As the winds died down, Kakashi took a sharp notice that it had become too quiet in the bloody forest. Removing his porcelain hound mask, he looked to the full moon to try and figure the time. His best guess was that it was probably around three in the morning.

A nerve twitched in his arm, and he grabbed a kunai from his pound and flung it sharply in the direction where he heard a slight noise, stabbing a thick tree trunk. Kakashi's eyes narrowed and he scanned the area for any wandering nin that might have been trying to sneak up on him. Nothing.

In the distance, he heard a thumping sound, but he almost thought it was his heart skipping a beat, instead. Staying as still and quiet as he possibly could, he waited in the darkness. He watched the trees move in the barely noticeable breeze. He listened for the ground to give sound to any footsteps.

Abruptly, he heard a low moaning sound and he searched the forest floor before spotting the thing that made the noise. He squinted, hard, to examine it and he thought he saw a familiar ponytail on the persons' head. Couldn't be, could it? Stalking up to the being he gasped lightly as his eyes took in the full features.

The face and the hair had looked like Iruka, Kakashi thought, with the distinct scar that ran across that man's nose; the auburn brown hair that was always pulled back into a ponytail. But… he was naked, and his arms were truncated from the bicep down. The supposed "Iruka" had his eyes closed and Kakashi felt the slightest shiver of fear run down his spine.

The being stopped in its track and turned his head with difficultly, as if it were a hard to do something so simple. Kakashi's eyes widened as he felt his stomach turn at the disturbing thing in front of him, "Iruka?" He whispered, taking a step back.

"Iruka's" upper body contorted suddenly, making the torso lean forward and jut out to the side, forcing his ribs to stick out of his skin, as his thighs came together, with his lower legs spread apart. What was left of his arms hung forward, obviously having no control over them. The being lifted its' head to Kakashi's face and its' eyes flew open, wide and blind.

Kakashi swallowed the lump in his throat and took another step back. He had never seen something like this before, which was saying something because he'd seen a lot of crazy shit before. But this… was it really Iruka? He watched carefully as the Iruka's milky eyes seemed to stare right at him, despite the fact that they were completely white with a tinge of yellow.

"KAKASHI!" It screamed in agony as a black, tar substance began to spew from the mouth. Its' body twitched and tried to move toward the other man, contorting itself into different positions as it walked. It screamed and moaned again as Kakashi caught sight of something moving in the things' skin, tearing and forcing it apart.

The hairs on Kakashi's neck stood up and his eyes unfocused as he could hear the sound of flesh being torn apart. That was not Iruka. This is not Iruka. Was this real? Was this a test? He had to get out of here. Kakashi turned the other way and ran as fast as he could, but was stopped immediately at the resonance of other low moaning noises that now surrounded him.

Looking to the left and then onto the right, he saw the same creatures beginning to invade into the forest with their sick bodies twisting and contorting as they made their way to him. Maybe they wanted suicide, he concluded. Suddenly, he felt a hand on his ankle and he simultaneously reacted with a kunai at the persons' throat. It wasn't one of the creatures, but a regular human being. An enemy nin, to be precise.

"Please, dear god… help me," the man trembled, eyes darting in a paranoid fashion. "Don't let me die. I don't want to die."

Kakashi crouched and studied the facial features of the man, "You see them, too?"

The scared eyes met his and the man spit out his next words, "What do you mean, 'can I see them!' They're fucking everywhere. Please, don't leave me here."

Kakashi felt a twinge of pity for the man, but decided that this was an enemy nin, he could not let him go. "You know that I cannot let you live. I can either kill you myself and make it fast, or leave you with them. I have a feeling that they would kill you slowly."

The silver haired man unexpectedly jumped from the man's presence, heart beating rapidly in his chest as he felt something hovering over his shoulder. The thing that had been behind him screamed in what seemed like frustration but soon turned its' attention to the man on the ground. Kakashi stared in horror as he watched what it appeared to be like blades, or razors rip out of the creatures' stomach and rise up into the air, coming down fast and hard to impale the dying, frightened man in the woods.

"Oh, God," Kakashi knew that he was now surrounded by them so he jumped up into the tree tops and sprinted from limb to limb, desperately running towards his home village, where he knew it was safe.