Title: A SideB Assassin and White Claudia 1? (probably 4)

Author: Seraphim Grace
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Series: Weiss Kreuz
Rating: PG13

Pairings: CrawfordxAya

Notes: I will get to go see Silent hill at the pictures, and this is the bribe. He thought I wouldn't do this and he'd get out of it. No. Snigger.

The main difference between Kryptonbrand and Kritiker was that they travelled everywhere except Japan instead of being localised to it. Aya hated the fact that they no longer stamped his passport because otherwise it would actually look interesting. Other than that it was life as normal. Ken was still Ken, Omi had been ably replaced by both Yuki and Michel who managed to be both his dark and light sides, Chloe might not have been Yohji but he still managed to channel sex constantly, but Free and Aya got on, probably because neither was given to long conversations and could happily share a pot of tea and read in their private corners of the sitting room.

Mihorogi had ably replaced Manx and used DVD's instead of VHS but other than that it was as if he had never left. Mihorogi might have sat and drank tea rather than smoking like a chimney as Manx had done but other than that London was just like home. Although, now he thought about it, Mihorogi didn't have that harried expression Manx had.

She pushed the drive for the DVD player in the mission room closed, after sending Yuki and Michel to bed because they wouldn't be able to join in as the mission was on a school night, It was the massive disadvantage of having underage members but even without them they still had four members.

KR didn't bother to hide his identity behind special effects, as there really was no point- he made a point of having a Sunday roast with his assassins whenever possible, but let Aya carve.

"London is currently awash with a new designer drug from Canada."

Chloe looked up from his fashion magazine for that information, "Canada?" he said, "Drugs from Canada, I thought that was just American prescriptions."

Mihorogi took a deep breath and drank some more of her tea. Her current outfit, at first glance, resembled a three piece suit if they were usually made of vinyl. Aya suspected that Mihorogi was more than just KR's secretary, and that perhaps they didn't really go riding.

"Yes, Chloe," KR continued, "drugs from Canada called White Claudia." He rolled his eyes on the screen, "so we are despatching the four of you to its source to eliminate the person we believe is manufacturing this, a Miss," he looked at the sheet of paper, "Dahlia Gillespie."

"Okie dokie," Ken said, he had in his time in London learnt the very worst of British slang. "So where are we geezers jetting off to."

"A small Canadian holiday town," Mihorogi answered, "because you've been so busy lately we thought we could send you for a fortnight, you could take advantage of the rest whilst scooping out the area and do away with Miss Gillespie on your way home. It has all the amenities, a theme park, a lake, a three star motel."

"A holiday?" Chloe asked, "you're sending us on a busman's holiday?"

Mihorogi shrugged in a creak of vinyl.

"We have tickets and transfers for you leaving tomorrow evening, if that's all gentlemen." She stood up, the vinyl creaked some more and her fishnets rustled attractively. Aya suspected her heels were considered a lethal weapon in several countries. "Enjoy your time in Silent Hill, and KR and I do expect souvenirs."

"Silent Hill?" Free said from the side, "you know that sounds familiar. I wonder why."

Aya phoned Crawford to cancel their dinner date for the next night, "Work," Crawford answered, "I Saw." Crawford's precognition had made him one of the most understanding boyfriends ever.

"Yeah, we're going to Canada for a fortnight." Aya leant back against the kitchen counter.

"It is where the monsters live." Crawford answered back. There was a long pause, "Rosenkreuz used to tell us that monsters were real and they lived in Canada." There was another long pause. "It was a threat that we behave or we'd get sent to Canada."

Aya could hear Schuldig in the background, "why would someone want to go to Canada? It's where the monsters live. I mean even Farfarello moved there."

"I was just telling Aya that," Crawford told him, "where in Canada are you going?"

"Some holiday town called Silent Hill, it's where the White Claudia is coming from." Aya answered, he knew Crawford wouldn't betray them and as all of Schwarz that remained were he and Schuldig they didn't really do much except white collar crime any more.

"That sounds familiar." Crawford said, "why? I've heard of it."

"That's what Free said," Aya answered him, "but he couldn't remember where."

"Schuldig," Crawford hollered across the room, "you heard of Silent Hill?"

"Yeah," Schuldig answered back, "but I can't think where from." Aya could hear him repeating it a few times in the back, "no, can't place it, that's going to bug me now. Maybe it was on a holiday show or something," he was quiet, "that must be it, Craig Doyle or Angela Rippon went there or something." He then picked up the other handset "and I want souvenirs, a mountie doll, because mounties are totally kick ass, they have to be to keep all the monsters in line."

Aya knew that in their shared apartment in Knightsbridge that Crawford was rolling his eyes. He recovered quickly, "if you're leaving tomorrow, meet me for dinner tonight, we'll do a show."

Aya thought about it, the alternative was watching Chloe pack, it was strangely fascinating because he managed to fit an entire rail of clothes into one medium sized suitcase, including three pairs of shoes. "Sure, I'll meet you at seven."

"Fine it's a date."

He passed Free in the hall on his way to the demonstration of wonders that was Chloe's packing, the true wonder was that the designer clothes he insisted on bringing never got ruined. He was still murmuring Silent Hill to himself under his breath trying to place it. "Apparently it was on Holiday." Aya told him, "apparently Craig Doyle went there for the skiing or something, or whatever you do in Canada."

Free nodded, "Date?" he asked.

Aya told him that he had a date yes, and his packing was done, and he would probably be back by midnight because they were travelling tomorrow. Free nodded and continued to where Ken and the chibis were already waiting on wooden chairs in Chloe's room for the spectacle that was his packing.

Virgin planes were spectacular. They planned for the long distance traveller. There was a bar and beds and tables. They laid their long haul flights out like their trains and favoured comfort over cramming in passengers like sardines, at least in first class. Aya liked travelling by Virgin, the problem was that they didn't fly into the nearest airport to Silent Hill, so he had arranged that they fly into New York, pick up a car from a friend, and drive to the town, being a two day road trip, he had even managed to factor this into Mihorogi's outline, pushing back their deadline with Miss Gillespie three whole days.

Free managed the whole drive without saying a word, chloe had the radio on some godawful local station that promised that it was going to be yet another foggy day in beautiful Silent Hill and Ken was watching movies on his ipod whilst Aya drove.

For a road trip it was bearable.