The Gauntlet - A Labyrinth Drabble

By Rikkitsune

Hello Everyone and welcome to my second attempt at writing for the Labyrinth fandom! This fic will be a collection of drabbles and ficlets that I write for assorted challenges, very similar to my fic Lacero, which contains similar efforts from the Rurouni Kenshin fandom.

This drabble was written for dansemacabre in response to a drabble challenge meme I posted on my LiveJournal. She challenged me to write something Jareth/Sarah, with a glove being thrown on the floor at some point.

WARNINGS: Mild adult themes. That is all. Also, this piece was written in about half an hour, is un-edited and un-beta'd.

DISCLAIMER: I do not own Labyrinth, or its characters.

Sarah pounded through the darkened hallways, her feet thudding against the roughly hewn stones. She knew that running was useless; he would find her no matter where she went. Damn him. Coming to a jerky halt, Sarah doubled over, gasping for breath. Her hand found the cold stone wall and gripped it for balance as her panting and pulse rate slowly returned to normal.

She needed to be as quiet as possible.

Brushing her long hair out of her eyes, she stared down the passage the way she had come, waiting in the dark and the silence for a sound of his approach.


It was such a small sound, but it seemed loud to Sarah's straining ears. It was no more than a brush of a feather against stone, but still, it was enough to warn her that he was coming.

An impish smile curved her lips as she decided to stay put. She had a better idea. Running was such a messy, noisy, sweaty activity anyway, and she needed to be at her best if she was going to win this game. She'd had enough of Jareth's cat and mouse, now it was time to up the stakes. She knew how vulnerable Fae were to playing games, and she was sure Jareth wouldn't be able to resist this one.

Besides that, Jareth had apparently forgotten that she had certain powers of her own…

Coming away from the support wall, she drew herself up to her full height and stayed out in the open, clearly visible to whomever might be approaching.

With a rush of air and a burst of glitter, Jareth appeared in front of her. The sight of her standing there defiantly made him pause for all of about two seconds, before an arrogant smirk tilted the corners of his mouth.

"Ah, Sarah." The way he said her name was almost enough to make her forget the plan altogether. No, dammit! She would not be distracted. "Have you decided to stop blundering down my hallways in the dark? Do you concede defeat?"

"Hardly," Sarah answered dryly. She moved a little closer, until their bodies were almost touching. "You know I would never let you win at Hide and Seek Tag."

"Really?" he purred, leaning in so that his breath brushed over her lips. Sarah smiled slightly and maintained eye contact while she grasped the front of his black shirt with one hand, while reaching for his hand with the other. "Then what are you up to, you little minx?"

Sarah brought his fingers up to her mouth and bit down delicately on the tip of one finger. With small, deliberate tugs, she pulled the glove off his hand. With an inward, delighted grin at the blatant desire written all over his face, she threw the glove on the floor, gripping the cord of the medallion around his neck at the same time and deftly slipping it over his head.

"What am I doing?" she asked, skipping a few steps back. "I am throwing down the gauntlet, lover. I want to play a new game." Jareth had started forward, obviously intending to simply snatch the pendant back, but he halted and raised an eyebrow when he heard the mention of a game.

"What kind of game?" he asked, eyeing Sarah in a manner not unlike a predator eyeing its prey. Sarah breathed an inward sigh of relief, trying to ignore the insistent throbbing of desire that pounded in time to her heartbeat. Half-turning, she walked a few paces away, adding a swing to her hips that she knew would hold his attention.

"Well, how about this? I have the pendant, you have your Fae magic. First one back to the throne room gets to be on top." Then with a thought, she was gone, relishing the brief glimpse of surprise on her husband's face.

Jareth shook his head, grinning widely. The throne room was his domain. She had forgotten he could use his magic to keep anyone out he chose, even her, his Queen. "Silly woman. She should never play games she can't win. But then again, I always win." Then he was gone too, disappearing in a swirl of black and silver.

Author's Notes

Any feedback you Labyrinth fans may have would be greatly appreciated in honing my writing skills for the fandom. Thank you!