A fluffy ES21 fic for lj user"Elyndys"


Sakuraba had an idol's hair. It was long and loose and flowed about his head like a golden crown. Shin really liked Sakuraba's hair. So did the girls who called him an ace and followed him around. But Sakuraba never gave much thought to it because he was an idol after all.

Often when they sat at home, Shin having stopped by his house for the more nutritional meals Sakuraba's mother cooked he would sit and absently play with the long strands at the back.

Shin was perfect.

Sakuraba was not.

All his life he had done his best to live up to Shin's potential and had found that he could not. Shin was the ace, not him.

Takami had convinced him not to give up American Football, not Shin. Takami who was tall and strong and dependable rather than brilliant.

It was Takami his mother had invited for dinner tonight, not Shin even though it always had been before. It was Takami with whom he sat on his bedroom floor and discussed plays.

He sat on the floor crosslegged playing with his hair. "You seem a bit out of it." Takami said after a moment.

"I think I might cut my hair." Sakuraba said finally. Then he thought for a moment. "Will you do it?"

Under his glasses Takami blinked once, and then again. "Okay," he said finally.

Sakuraba fetched a towel and scissors from the bathroom and wavered a bit when he saw that Takami had pulled back the rug and laid out his own shirt to protect the carpet. It was just a simple tee but it surprised Sakuraba. He hadn't thought of something so simple and Takami's chest was smaller, narrower than Shin's but still undeniably male.

Sakuraba sat down in front of him, removed his own shirt and wrapped the towel about his neck.

Takami was quick and deft as the blonde hair fell away. "I'm not an idol anymore." Sakuraba said but he got the impression it was too himself rather than Takami.

"No," Takami agreed, "you're a receiver."

When it was done Sakuraba ran his fingers through his hair, amazed at how short that Takami had cut it. How different he felt. "I suppose no one's going to mistake me for Shin's girlfriend now." He answered with a bit of a laugh turning to face the quarterback.

"No," Takami said, "you look like a man now." He told him with a smile, "not an idol, a receiver."

Sakuraba liked that so he smiled, not his idol smile, not for Takami, but his special smile, the one that was just for Takami.