Painted Black

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Summary: Things are changing. Can Hatori keep up? Slash Ayame/Hatori. Dark and Angsty.

Category: Angst

Pairing: Ayame/Hatori


Author's notes: Sorry for taking so long! Thanks to Akito no K-chan who as I said I adore! To Kurai Himitsu whose fics I admire very much (Felt honored with your review!) and Adi88 who was a fierce reviewer and that helped the fic look as it ended up being! THANK YOU! Thanks for Red-rose-priestess, Baroquess and Ellesmera also! Love you all! Here we are: LAST CHAPTER!


It was 3 in the morning and I couldn't sleep. I had just fallen from bed after dreaming AGAIN of HIM. It was almost a week since we had our talk and my heart was starting to give up waiting. I went to the bathroom and splashed cold water on my face in hopes to get a clear mind.

"Smokes?" I heard HIS voice say behind me.

"Jesus Christ, Aaya!" I voiced loudly as I noticed Ayame's presence in the mirror, almost having a heart attack. "Do you wanna kill me?"

"Thought you would be happy to see me." He said, expressionless, lighting his trade mark Mild Seven.

I sighed looking at him. He was dressed in a heavy black leather overcoat that hung below his knees and a blood red tie over a black silk shirt. He wore skin-tight leather pants and fierce-looking boots that came to his calves. His eyes still heavily painted in black eyeliner and black shadow.

"I am." I said embarrassed. He just ignored that.

He walked slowly to the porch without saying word and sat on the cold steps that led to the snow-covered garden on my backyard. For a moment, I wanted to tell him not to do that because it was too cold for him, but I knew this new Ayame wouldn't put up being treated like a child.

He offered me the pack of smokes again, still silent, and I took one this time as a sigh of my good will. He let the smoke of deep long drag leave his lungs slowly.

Ayame looked up to the sky.

"We have nice stars tonight."

"Aa." I acknowledged.

"You know… Nights like this only happen after a good snow storm, like yesterday's." He paused for a moment and continued. "Since I was a boy, this was always my favorite kind of night."

"I know." I said remembering his bright boyish eyes of that time long gone and how he would run on the snow covered garden and throw himself to lay on the snow looking at the stars 'till he was so cold he would transform and go down with a flu.

"And even now, after all the changes I have been through…" His painted black eyes stared into mine seriously. "I can't help but be enticed with it still."

With that he robbed me of all speech or movement. Could it mean what I hoped it did? My heart drummed in my ears.

"But the nights don't care who I am or who I was. I've changed, 'Tori-san." He said with sincerity and I understood what was being said.

"Then I'll just have to learn you all over again." I said getting closer.

In a blink of an eye we were kissing. And before I even made sense of that, we were sprawled on the steps, I on top of him, kissing him even more like he was the salvation to my soul.

And he was. I kissed him, and drank of him, and smelled his hair and licked his skin that tasted salty and unique. And he pulled my hair and bit my neck and tugged at my clothes right there, right then.

Breathless like I had ran a hundred meters full speed, I stood on my feet and laughing at his groan I lured him back to the entrance hall where he pounced me back to the tatami floor. He kissed me as deeply as we were kissing outside, eating my soul through my mouth, kissing my neck and my jaw line and bitting softly on my earlobe, having me his way. The way he had wanted so long ago, the way he still had wanted. My pajama's top was opened and he licked my collarbone. I shivered. I needed him, needed more of his skin as I needed air to breath and thus I reversed our positions and took care of the tie as he pulled at the buttons of his coat. His shirt was an easy matter but I almost murdered his boots and pants that made him look so hot even though they were so fucking difficult to take off.

Soon we were both naked and then I was in him.

He was in his fours and he talked as dirty as I had never imagined he could making me wild. And wild our sex was, and our love too. It was primal and simple like our relationship never was.

And I loved it.

As morning found us on the middle of my entrance hall naked and dishelmed I thanked god for my heating system or we would both be frozen. I looked at the man I had slept over and watched him turn in my arms 'till his eyes bore into mine.

He was smiling. It was a happy smile, though full of mischief. Debauchery leaked from his half lidded champagne colored eyes and I saw then that he was naked before my eyes. That there was no mask, no hidden feelings. Just Ayame.

I had finally found him.

The real him.

Under smiling faces and angry remarks, under his endless talk or his winter cold voice.

Under the sparkling glitter or all that black paint on his eyes…

I had found him…

And I never would lose him again.