Chapter One


The person that Reo and Narumi were mentioning actually had a younger sister that was only 3 years older than Mikan. Her sister was left and was adopted by the Imai family. She took care of Hotaru before she was sent to the academy. While she was in the academy, she becomes the academy's student secretary and of course she was together with her unknown step-brother. She meets Tsubasa and they started to get attracted to one another. Living in a life of lies, what will happen when she finds out that she was only adopted?

Something about the OC:

Her name is Tomoyo Imai. Her hair is the same color as the person that Reo and Narumi were talking about. Her eyes are like Mikan's and she is also a jolly person. Her Alice allows her to control the different dangerous elements. She's in the middle school branch of the academy and same class as Tsubasa. She can also play different instruments very well.


It was still the school festival and the students were having so much fun from all the attractions prepared by the different type of Alice groups.

"Hey Ruka-pyon, let's go to the technical types, please! I want to see Hotaru" Mikan said

"Well if it's ok for Natsume," Ruka said

"Ok, I wanna look at their attraction anyway" Natsume said with his hands in his pocket.

They walked to the technical types place. There are much cool stuff and the environment was also made by the students themselves.

"Wow! This place is cool, don't you think?" Mikan said then Ruka nodded his head

"Whatever" Natsume said

"Hey, there's Hotaru!" Mikan said then ran to her stall

"Hotaru!" Mikan said as she was going to give her a hug then Hotaru used her Baka (moron) Gun on Mikan making her fall on the floor.

"Don't be noisy!" Hotaru said as she continued her work

"Hotaru, you're cold!" Mikan said while on the floor and crying (anime style)

"Hotaru's stall is very popular, you know" Iinchou said coming from the blue

After a few minutes, Hotaru left her stall and went to the game she made.

It was like a Ferris wheel with air planes and the goal was to get ribbons from the other participants of the game. Mikan joined the game. She was winning but then a little kid got her ribbon then the plane of the kid got out of order. It was almost unattached from the wheel. Mikan tried to jump on the plane of the kid but it was too far. The kid was tossed over.

"Oh no!" Mikan said

Then when the kid was still to the air, a shadow appeared and the kid was caught by a girl in blue uniform that belonged to the middle school branch.

"Are you ok?" the girl with light brown hair said with a sweet and kind smile

"Yeah! Thanks a lot!" the kid said

"I told you to watch this area, what were you doing when this happened!" the girl said angrily and strictly to her assistant.

"Oh no, it's the student secretary" the students whispered

"Well?" she said

"I'm sorry Imai-sama" the guy from the high school department said

"Imai? Isn't that Hotaru's last name?" Ruka said

Hotaru stepped forward

"This is my invention so please don't get mad at him" Hotaru said then the student secretary looked at her and her eyes widened then she closed her eyes and smiled.

"If you say so, my little sister." She said making the crowd whisper to one another. Mikan and the others were shocked from what they heard.

"Imai-sama, your appointment today is…" the assistant said then she threw her notebook to the air then the assistant caught it by surprise.

"Cancel all of my appointments, I'll be busy during this festival" she said then Hotaru looked on the ground

"With my sister that is" she added then Hotaru looked at her sister.

"Well? Let's go Hotaru!" her sister said happily and walked with Hotaru.

They approached Mikan and the others.

"Are they your friends?" she asked

"Yes, this is Mikan, Ruka, Iinchou and…" Hotaru said then her sister interrupted

"Hyuuga Natsume-kun" she said then he looked at her coldly but she smiled at him

"You know him?" Mikan said

"Well, I'm the secretary of the whole academy after all" she said

"Imai Tomoyo, right?" Natsume said then she just gave her a smile.

"Let's take a walk" Hotaru said then started walking

The rest followed. Tomoyo and Mikan are by Hotaru's side while Iinchou, Ruka and Natsume were together.

While walking…

"Hey, is it just me that finds it strange that Hotaru's sister looks a little like Mikan?" Ruka said to Natsume and Yuu.

"Yeah, not to mention the hair, the eyes and the attitude." Yuu replied

Natsume on the other hand thought of the same thing.

While at the girl's side…

"Does Hotaru talk about me when she writes to you before?" Mikan said

"Well… not exactly because I was 7 when I transferred in this academy so… not really, but our mother said that she had a best friend in where we leaved so I knew that she would be okay" Tomoyo replied

"Tomoyo-senpai, do you have a friend here at the academy?" Mikan said then Tomoyo closed her eyes.

"Sorry, but no" Tomoyo said then Hotaru looked at her

"But when you were still living with us, mother said that you had many friends" Hotaru said

"Well, they didn't want to be anymore, when they found out that I was an Alice, they told me I was a weirdo and I should just get lost and live with the other Alice" Tomoyo said

"That was cold! You're telling me that you don't consider me as a friend anymore, huh Tomoyo!" Misaki said coming out from no where

"Well… I didn't really mean…" Tomoyo said but Misaki interrupted

"I was your friend ever since you joined the academy! You really are heartless!" Misaki said while pointing her finger on Tomoyo while she wore a faint smile and with a sweat drop on her forehead.

"Hey Misaki-senpai" Mikan said then she looked at her

"Oh, Mikan-chan!" Misaki said

"Why don't you join us?" Mikan insisted

"Ok, but Tsubasa is waiting for me at the Active ability types so can we go there? The attraction is cool!" Misaki said

"Really? Hey Iinchou, what's your attraction?" Mikan said

"Well it's…" Yuu said when he was interrupted

"It's a haunted house, am I correct?" Tomoyo said

"Yes," Iinchou said

"Wow, Hotaru's sister is amazing! She knows the different attractions of the festival!" Mikan said

"Baka! Of course she knows them because she's the one that manages and makes sure that everything goes well in the festival!" Hotaru said

"What are we waiting for? Let's go!" Misaki said energetically as she pulled Tomoyo and ran very fast making Tomoyo fly like a human kite.

"Misaki, Slow down!" Tomoyo said and it echoed as Misaki was running.

Then the rest were left.

"Well, let's go Hotaru!" Mikan said

"Wait a second, can I ask this, why does your sister look like polka-dotted panties girl?" Natsume said but Hotaru was silent then after a few seconds Hotaru faced Natsume's direction.

"I don't know" Hotaru said then walked to the active ability type's area.

"Hey, wait up Hotaru!" Mikan said then followed her

"Wait up!" Yuu said to the two and followed.

"Let's go" Natsume said then walked as Ruka was by his side.

End of Chapter

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