Chapter 6

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The rain kept on pouring as she knelt down on the wet and dirty grounds of their village. She was stopping him to go, she wanted him to stay. Ryoma went out of the taxi and slowly went to Sakuno who's still mumbling herself out that she doesn't want him to go. He knelt beside her and cupped her face and he faced it to him.

"I know that". Sakuno looked at him with her sad eyes.

"But you need to start a new life without me, Sakuno"

"Ryoma…" she murmured.

"But always remember this" Ryoma leaned towards her and gave her a soft and tender kiss, I love you and that won't change.

Sakuno never felt this great frustration, this great regret. What have she done? Ryoma was the one wanting her back now, not her; he wanted her like the way she wanted him before. She wasted the opportunity to be happy… to be back in his arms again and instead of taking she refused him and made him walk away. She could have understand him in the first place, she could have taken it lightly; if she love him she will understand and accept it, but no… she made herself confused, she let herself be heart broken, and know it's to late to take back all she have said… it's too late to say I'm sorry and I love you.

Syuusuke heard her crying in the conference hall and made his way to the entrance. He saw her kneeling on the floor, her arms around her waist and her head almost touched the floor. Syuusuke was surprised by this could it be?

"Ryuuzaki-san!" Syuusuke let out a worried call as he knelt beside her.

Syuusuke had managed to persuade her to go with him to a café. They ordered 2 cappuccinos and sat at the most cornered table in the café; He watched her letting her tears fall one by one through her cheeks, as she watched the rain pour harder. Syuusuke glanced at the glass wall too and started to gaze at the rain.

"The rain isn't stopping, isn't it? A new batch of grew clouds have gathered again and poured this hard rain, sigh… it seems like it's not going to end, it seems like we need to wait so long to see the sun shine… I wonder when it will be…" Syuusuke looked back to Sakuno, who's now enjoying the aroma of her cappuccino, "You know what… it's not so bad to let out all your miseries to a friend. A friend is always here to hear all your thoughts and problems… I could be the ground that accepts… the rain you know"

Without any hesitation Sakuno let out loud cry and lowered her head, he warmly smiled at her as she cried and cried. "What have I done…? Why did it end up like this…? This is not what I wanted!" her tears fell numerously to her skirt, "I shouldn't have let myself live a lie! I wish I just understood and accept him completely, instead of being so selfish and juvenile!"

Syuusuke took a sip in his cappuccino and ended up gazing at the rain again, "You know what… I used to be in that grief too" Sakuno's eyes widened and then she looked up at him. "This someone is the one I loved ever since we're in middle school; he's the quietest and the most stoic person I have ever known in my entire life…" Sakuno was surprised to hear this, Fuji loved a man. Fuji smirked in amusement as he turned to see her surprised, "You're surprised nee? Yes I loved a man before, and you know what it's just like loving a girl, only it's a man. We went out when we were freshmen… we fell in love deeply to each other and ended up breaking by the end of graduation…"

Syuusuke took his cup and sniffed the aroma of his cappuccino, "yes we broke up… all because of shame… Our relationship was discovered both by our parents and ended up by force breaking…" He took a small sip in his cup and continued his story, "Now you're probably wondering what the connection in your problem is nee? He asked me to live with him but I refused and pushed him away saying that we don't belong together and I just… (sigh) I just played with his feelings… that I just wanted to know what it feels like to love a person of the same sex… that it's all just a game…"

"But you know what… I lied that time… I lied that I didn't love him… I pretended that it's all part of my game… I wanted to take back all that I have said and tell him how much I love him. But it's too late because he got married" He glanced back at the glass wall and watched the rain pour gently.

"Yes… we're the same…" Sakuno suddenly spoke.

"Oh no, we're not the same. You see I didn't get to take back what I wanted… but you, you still have much time. He's still there waiting for you… he's still waiting at the end of your rainy and lonely path; he's the sun that you've been waiting for. Don't take the path that I took because you'll end up lonely. If you regretted that you acted selfish, you still have so much time to change and welcome him back to you."

"But he's coming back to America—"

"But not today Sakuno… not today… you can still say I'm sorry and that you love him"

Somehow, Sakuno have managed to feel that there's still hope in every grief that she's been enduring. She's now confident to change and to be with him, to have a happy ending.

5:50 pm the next day,

Sakuno stood out of the taxi and then she hurriedly ran to the airport. It's about time for Ryoma to leave Japan and he's just sitting by a seat, as if he's waiting for someone to come.


Ryoma looked both sideways and still no one had appeared, he just gave up and stood up from his seat. He took his bag and started to walk to the destined place.


Sakuno panted as she looked both sideways of her way, she haven't seen him since she entered the airport and his plane is about to leave. There's no much time left, she's loosing hope. Would she make it in time? As Ryoma was about to join the passengers, someone tapped to his shoulder. Sakuno was stopped as she saw the message in the digital board that Ryoma's flight had left to America, it was too late. Her hopes and new dreams shattered as she fell on the floor, It's all over… there are no chances left… it's all over… Sakuno lowered her head as she started to cry in disappointment.

"What are you doing kneeling on the floor like that?"

Sakuno's eyes widened when she heard that voice, a voice that's so familiar.

"Stand up, you're embarrassing" Ryoma said as he looked at her with a smile.

"Ryoma!" Sakuno stood up and jumped to him, with tears of joy, "I thought I'll never going to see you again!"

Ryoma just smiled as he buried his face on Sakuno's shoulders, "Neither do I…"

Back at the time when someone tapped Ryoma's shoulder:

"Fuji-sempai, you're here to watch me leave?"

"Ahaha no Ryoma-kun. You're not leaving" Ryoma's eyebrows met in wonder, "What are you saying, my plane is about leave, saa I must go now" he turned back to the line.

"There's someone hoping to have you back, and start all over again" Ryoma stopped by this and turned back to him, "What?"

"Go get her back, Ryoma-kun" Fuji smiled at him and waved goodbye, leaving him standing there in great surprise.

"Ryoma, I'm so sorry for everything! I should've understood you from the very beginning" Sakuno's eyes began to water again, and then a tear fell from her face, Ryoma wiped her tears and then he warmly smiled at him, "Mou it's okay now… don't cry. I'm here already."

Ryoma kissed her deeply as he cupped her face. They were so happy, they are now contended at what had resulted at everything they had suffered, Sakuno's path had now lighten up and saw Ryoma waiting for her at the end of the road, she had achieved what she wanted and now she's beginning to start a new and happy life with him, as a photographer and as the lover of Ryoma-kun.

Three weeks had passed, and Sakuno became cheerful again. Their latest magazine issue was a great hit and their sales are very successful. Ryoma decided to continue his dream of becoming the greatest tennis player inside Japan.

Syuusuke stood by the glass wall of his office and gazed at the sky which is now blue and lively, the blue sky had at last appeared; now we're not going to wait so long for the sun to shine like this again… Fuji turned to his desk and looked at the picture of him and Tezuka with their happy smile back at their high school years. They were living happily ever after.


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