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Chapter 7

The party and new rival:

Mr. Jino asked Tomoyo to go back to her dorm to get ready for the party. Yukina teleported to pick-up Tomoyo then went to the dorm.

At the dorm…

Tomoyo stretched and lied down on her bed.

"So how was it?" Yukina asked

"It was ok I guess?" Tomoyo answered

"That's all? But you're very lucky to escort someone as Reo Mouri-san and he's one of my idols too" Yukina said then pouted while in chibi form.

'Wonder how Tsubasa's doing now… I wasn't able to confess earlier too… grr!! I just hope we get to dance later' Tomoyo thought then smiled to herself.

"OI! Tomoyo!! Hurry up! You know how Jino-sensei is when someone's late for something.

"Ha..HAI!!" Tomoyo said then jumped of her bed and prepared for the party.

An hour later…

"Kirei na!!! Tomoyo you look like an angel!!! Hold a sec I'll get my camera!" Yukina said then left.

Tomoyo turned around and looked at herself in the mirror.

She had her hair lying on her shoulders and wore a black headband. She wore a black tube dress with a strap to be worn around the neck (so that I won't fall) and ribbons on the ruffled skirt and a pair of 1 inch platform doll shoes with ribbons on the straps.

She sighed then she heard a knock on the door. She walked to the door and opened it and Tsubasa was there standing with his fist on a knocking position. Both of them stared at one another then after a few seconds they looked in different directions.

"Umm… you look nice" Tsubasa said while scratching his head and looking at the celling.

"Thanks… you too" Tomoyo said while staring at the floor.

"Umm… I was thinking… maybe we could go to…" Tsubasa said but was interrupted by Yukina's load voice

"Tomoyo!!! I have my camera!!! Let me take a picture of you!!! … you too Tsubasa!" Yukina said as she pushed Tsubasa beside Tomoyo and took their pictures.

"You guys look so cute!!! Can't wait to see it when the film is developed!" Yukina said in chibi form.

Then after a few minutes someone knocked on the door even though it was opened.

"Aniki, good evening… you look dashing as ever" Tomoyo said

"Thank you… You look pretty in that dress as well" he said

"Thank you aniki"

"Anyway its time for you to go to Mori-san again" Imai said

Tomoyo nodded then Yukina teleported with her to the building where the party will be held.

"You're Ando Tsubasa correct?"

"Yes" Tsubasa answered

"What business do you have with my sister that you even go to her room?" Tomoyo and Hotaru's brother asked

"Im her friend Imai-san"

"I see…" Imai-san said as he pushed his glasses upward then left.

Tsubasa sighed.

'and here I was hoping to go to the party together with Tomoyo… but I hope we get to dance atleast' Tsubasa said to himself

"This is gonna be sweet!" Tsubasa said with both of his hands at the back of his head.

"What is?"

"gaah! Misaki! You're still here?" Tsubasa said

"Of course duh?! Now help me with my dress I can tie it you know! Then after we can go to the party" Misaki said in her usual demanding tone.

"Yes Maam" Tsubasa said.

"Hey Tsubasa, you planned on going together with Tomoyo for the party right?" Misaki said with her bangs covering her eyes.

"Yeah… I just thought maybe all of us can go to the party together but I guess not… she was too busy… there done!" Tsubasa said then placed his hands on the back of his head again.

"I won't let her win" Misaki whispered to herself

"Huh? What was that?" Tsubasa said then Misaki shook her head

"Nothing! Let's go Tsubasa we'll be late!" Misaki said then pulled Tsubasa and they went to the party together.

-End of chapter -