"This demon is obsessed with staying young and beautiful. It does that by feeding off certain types of young girls. You fit the bill," Dean explained.

"What?" Lana gasped. Is he serious? she wondered to herself.

"Man, I wish Sammy was here. He's the one who's good with the sensitivity stuff," Dean groaned.

"Okay, say we believe that this---demon or whatever---is really after Lana. How do we even stop it?" Jonathan wondered.

"I've found some ancient artifacts with these weird symbols. Most of them had to do with Isobel Thoreaux, but one of them was different and I called up a friend and had him translate," Dean explained.

"What artificats---you mean, like the symbols we've found in the cave?" Lana queried. Jonathan looked at them in alarm. They had found Kryptonian artifacts?

"No. These were different," Dean answered. "Anyway, I discovered that one of these artificats can kill it if you stab it right in the heart," he continued.

"Okay. That sounds simple enough," Lana said. Wait a minute. I can't believe I'm agreeing to this! she thought to herself. But then again, Genevieve Teague freaked her out.

"So how are you supposed to die?" Jonathan wondered.

"I'll come over to your place with a shotgun. I'll pretend to go postal and attack you guys. You'll get it away from me and shoot me in the heart," Dean told him.

"But---" Jonathan began to protest.

"Ah, don't worry. The gun'll be full of rock-salt. Won't kill me. It'll just hurt like heck," Dean interrupted assuringly.

"If you say so," Jonathan said doubtfully.

"Relax. It'll be fine," Dean said. Then, turning to Lana, "As soon as Genevieve Teague's dead, call me. I may not be able to pick up, but I'll call back and let you know I'm okay. can't answer. It's imperative that people think I'm dead."

"Wha---wha---" Lana's jaw dropped and she trailed off in shock."Look, Lana. This kills me too. But it's the only way to make sure nobody else gets hurt. The only way to make sure you're safe," Dean said. He took her hands. " this? For me?" he requested. She nodded.

"Okay," she agreed. A few days later, Lana stuck a pointed stone through Genevieve's heart. There was a blinding flash and Lana gasped as she felt the tattoo that had mysteriously appear, fade away. Minutes later, Lex found her, and she pretended to be frantic with worry, confusion, and fear. Lex quickly took her out of the apartment. Meanwhile, Jason was at the Kent farm, waving around his shotgun. Martha screamed and Jonathan grabbed the gun and fired. Jason fell to the ground. Meanwhile, Lana quickly dialed a number.

"Jason, I did it. The thing's dead. You don't have to worry about it," Lana said.

"I don't think you quite understood me when I told not to contact anybody," Lex said, taking the cellphone.

"Lex, I---" Lana began.

"I understand and appreciate you wanting to let your friends know you're all right, but it's imperative that you make no contact with anybody," Lex stated.

"Just give me the phone," Lana said, snatching it away. Lex gave up. Lana turned around and put her phone on silent. Then, she joined Lex up in front of the plane. Presently, she felt a buzzing. She smiled in relief. Dean was safe. He was alive. She closed her eyes and fell asleep.


Though most of the stones are of Kryptonian origin, I'm making believe that Dean had found a different set that had nothing to do with Clark's origins.