Crawford/Ran fluff.

It had been a long and gruelling mission. Aya felt like his entire body had been dipped in lead he felt so heavy. The rain just bore down on him like a weight. He climbed the stairs to his apartment, down the landing where the rain sheeted off and fumbled his key in the lock with the reassurance that the others were as well.

His apartment was dark and quiet, he groped about for the light switch and stumbled forward.

The room was full of flowers.

Vast bunches of them had been arranged around the room, they sat in pots around the kitchen, swathes of them surrounded the bed which had been more neatly made than when he left it this morning.

The oil burner in the corner, which had been a gift from Omi, was glowing merrily and giving forth a sweet and rather pungent scent that mixed in with the roses and chrysanthemums about the room.

He dropped his sword and stepped forward as Crawford came out of the bathroom. "Our date," Aya mumbled tiredly, "I'm sorry, something came up."

The light from the oil burner reflected off his glasses as he chuckled. "It's alright," he said softly, "I Saw." He held out his hand, "I ran you a bath."

"I'm sorry," Aya mumbled, "I'm too tired."

Crawford chuckled again. "You're covered in oil and god alone knows what else," he said walking across the small room to where Aya wavered. "You did a full day at the shop and then running down the dark beasts, you need a bath."

He undid Aya's coat letting it fall and led him, unresisting, to the bath.

It was a western style bath and Crawford had surrounded the rim with candles rather than use the harsh fluorescent lights. There was a froth of bubbles and Crawford made quick, efficient work of Aya's clothes and helped him into the water. It was exactly the right temperature, not that Aya expected anything else. There were advantages of having a lover who could see the future.

Crawford didn't undress, he just rolled up his sleeves and lifted the jug from the side of the sink and began to wet Aya's hair. He lightly kiss the nape of his neck before squirting a rather generic brand of shampoo into his hands and began to press his fingertips into his scalp.

Aya very nearly melted into his hands with a breathy groan. Crawford just smiled to himself.

He washed away the shampoo and rubbed a thick creamy conditioner into his hair, careful of the ends. Aya might not be as obviously vain about his hair as Yohji but it was his pride and joy. As it set he lifted the sponge and began washing the mission from Aya's skin with as much detail as he could manage. Aya was too tired to do anything but loll in the bath and not fall asleep.

Crawford couldn't help but smile as he washed away the conditioner and then helped Aya to his feet. It was like he was made of rubber. He towel dried him roughly, paying special attention to his hair. "Crawford," Aya mumbled, "I'd love to but I'm just too tired."

Crawford chuckled again, "I'd be lying if I said I didn't want to," he guided Aya to the bed, "but you're in no position to enjoy it." He reached out and pulled down the comforter. "Now lie on your front and I'll give you a massage."

"Too good to me." Aya mumbled to himself as he laid himself out on the bed.

"No, I'm not." Crawford answered sharply. He lifted the bottle of massage oil from the bowl of hot water where he had had it heating but when he turned back Aya was already asleep and softly snoring. He put the bottle down and swept Aya's bangs away from his forehead, "what's the point of being able to see the future," he said to himself, "if you can't see when someone needs spoiled."