Title: A SideB Assassin and White Claudia 3/3

Author: Seraphim Grace
Archive: if you want it ask, I just like to know where they are. http://seraphim-grace. Always appreciated and replied to.

Series: Weiss Kreuz
Rating: PG13

Pairings: CrawfordxAya

Notes: They arrive in Silent Hill. Unbetaed. There are no intended spoilers for the movie, the games yes, the movie, probably not, because the only thing I might steal that is exclusive is the janitor.

Chloe was forced to change his clothes in a nearby public convenience, a service that he made sound like the vilest torture, especially at the very concept that he might have to touch something in there. When he came out in a pair of Ferragamo carpet creepers he picked up the conveniently placed plank with a rusty nail and hit the monster one more time.

Aya just rolled his eyes. "Okay, if Chloe is finished corpse bashing we can split into teams and find Dahlia Gillespie and spend the rest of our holiday in somewhere warm, we have fifteen days of leave we haven't taken and we can take it elsewhere as long as we have that woman dead." The rest of them looked at him before nodding. "We'll split up into teams, Ken, go with Free and search the east part of the town, I'll take the fashion diva to the west."

Chloe looked horrified but looked at the veritable arsenal of weapons that Aya had stored under the back seat of the car, picking up a rotary action machine gun, like the one Blaine had in predator, he pointed himself to the town, "right, you vomit beasts with no neck and no sense of style, just bring it on." Aya just shook his head.

In London Crawford dialled Nagi's extension in the Kritiker building in Tokyo. Although the boy was officially grown up and no longer needed his care he still liked to check in with him to make sure that everything was all right, and whether he needed to remove Omi because he had hurt his boy. He looked at the calendar counting off the days until Aya got back from the town with the incredibly familiar name, he ran it around his head whilst the phone rang, Silent hill, he said to himself, why do I know that name?

He hadn't noticed the phone had stopped ringing until Nagi actually answered the question. "It's that place that Esset sent all those minions because they had raised a demon, none of them came back, why?"

"It's where Kryptonbrand sent Side B." Crawford thought for a whole moment about Aya's safety, after all he was rather fond of him.

"Looks like you're going to have to get another boyfriend, Crawfie," Schuldig said from across the room, "it's too late to warn them now."

Back in Silent Hill Ken was doing his best to creep behind Free because his reasoning was, despite being armed to the teeth with kalishnikovs and AK47 machine guns, that his weapon was more up close and personal to the things that lurked in this town than he really liked. At least when Aya went on holiday he knew the really important things to bring, like ammo and backup,

"Oh, look," he said coming out from behind Free in what appeared to be a rather good Michel impression. "It's a dog."

Free squinted into the fog but said nothing.

"Here boy," Ken said squatting and calling the dog over to him by patting his thighs and making strange noises.

Free wondered if Aya would hold out the usual threat to kill him if he lost Ken, or if the bickering on the drive had actually driven him to the point where he genuinely didn't care. Aya had known Ken as long as Free had known Chloe but the two of them on the drive had been rather distracting and he wasn't sure that he would actually miss him.

"here doggy, here boy." The dog loped out of the fog. It was the size and build of a Doberman pinscher but it had a wide open mouth with a wicked looking tongue and absolutely no hair on its body at all.

"Ken," Free said backing off slowly, "I don't think that dog's friendly."

"Nonsense," Ken said, rummaging around in his pockets to see if he had anything in there that he might use to bribe the creature, "it's just a puppy, a big lumbering bizarrely hairless puppy, and puppy doesn't want to hurt me, does it?"

The use of baby talk seemed to be the final straw for the bizarre hairless Doberman pinscher who lunged at him.

On the west side of town Chloe was already suffering symptoms of withdrawal from his top of the range mobile phone as there was absolutely no reception in the town. He was whining, but Aya was ignoring him stoically.

There was a church and Aya opened the door.

There was an old lady wearing a veil, "ping pong."Aya said looking at her, "are you Dahlia Gillespie?" he asked walking up the aisle to where she knelt in front of the altar.

"Yes," the woman said, "are you Harry Mason?" she asked, he shook his head. "James Sutherland?" he shook his head,

"Then you must be the assassins from England, you're early, I have a little something to do, and then I'm all yours. Would you like some tea, I have some lovely china earl grey and we might as well use the good stuff?"

"Oh yes please," Chloe said.

"Do you understand why we're here?" Aya asked as the woman went to the door behind the altar and pushed it open.

"Oh, certainly," Dahlia said, "you're here to kill me, which is fine, I knew you were coming, but you're early, I have another meeting a little later, so until then we can have some tea and some cookies and possibly some cake and then I'm all yours."

"I'd kill for a cup of tea." Chloe said following her into the kitchen presbytery.

"You're as mad as he is." Aya protested as he watched the immaculately dressed Chloe follow her into the kitchen, where he could hear the kettle switch on.

"Perhaps, dear, but I made my bed a long time ago, and the devil took it for a quick nap, now, let's enjoy a nice cup of tea, I'll see Mr Mason, and then you can kill me all you like." She took down three cups and a small tin which she opened, making the entire room smell sweetly of bergamot.

"Let me help you with that." Chloe said, taking the teapot from the shelf.

The door outside went, "you two just wait a moment, take your time with the tea, that'll be Mr Mason."

Free looked at Ken, rolling around the floor with the hairless doberman pinscher, it's pointed and barbed tongue lolling out of its mouth and Ken howling with laughter. "Free, can we keep it?" he asked.

Free gave a long suffering sigh and said "Aya's more of a cat person. He'll never let you keep it."

"But he's so friendly." Ken protested.

"No." Aya said walking up behind them, "come on, we can go home now."

"But." Ken protested.

"Free," Chloe said stepping out of the fog, "that dog is drooling all over your shoe and I bought you those so they're even tastefully."

The look that passed between him and Aya suggested a lot of long suffering, and the terrible prophecy that it wasn't going to end any time soon.