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September 11th 2001 had started like any other day. The alarm clock rang with the same shrillness it did every morning. I rolled out of bed and stubbed the same toe on the same door jamb like I did every morning, letting out the same curse word. I made the same brand of coffee, that came from the same jar, in the same percolator and then poured it into the same mug as I did every morning.

I walked the same route to work, seeing a few people that I saw every morning, all of them thinking what a normal day it was just the same as I was. I entered the firehouse through the same door we always go through every morning, and then sat down at the same table with the same people, drinking more of the same coffee.

Within ten minutes of walking in, I was getting up from the same table and walking out again with all of the same people, through the same door we came through every morning. And this was the first time any of us realised that the day had just got a whole lot worse than stubbed toes and bad coffee, and things would never be the same again.