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Title Notes : Bleach Third Opening Song Ichirin no Hana, sang by High and Mighty Color.

Inspired By: Me watching too many Detective School Q and Detective Conan :P As well as the SasuNaru doujinshi, Toshi no sa Nante.


A young child with vibrant yellow hair chased the butterfly that ran around him. He happily played in the vast gardens, unmindful of his surroundings. After all, didn't his mother tell him to enjoy himself on his birthday? His guards –the friendly men that trailed after him, wherever he went- are crouching on the spot hidden by some trees, watchful for anyone who could put him into danger.

However, the ones who planned to kill the young heir are more cunning and desperate. They pushed past the defenses aggressively, killing everyone blocking their goal. Young Naruto, only five years old, heard gunshots raining from the mansion's gates. He heard his mother –his mother with blonde hair and red highlights- shriek in surprise and horror, as blood splattered to the pristine white wall.

Young Naruto saw one of his favorite guards, Jun, fall down pathetically on the floor, red liquid seeping from his sky blue uniform and to the carpeted floor. He doesn't understand what's happening, but nobody could explain to him. Everybody's busy with their little toys –the guns- and nobody is there to watch over him and answer his curiosity.

The intruders are wearing black clothes, with masks slipped over their faces. Naruto thinks they look ridiculous, and he wanted to laugh at them. However, somebody picked him up, and he struggled against the man's grip. His mother screamed and he wanted to tell her to stop screaming, but his lips are sealed tight. He wanted to bite the other's hand covering his mouth; his mother is still screaming.

"Stop struggling, kid," The man's hoarse whisper is rough against his ears, "or I'll kill you," the declaration roused his father –who is already slumped near the railings of their spiral staircase, blood staining his stomach- and his mother who is wailing with tears streaming down her cheeks.

Kill? What's that? Is that a game? Young Naruto has no idea about the dangers this man posed. Right now, he's wondering how long the guards stained with red would want to sleep on the floor. The floor doesn't seem very comfortable to the young Naruto.

Naruto was pulled away, and he saw his mother and father crying and blood staining their pretty clothes more and more. He wants to yell something, anything, but his young mind couldn't find anything to say. This is all just a game, right? Just a game, he reminded his childish mind. As the only heir of their successful family, he was pampered all throughout his childhood, and he wasn't thought anything about the outside world and the dangers it holds.

He was brought outside his house, and he struggled some more. The man has burly and muscled body, and his kicks and punches could do nothing to harm his kidnapper.

"Put the pathetic dobe down," A menacing voice sliced through the air, and Naruto blinked at the young boy that blocked his kidnapper's path. Guns are pointed at the young boy with dark eyes and dark hair. Naruto wants to yell at the person, for him to move away, for him to tell him what the hell does dobe mean, anything!

Naruto couldn't see anything after that. Gunshots rained again –much harder than the attack earlier- and dust rose up uncomfortably and stung his blue, blue eyes. By the time his eyes stopped watering, he could see the person that held him lying down on the grassy lawn, eyes open and mouth wide. Blood oozed from the person's forehead.

Naruto could see the young boy that called him a dobe a moment ago. The guy had some dust on his black sleeves, but his hands are posed rather confidently –and Naruto was reminded of the model he saw on one fashion magazine- and his lips are smirking confidently at him.

"What did you do?" Naruto asked with child-like wonder, tiptoeing away from the crimson colored liquid that seeped to his bunny slippers. The older boy beckoned him to move closer to him; Naruto obeyed. Something in the other boy's eyes told him to trust the other.

"I killed them," The guy said in an unapologetic voice, "Be thankful I saved you, dobe," There, there's that word again. Thankful?

"Hey, hey, what's your name, mister?" Naruto asked, tugging at one pale hand. The other didn't slap his hand away, though his dark eyebrows ticked impossibly fast at the word mister.

"It's Sasuke, usoratonkachi," The man replied.

"Oh. Thanks, Sasuke!" He said, and his grin overshadowed the sun's bright rays. His eyes are scrunched in a kid-like manner, appropriate for his age, making him unable to see, the blush that tainted the other guy's pale cheeks.

Ten Years Later

He received a massive file folder, and he bowed down respectfully –hatefully- to his boss. His lips quirked into an emotionless sneer. The person in the folder, their company's biggest job, is somebody familiar to him. Killing somebody is no big deal to him; if he dislikes it, he would have quit his job years ago. Now… he is tasked to kill this person, even though he still couldn't understand why he needs to perform utmost care before he kills this kid. He doesn't see any need to try to mingle with this person before he kills him. Anyway, it doesn't matter. The pay on this job is bigger than all his other jobs for the past ten years totaled altogether.

The same kid that thought that killing is merely a game… The same sun-colored hair, the same ocean-blue eyes…

"Uzumaki Naruto, eh?"


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Teaser For Next Installment:

"I'm scared, Sasuke," Naruto mumbled against his bodyguard's muscled chest. They're hiding in the closet, the older male's ears pressed against the thick door, carefully listening for the footsteps that could come towards them. Naruto underwent this lecture already, be careful against any bad guys, and stuff, but this is his first time experiencing it.

"Shh, you're safe with me," Sasuke said softly, his long bangs tickling Naruto's cheek, as the other's lean arms held him tight. To Naruto, this may be the most dangerous day of his life… but… he looked at his guard's concentrating face, and decided that this could count as his happiest as well.

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